The Strifeswarm Champion is a creature that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online near Davon's Watch.


  • The Strifeswarm Champion is a large bipedal scrib, it attacks with its hands primarily but it also has aoe attacks. It does a lot of damage per blow but it's overall dps is medium-high. It is quite slow so you can out maneuver it pretty easily. it is especially weak against large groups of players as it is slow and can primarily only attack one player at a time.


It has basic swing and pound attacks as well as an earth shatter area of effect attack.


  • It is located in the Strifeswarm hive near Dagon's Watch


  • It drops one piece of a unique bind of equip set of heavy armor called the  Strifeswarm armor of the shalk 70% of the time. It also drops a grand Soul Gem 100% of the time.