"Potema Septim has been summoned in spirit form but was not raised from the dead; she will require help before she returns to the land of the living. For now, she lurks in a place where the dead eagerly serve her—the old catacombs."

Styrr is an Elder priest of Arkay and the caretaker of the Hall of the Dead in Solitude.


The Wolf Queen AwakenedEdit

He will reveal that the spirit of Potema Septim is lurking in the catacombs beneath the Temple of the Divines, in Solitude, and will provide the Dragonborn a key to enter the catacombs. If the Dragonborn asks if they have to face Potema alone, he will acknowledge, and will provide them with the Turn Undead Spell to aid against her Minions.


  • "Well, hello!"
  • "Hello, my child. Arkay watch over you."
  • "May Arkay bless you with a long life."
  • "May Arkay bless you with a long life, a proud death, and a restful grave."
  • "May the light of truth keep the darkness at bay."


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