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Stormcloak Shipment Camp is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is north and down the road from Shor's Watchtower, halfway to Cragslane Cavern, just inside the northern border of the Rift


This is a very small camp consisting of a single tent, wagon, camp fire, horse and a few soldiers. 


Compelling Tribute (Imperials)Edit

It is the site of a Stormcloak caravan carrying gold and weapons heading from Riften to Windhelm. Defeat the Stormcloaks and the site is garrisoned by the Imperials as a small camp.

Compelling Tribute (Stormcloaks)Edit

It is found as the site of an Imperial supply convoy broken down and the target of a Stormcloak raid.

Notable itemsEdit

  • A chest in the back of the broken wagon contains GoldIcon, gold ingots and a variety of steel weapons.


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