"If you'll excuse me, I'm quite busy at the moment. Come back and see me later."
―Syndelius Ergalla[src]

Syndelius Ergalla is a Imperial residing in Seyda Neen in Vvardenfell. He can be seen sitting at his desk in the Census and Excise Office.


"Unusual for the governor to omit items from the official record, but I'm just her clerk. You'd better head inside and talk to the governor now."

What do you do here? "Seyda Neen is the preeminent port into Vvardenfell. I process new arrivals so the Tribunal knows who might be gallivanting across their fair land. It's so much more prestigoius than my efforts for the Gold Coast Trading Company."
You used to work for the Gold Coast Trading Company? "Once, long ago, in another life, I served as a clerk for the company right here in Vvardenfell. Helped build many of the fine Imperial-style structures you see. I must have impressed House Hlaalu, for they offered me this distinguised position"
So you like working for the Dark Elves? "For the most part. But sometimes it takes great effort not to strangle one or more of these pointy-eared blusterers. For example, no one ever remembers their birth sign. Some even try to change their answers on repeat visits. As if I wouldn't notice!"