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Supple Ancient Nord Bow

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Supple Ancient Nord Bow
Base Damage:
14 DamageIcon
18 WeightIcon
Base Value:
235 GoldIcon
Class: Archery, Bow
Upgrade Material: N/A
FormID: 0005D179

The Supple Ancient Nord Bow is an archery weapon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a stronger version of the Ancient Nord Bow.


The Ancient Nord Bow is wielded by most Draugrs and Skeletons, usually within ancient Nordic Tombs and burial grounds.


Unlike other improved Draugr weaponry, this weapon cannot be improved at a grindstone due to a bug.

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    • The base damage of Elven Bow is 13 and this Supple Ancient Nord Bow is 14. You level up your Archery and your bow will do more damage.
    • in my save it was 2 more damage than auriels bow. lol

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