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Storm Mage
Storm Mage
Basic Info
Spells/Abilities Sparks
Lightning Bolt
Chain Lightning
Lightning Cloak
ArmorIcon Robes of Destruction
Loot Robes of Destruction
Soul Size Black

Storm Mages are mages that are specialized in the Shock Damage branch of the Destruction school, and can be found in random places across Skyrim.

Equipment and combatEdit

Storm Mages wear robes that increase the regeneration of Magicka. When forced into close-combat, or when their Magicka pool is completely drained, they use iron daggers or iron maces.

Their main spells are of the Destruction school such as Sparks, Lightning Bolt, and Chain Lightning. Their attacks deplete the opponent's magicka pool. Being a mage is not recommended due to shock's bonus effect.


  • Novice Storm Mage
  • Apprentice Storm Mage
  • Storm Mage Adept
  • Storm Wizard
  • Electromancer
  • Arch Electromancer


A Night to RememberEdit

Upon reaching level 15, it is possible to encounter a man named Sam Guevenne in any random tavern in Skyrim. The first entered city upon reaching that level will be where he spawns. He offers the Dragonborn a chance to join a drinking contest and win a staff. After three drinks the screen will black out and the Dragonborn will awaken in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth, which is now trashed. Later in the quest, the Dragonborn will encounter a leveled Storm Mage before entering the Misty Grove.


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