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The Student is a Breton conjurer who can be found during a random encounter that can occur inside on near one of the main cities.


Once the Dragonborn's Restoration skill reaches 50, an encounter can occur between the Dragonborn and a student, who wishes to enter the College of Winterhold. He asks the Dragonborn to help him learn, to which they can respond either, "Maybe some other time" or "Sure, I can teach you." When choosing to help, the student uses Firebolt. After several successful blocks with any ward, he will say, "Thank you, I think I'm ready to join the College now."


  • When encountered in a city, it is possible for the student to shoot past the ward while moving. If the stray spell happens to hit an NPC, both the NPC and the guards will attack and kill the student, marking the quest as failed.


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  •  PC   PS3   Loading through doors will result in the Student disappearing from the city when returning outside, a quest marker will be present, but is not visible on the map, leaving no way to finish or remove the quest from the log.


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