Sunna'rah (Dunmeris: Blessed Staff)[1] is a powerful staff and quest item in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It was originally made by Sotha Sil for research purposes, though has been stolen and re-tuned by the failed incarnate Chodala and used to steal Vivec's divine power.


Divine DelusionsEdit

At Ald'ruhn, Chodala will be sitting on a throne with Sunna'rah in his hands. After talking to Seryn, he will leave the tent, taking the staff with him.

Divine InterventionEdit

Within the room of the shrine to Malacath in Kaushtarari, Chodala will channel Sunna'rah to protect himself. Upon the use of the Tonal Inverter, his power will be cut off and he will begin to attack you. Once he is killed, Sunna'rah will appear on the floor for you to retrieve.

Later in the private chambers of Vivec's Palace, Archcanon Tarvus will ask you to plant Sunna'rah in the floor to restore Vivec's energy. Once this is done, however, Tarvus will reveal himself to be Barbas and immobilize you and Seryn. He will use the staff to find the location of Clockwork City, then proceed to escape with it.

Divine RestorationEdit

After travelling to Clockwork City from Seht's Vault, Barbas will use Sunna'rah to open the gates of Clockwork City. When the end of The Divinity Atelier is reached, Barbas will use Sunna'rah to turn the machine into a portal device, channeling the energy to power himself and fight you. Once he is defeated, Sunna'rah can once again be retrieved after it has fallen on the ground.



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