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Stormcloak Armor

Varieties of Stormcloak Armor

"That Stormcloak armor is getting on my nerves."
Hold Guard if city is under Imperial control.
"You wear that Stormcloak armor well, friend."
Hold Guard if city is under Stormcloak control.

Stormcloak Armor is the light armor version of the armor worn by the Stormcloaks. This is the most common type of Stormcloak armor, and is worn by low ranking soldiers. It is has the same shape and style of a hold's guard armor that's blue instead of the color of the hold.

Armor piecesEdit

Stormcloak SoldiersEdit

Stormcloak OfficersEdit

Stormcloak Soldier's ArmorEdit

Stormcloak CuirassEdit

The Stormcloak Cuirass is the main piece of armor worn by Stormcloak soldiers.

It has a blue cloth that wraps around the quilted armor underneath it with leather belts fastening around the torso. It also has chain mail underneath the quilted part of the armor for extra protection. (Light Armor - Armor: 23 - Weight: 8 - Value: 25)


The Stormcloak soldiers wear three different helmets.

  • The Stormcloak helmet is the same style as most Skyrim city guard helmets. It has a blue cloth that merges with the blue cloth of the Stormcloak Cuirass.(Light Armor - Armor: 11 - Weight:
    563px-Stormcloack Armor

    Concept art of the Stormcloak Armor.

    2 - Value: 12 (Values with a Light Armor skill of 20 and no perks)
  • The hide helmet is made out of the hide of the animals. It is also the weakest light armor helmet in Skyrim.
  • The scaled helmet is very similar to the hide helmet. The main difference in appearance is the two horns on the front of the helmet. It is also darker and more dirty looking than the hide helmet and has spikes going along the metal.

Fur Gauntlets and BootsEdit

Stormcloak soldiers also wear fur boots and gauntlets. These are different than the fur commonly used by Bandits, who instead wear fur shoes and fur bracers.


Some Stormcloak soldiers use Hide Shields. It is the weakest shield in Skyrim. Most other Stormcloak soldiers use Steel Shields. The Stormcloak Guards in Windhelm use the Windhelm Guard's Shield.

Steel ShieldsEdit

Many Stormcloak soldiers use Steel Shields.

Stormcloak ShieldsEdit

The Stormcloaks in Windhelm use the Windhelm Guard's Shield.

Stormcloak Officer's ArmorEdit

Stormcloak Officer Armor

Stormcloak Officer Armor

Stormcloak Officer ArmorEdit

The armor worn by the Stormcloak Officers is a light armor with bear fur on the back.

Stormcloak Officer's BootsEdit

A pair of light armor boots, made of brown leather with large, spiked metal plates held on by leather straps going up the legs. There currently is a bug where these boots do not count as light armor for the custom fit perk. Fur boots can be worn instead of Stormcloak Officer Boots with the rest of the Stormcloak Officer set to benefit from custom fit. (tested PC) (confirmed PS3)

Stormcloak Officer's BracersEdit

A pair of light armor gloves with metal plates. They are brown leather, and each have six large metal spikes going up in pairs of two, and three claws coming out of the knuckles.

Stormcloak Officer's HelmetEdit

The officer's helmet looks like a bear's head that goes over the wearer's head like a hood.


An easy way to obtain Stormcloak Officer set is to side with the Imperial forces at the Battle for Whiterun. The Dragonborn will come across a Stormcloak Officer towards the end of the assault, and would have to quickly loot him, as the body disappears shortly after being killed.

Another way to obtain the Stormcloak Officer set is to side with the Stormcloaks. After the completion of The Battle for Fort Snowhawk, the fifth quest in the Liberation of Skyrim quests, Ulfric Stormcloak will award the Dragonborn a Stormcloak Officer set.

It is also possible to encounter characters wearing part of the armor such as the gauntlets or boots, or even the helmet, in rare cases.


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