Strange Allies is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Aspera Giant-Friend asks the Vestige to help aid her in claiming back Cradlecrush from the Stormfist by finding their documents.


Aspera Giant-Friend says the giants are about to go to war against the Stomfists that hold Cradlecrush because their mammoths were stolen. As long as I oppose the Stormfists, these giants will consider me to be an ally.


  1. Use the horn.
  2. Collect four Stormfist Scout orders.
  3. Talk to Aspera Giant-Friend.


After talking to Aspera Giant-Friend, the Vestige will be pointed towards a cave. Once there, they can use the horn to summon a Giant that will act as a follower and attack enemies.

Once the horn has been used, travel to a tree marked with a quest marker and activate it. This will notify the Giant to swing his club at the tree, shaking out a Stormfist Scout. Once the scout is defeated, pick up their orders. Do this to three other trees, then return to Aspera to complete the quest.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon


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  •  PS4   After being directed to hit a tree, the Giant might ignore the direction and not hit the tree.
    •  PS4(Fix)   Stay close to the tree and spam the X button to make the giant hit the tree.