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TESOnlineIcon Striped Senche-Panther
Striped Senche-Panther
Basic Info
Default name Indigo
Base species Senche
Price 700Crowns Icon
Acquisition Crown Store
Date Added March 17, 2015
Main article: Pets (Online)
"Many an unwary traveler has met an untimely end at the claws of a Senche-Panther under the thick canopies of Valenwood. This solitary distant relative of the Khajiit has an uncanny intelligence and rarely befriends Men or Elves, but it remains a lifelong companion to any it deems worthy."
―Crown Store Showcase

The Striped Senche-Panther is a pet in The Elder Scrolls Online available for purchase at the Crown Store.


The following is the description for the pet from the Crown Store:

"The elegant senche-panther is a distant relative of the Khajiit, though it cannot speak like the cat-folk."
―Item Description[src]


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