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For other uses, see Straw.

Straw was a Nord stable-boy in Darkmoor estate in late Second Era. He was a big, muscular blond lad, clumsy, gentle, affectionate, and rather simple.[1]

He was in love with 16-year-old Barenziah and ran off with her, escaping to Whiterun.[1] During his time there he did a few minor jobs and earned a bit of money for Barenziah and himself. After that he together with Barenziah joined a caravan and went to Riften.

He wanted to settle down, buy a farm and live with Barenziah, but his feeling were never returned. He is pivotal character to the books Biography of Barenziah, and The Real Biography of Barenziah.

After Therris betrayed him, Straw was caught.[2] Barenziah wished a farm for him, for he was a loyal friend. However, General Symmachus cut his tongue so that he couldn't tell anyone of Barenziah's past. It is unlikely that Straw got his farm as well. After Barenziah left Riften, he was never seen or heard of, but Barenziah presumed he found another love and had settled down.


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