"The Duchess of Dementia. Ever wary, ever worried. A prisoner in her own House, in a way. And a delightful conversationalist, really."

Syl quote

Syl is a bosmer noble, Duchess of Dementia. She is highly paranoid and suspects everyone around her of plotting to kill her and take her place on the throne of Dementia.


Syl's formal gown is decorated with slaughterfish. When the Ritual of Dementia has started, she will change into Dark Seducer Armor and wield her unique warhammer, Nerveshatter.


Syl is feared by her subjects. Most worry that her paranoia may lead her to act rashly and kill or torture them. Many of them want her dead because of her ongoing relationship with Thadon.

The only two she seems to trust most are Anya Herrick and Kithlan, though while both of them serve and protect her they fear her and her paranoid behavior.


The Lady of ParanoiaEdit

After restarting Xedilian, Lord Sheogorath will ask that the Hero learn more about both Thadon's court of Mania and Syl's court of Dementia. She will ask the Hero look into the current threat on her life. She will assign Herdir to help and allow them to proceed as they see fit.

Ritual of AccessionEdit

After relighting The Cold Flame of Agnon, Sheogorath will ask his champion to replace either the Duke of Mania or the Duchess of Dementia. If the Champion decides to replace Syl, they will need to follow tradition and assassinate Syl and take her heart. It should be noted that once the Hero finds Syl she will attack on sight wielding her hammer Nerveshatter.

If Thadon is picked to be replaced, Syl will become outraged to see Thadon killed and will join the Forces of Order.

The Roots of MadnessEdit

If Syl was not killed and replaced as Duchess, she will be found leading the Forces of Order underneath the throne room in the fountainhead. She will need to be killed to stop order from overtaking.