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Subjugated Ghost

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Subjugated Ghost
Subjugated Ghosts
Two Subjugated Ghosts found near Rannveig's Fast
Basic Info
Level 1 - 25
Health-icon 35 - 489
MagickaIcon 25
Stamina 70 - 246
Soul Size Black
Base ID 0003481A

Subjugated Ghosts are the ghosts of Sild the Warlock's victims, after he steals their souls and seizes control of their spirits. They wander Rannveig's Fast and are forced to attack anyone who comes near. They are not in control of their actions, as they attempt to warn you to stay away and express their regret at their actions during battle. When destroyed, they become ash piles and drop solid loot, despite being ghosts.



  • "Is someone there? Stay back! I don't want to attack you!"
  • "I'm sorry! This isn't what I want!"
  • "Stay back or I'll be forced to attack you!"
  • "I don't have any choice! I'm sorry!"
  • "I don't want to do this!"


  • Even though they appear to be Sild's victims, and comment on how they don't want to hurt anyone, most of the bodies of Sild's victims are labeled as bandits which, in life, seem to always want to hurt everyone. this is likely just an overlooked area on Bethesda's part.
  • They can send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if they are pickpocketed.


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  • May be completely invisible to the Dragonborn. Only way to see them is on the compass.
  • One or two may be completely headless. However, if the Dragonborn has the perk, they can still decapitate them, but no head appears.
  • Even though the disarm sound plays, subjugated ghosts will not be disarmed.


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