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— 4th of Sun's Dawn

My latest research project involves plants. What destination is better than Shadowfen? There's something about this place. The moisture hanging in the air encourages so much growth. I'm sure I'll find a new species to study.

— 8th of First Seed

I hate rain. It's rained every day for the past month. The ground is saturated, making it impossible to do any meaningful field studies. Clearly, I chose the wrong time of year to come to Stormhold.

On the bright side, I've had time to rearrange the guildhall to suit myself … well, one room of it, at least. I've never had this much time or space to myself, especially after the incident at Davon's Watch. I was so sure. Well, every researcher makes mistakes now and then. It's part of the process.

— 22nd of First Seed

It's stopped raining at last.

— 1st of Rain's Hand

I've discovered a remarkable lichen specimen. It's on the spine of my "Lexicon of Black Marsh Flora."

— 3rd of Rain's Hand

Wrote to the arch-mage. Requested a new assignment, preferably one in the Alik'r.


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