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3E 391

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Symmachus, born 2E 865, was a former King of Morrowind and also former General of Tiber Septim, during his reign. He was of peasant descent, his mother being a peasant and there is no information on his father other than that he was a miner.[1] His mother died during Queen Barenziah's Rite of Naming, Symmachus being 30 at the time. He reportedly hired a priest to save her life, but when they returned she was dead. When the priest refused to hand back the money given to him, Symmachus threatened him, and as the priest was about to mutter a curse Symmachus struck and killed him, then fled the city, repeatedly muttering the name "Barenziah".[1] He joined the Imperial Legion afterwards, becoming a General and advisor of Tiber Septim.

He met Barenziah during her stint in the Thieves Guild, where she was caught performing a heist at Symmachus' estate in Riften along with her Khajiit companion Therris who betrayed her by pushing her into the guards leading to her being captured after being they were caught, though Therris was still captured despite this and then drawn and quartered as a way to punish him and to keep him quiet about Barenziah's past. Her scandalous past in and before the Thieves Guild was kept secret and then she was sent to meet Tiber Septim at the Imperial Palace by Symmachus, and take her place as the Queen of Mournhold.[2]

Symmachus married Barenziah many years after she took her place as the rightful Queen of Mournhold.[3] They bore two children together, Helseth and Morgiah, named after Symmachus' mother. He also rightfully suspected that Jagar Tharn was behind the disappearance of the Staff of Chaos,[4] an event that Barenziah unwillingly had a hand in.[3]

In 3E 391, Symmachus was killed during a rebellion in Mournhold, his remaining loyal troops suffering a decisive defeat.[4]

His glass dagger, the Dagger of Symmachus, is considered to be an artifact. Symmachus gave it to Helseth who in turn gave the dagger to the Nerevarine.[5]


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