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Swords refers to one-handed weapons with bladed edges and hilts.

Improvement and damageEdit

Most swords can be enchanted using the Enchanter's tables found in most cities and sometimes in the wilderness

Swords come in several forms, each ranging in value, weight, and damage capabilities. Damage done with swords improves based on the governing skill of the sword type. Single-handed swords become more powerful when perks and skill levels in One-Handed are gained.

Speed and reachEdit

Swords have the second fastest swing speed of weapons, bested only by daggers, which exchange damage prowess and reach for faster swinging capabilities. Swords are far faster than war axe, maces and all two-handed weapons.


Name Level DamageIcon GoldIcon Bonus
Collector's Coinblade 5 26 40 [1] Deals 4 poison damage
  1. Ornate
Ornate sells to merchants for 107% more