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"I'm Sulinus Vassinus of the Mages Guild, and I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance."
―Sulinus Vassinus[src]

Sulinus Vassinus quote

Sulinus Vassinus is an Imperial spell merchant in the Skingrad Mages Guild. He also trains Apprentice level Conjuration.

Spells for saleEdit

Spell Skill Level Required Effects Base Magicka Cost
AlterationShieldDefend Apprentice (25) Shield 15% for 30 secs on Self 43 MagickaIcon
AlterationFeatherEase Burden Apprentice (25) Feather 50 pts for 240 secs on Self 35 MagickaIcon
AlterationOpenOpen Easy Lock Apprentice (25) Open Easy Lock on Target 29 MagickaIcon
ConjurationScampSummon Scamp Apprentice (25) Summon Scamp for 20 secs on Self 60 MagickaIcon
Damage, Disintegrate, and Drain
DestructionDisintegrateCorrode Armor Apprentice (25) Disintegrate Armor 30 pts on Touch 48 MagickaIcon
DestructionDrainDrain Skill: Illusion Apprentice (25) Drain Illusion 10 pts for 20 secs on Target 37 MagickaIcon
DestructionDrainDrain Skill: Marksman Apprentice (25) Drain Marksman 10 pts for 20 secs on Target 37 MagickaIcon
DestructionDamageEntropic Bolt Apprentice (25) Damage Health 10 pts on Target 34 MagickaIcon
DestructionDrainMagicka Drain Apprentice (25) Drain Magicka 30 pts for 30 secs on Touch 41 MagickaIcon
DestructionDrainMajor Enervation Apprentice (25) Drain Fatigue 30 pts for 15 secs on Target 31 MagickaIcon
DestructionDrainMajor Wound Apprentice (25) Drain Health 15 pts for 10 secs on Target 43 MagickaIcon
Fire Damage
DestructionFireFlame Touch Apprentice (25) Fire Damage 25 pts on Touch 46 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireFlash Bolt Apprentice (25) Fire Damage 20 pts on Target 52 MagickaIcon
Frost Damage
DestructionFrostFrost Touch Apprentice (25) Frost Damage 25 pts on Touch 45 MagickaIcon
DestructionFrostHailstone Apprentice (25) Frost Damage 20 pts on Target 51 MagickaIcon
Shock Damage
DestructionShockElectric Touch Apprentice (25) Shock Damage 25 pts on Touch 48 MagickaIcon
DestructionShockShock Apprentice (25) Shock Damage 20 pts on Target 54 MagickaIcon
Weakness to...
DestructionFireWeakness to Fire Apprentice (25) Weakness to Fire 25% for 30 secs on Target 27 MagickaIcon
DestructionFrostWeakness to Frost Apprentice (25) Weakness to Frost 25% for 30 secs on Target 27 MagickaIcon
DestructionPoisonWeakness to Poison Apprentice (25) Weakness to Poison 25% for 30 secs on Target 27 MagickaIcon
DestructionShockWeakness to Shock Apprentice (25) Weakness to Shock 25% for 30 secs on Target 27 MagickaIcon
MysticismDetectLifeMajor Life Detection Apprentice (25) Detect Life 60 ft for 20 secs on Self 30 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreHeal Major Wounds Apprentice (25) Restore Health 25 pts on Self 61 MagickaIcon

Note: "Base Magicka Cost" refers to how much magicka it costs to cast the spell without factoring in player's skill level, attribute level, and individual spell effects. Generally, magicka costs are higher.