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Suthay are a breed of Khajiit, a race that hails from the land of Elsweyr.

Appearance and physiologyEdit

The Suthay are quite different from the first two types of small biped Khajiit, the Ohmes and the Ohmes-raht have easily distinguishable 'catlike' features including upright pointed ears, fur, and a long tail. Around the size of Ohmes, the Suthay are smaller than Men or Mer. Unlike the Ohmes or Ohmes-raht, the Suthay have a digitigrade arrangement of the lower body skeletal structure, walking on their toes rather than walking flat on the ground.

Influences of the moonsEdit

The Suthay are one of seventeen confirmed breeds of Khajiit, and each breed is born due to the influences of Nirn's two moons, Masser and Secunda.

The former is Nirn's largest moon, and the main influencing force on Khajiit breeds. Depending on Masser's lunar lattice, the Khajiit will fall under one major appearance and physiology out of four possibilities. These are as follows:

Full Waxing New Waning
Large Quadruped Large Biped Small Biped Small Quadruped

Secunda, Nirn's smaller moon, influences the appearance and physiology of a Khajiit in more subtle ways than that of Masser. Generally, the closer Secunda is to a full phase, the less beastlike a breed appears. The closer Secunda is to a Waning phase, the more beastlike a breed appears.

The Suthay is a small biped, born under Masser's new Phase, and Secunda's new Phase. It is the second most beastlike of the small biped Khajiit.

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