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Strange Man at Gindrala Hleran's House

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Strange Man at Gindrala Hleran's House is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


After defeating Dagoth Gares during the main quest "Sixth House Base," Gindrala Hleran, a commoner wondering the streets of Ald'ruhn will need help.



Gindrala HleranEdit

In Ald'ruhn, Gindrala Hleran, a commoner , may be spoken to, she will explain that she cannot return to her home, it has been invaded by a strange man.

The dreamerEdit

The Nerevarine must now clear her house. There, a Dreamer is found, the only way to complete the quest is to kill him, despite being able to lead him outside of the house with a Command Humanoid spell, he still needs to be dealt with.

The Nerevarine must now report back to Gindrala to receive a +1 in reputation.


Strange Man at Gindrala Hleran's House
Gindrala Hleran says there's a strange man in her house, and he won't leave. She asked me to get him out of there, because he is scaring her.
  • Quest accepted
I told Gindrala Hleran that I had to kill the strange man who had invaded her house. She was grateful, and promised to tell everyone how kind and brave I'd been.
  • Quest completed


  • Completing this quest also progresses the optional main quest "Sleepers Awake."

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