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The Sword-Singers were a group of Yokudans who were led by Frandar Hunding; after the Battle of the Singers, they left their homeland and traveled across the ocean, to what is now called Hammerfell.[1]

The Sword-Singers were legendary swordsmen, the most elite of which were part of a sub-group known as the Ansei. The most well-known and revered group of the Ansei was known as the Order of Diagna, which was led by Gaiden Shinji, the first blademaster and founder of the Imperial City Arena. It is rumored that a rebelling group of Ansei, known as the Hiradirge, were responsible for the sinking and consequent destruction of Yokuda, though it is possible that the disaster was natural.

Notes Edit

  • Males joining the group were known as 'Brothers of the Blade'.
  • Females joining the group were known as 'Maidens of the Spirit Sword'.


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