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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 6
Class Miner
Faction Shor's Stone
The Rift
Rank Miner
Ref ID 000C3A46
Base ID 000C3A3F
"I might be a woman, but I can crack rock with the best of them."

Sylgja is a Nord miner in Shor's Stone. She works in the Redbelly Mine, right along with the men.


Her parents, Verner Rock-Chucker and Annekke Crag-Jumper, live in Darkwater Crossing, and she exchanges letters with them as often as she can.


Deliver Sylgja's SatchelEdit

Sylgja explains that she recently injured herself in the mine and cannot deliver her letters to her father in Darkwater Crossing. She asks the Dragonborn to do it on her behalf. She promises a reward and suggests her father will probably have something for the Dragonborn to bring back. She will give the Dragonborn a necklace with a leveled value as reward.


After the Dragonborn has delivered her satchel to her father, she becomes a candidate for marriage. Unfortunately, by default she will be stuck with her miner's clothes due to the fact there's no way to put anything else on her. It is possible, however, to change her clothes (and remove her pickaxe) using console commands.

Hired MuscleEdit

Farkas asks the Dragonborn to intimidate Sylgja and in order to do this they must win a brawl with her. This may be done even if the Dragonborn is married to her.


  • Sylgja's injury in the mine is said to have been healed by a priest of Mara that was headed to Dawnstar. This could possibly be Erandur.
  • If the Dragonborn drops clothes, she will often ask if she can have it and tell the Dragonborn she will put it on right away. Instead of doing this she will often do nothing and leave the clothing on the floor.


  •  360   After marrying Sylgja and moving to Lakeview Manor, she may stay in random places around and within the house, doing a walking-in-place animation. However, she will normally walk to bed when it is night.


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