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Style Materials are Crafting items in The Elder Scrolls Online. Style Materials determine the visual style of armor, weapons and shields, assuming the appropriate motif has been read. All Style Materials can be obtained from random loot containers as well as from deconstructing weapons, armor, or clothing crafted in that particular style. They can also be bought from merchants.

List of Style MaterialsEdit

The following is a list of style materials:

Material Crafting Style Image
Adamantite Altmer style Adamantite
Argentum Primal style
Auric Tusk Trinimac style
Azure Plasm Soul-Shriven style
Bone Bosmer style Bone
Cassiterite Ancient Orc style
Charcoal of Remorse Xivkyn style
Copper Barbaric style
Corundum Nord style Corundum
Daedra Heart Daedric style
Dragon Scute Ebonheart Pact style
Dwemer Frame Dwemer style
Eagle Feather Aldmeri Dominion style
Flint Argonian style Flint
Goldscale Akaviri style
Laurel Mercenary style
Lion Fang Daggerfall Covenant style
Malachite Glass style
Manganese Orc style Manganese
Molybdenum Breton style Molybdenum
Moonstone Khajiit style Moonstone
Nickel Imperial style Nickel
Obsidian Dunmer style Obsidian
Palladium Ancient Elf style
Potash Malacath style
Rogue's Soot Outlaws style
Starmetal Redguard style Starmetal

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