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Sul-Matuul is the Dunmer Ashkhan of the Urshilaku Tribe and Warrior-Protector of the Nerevarine Cult.[1] He can be found in his yurt at Urshilaku Camp.


Sul-Matuul is the current Ashkhan of the Urshilaku Tribe. He succeeded his father Sul-Senipul as Ashkhan after the latters death.[2]


Meet Sul-MatuulEdit

Upon first arrival at the Urshilaku Camp, all the Ashlanders are rather cool towards the Nerevarine. In order to gain their trust and be given the chance to talk to their Wise Woman Nibani Maesa, Sul-Matuul tasks the Nerevarine with entering the Urshilaku Burial Caverns and retrieve the bow of his dead father. After bringing the bow back to Sul-Matuul, they are given the rank of Clanfriend within the tribe and are allowed to talk to the Wise Woman.

The Path of the IncarnateEdit

In this quest the Nerevarine is involved by locating the Cavern of the Incarnate. It forms the Third Trial of the Seven Visions of the Nerevarine and a significant part of the Main Quest.

Urshilaku NerevarineEdit

This quest occurs after The Path of the Incarnate Quest. It involves talking to Sul-Matuul about becoming the "Urshilaku Nerevarine".




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