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Sunder is a legendary hammer of divine mass[1] crafted by the Dwemer Tonal Architect Lord Kagrenac. Together with Keening and Wraithguard, these tools are necessary to handle the Heart of Lorkhan.


The hammer was wielded by Wulfharth during his battle with Alandro Sul, where Sul was using Wraithguard in a chest-plate form.[1] Following his defeat, all three artifacts came into the possession of the Almsivi following the Battle of Red Mountain.

Around 2E 582 Sunder was known to be broken, as the haft was separated from the rest of the artifact, though it was later reforged.[2] Sunder, along with Keening, was subsequently lost during an annual pilgrimage to the Heart some time in the Third Era.

The hammer came into the possession of Dagoth Vemyn, an Ash Vampire of the Sixth House. He was killed by the Nerevarine, who later used the hammer to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan.


The Citadels of the Sixth HouseEdit

The artifact is carried by Dagoth Vemyn in Vemynal, where he must be killed to acquire it. Sunder is one of the artifacts needed to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan, in order to defeat Dagoth Ur.


ESO Contraband Haft-shard of Sunder

Haft-shard of Sunder

  • In Online, the haft of Sunder can be found, implying it was broken before being found reforged in Morrowind.
  • In Skyrim, during the the quest Arniel's Endeavor, Arniel Gane mentions Sunder.
  • The description "of divine mass" may be a reference to Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor. Mjölnir is said to be so heavy that even the mighty Thor required his Járngreipr, iron gauntlets which increased his strength, to wield.
  • Sunder's appearance is that of a straight-peen hammer.



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