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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 1
Class Child
Ref ID 0001A636
Base ID 000132A9
"Mother says I shouldn't talk to people..."

Svari is a Nord child found in Solitude and the daughter of Greta and Addvar.


She is upset by the death of her uncle Roggvir, but upon further conversation she also explains she is worried about her mother, who has stopped going to the Temple of the Divines.

If the Dragonborn wishes to help her, it will start a miscellaneous quest to speak to Greta about Svari's concerns.


  • "Dragon?"
  • "For a stranger, you're not so bad."
  • "I don't have anything to say."
  • "I... I don't want to talk."
  • "Mother says I shouldn't talk to people."
  • "Pardon me."
  • "Really? Was it big? Did it breath fire?"
  • "Thanks for talking to me."



  • She asks the Dragonborn to be her parent, even if her family members are alive.
  • Giving her 1 GoldIcon grants the Gift of Charity blessing (+10 Speech for 1 hour real time).
  • Svari is amazed that dragons are real when she is told that the Dragonborn is a Helgen survivor.  She then says she needs to remember to tell "papa" that they are real.
  • If the Dragonborn kills Svari's mother she will hire thugs to kill them though the contract may have a mistake, as Svari misspells her name as 'Savari.'
  • If the Hearthfire is installed, she will be sent to Honorhall Orphanage if her parents both die. It is then possible to adopt her.


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