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"No good deed goes unpunished, outlander."
―Synette Jeline

Synette Jeline is a Breton thief who may be found in the region of West Gash.


Synette Jeline claims to be a dancer, but in fact she is a bandit, asking people to retrieve drowned ring, luring them into pond nearby and attacking them with her partner Tavynu Tedran.


The Lady's Ring Synette will ask Nerevarine to retrieve her drowned ring.


Synette can be found in the West Gash region, close to Ald Velothi, on the road between Ald Velothi and Gnisis.



  • Right before attacking she says "No good deed goes unpunished, Outlander".
  • If the player is Male, then Synnette may try to charm them.


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