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Take Up Arms

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Take Up Arms
Skyrim TheCompanions01
Quest Giver Various
Location Pelagia Farm
Prerequisite Speak to the leader of Jorrvaskr
Next Quest Trouble in Skyrim
Reward Member of the Companions
Faction The Companions
Type Companions, Main quest
Quest ID C00
Take Up Arms is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is the first quest within the Companions quest line. 


Train with VilkasEdit

The Dragonborn must follow Vilkas out to the courtyard. If he/she happens to lose sight of him, they can find him outside practicing with one of the target dummies until the Dragonborn arrives. He/She must then speak with him and he will tell him/her that the "old man" told him to have a look at him/her. He will then instruct the Dragonborn to take a few swings at him so he can gauge his/her skill. Vilkas will draw his sword and shield but refrains from attacking the Dragonborn, so swing away. After about three swings, and a few humbling remarks, this part of the quest ends with Vilkas handing the Dragonborn his sword to bring to Eorlund Gray-Mane. The Dragonborn can't use magic against Vilkas, unless the former uses Bound weapons. Vilkas may remark on you using magic if you use an enchanted weapon and will fight back until the end of the training, though this may be a glitch. 

Note: If you are wearing Ebony Mail Vilkas will not fight because of the poison effect of the Ebony Mail, which counts as magic.

If the Dragonborn waits too long and has grown too powerful (very strong weapons), the Dragonborn can kill Vilkas in 1 hit, which will result in the latter trying to kill the former even after he/she completes the quest. Killing him in 2 hits results in him calling the Dragonborn mightier than he/she looks rather than the usual dialog. 

Also, a random glitch may occur where Vilkas will become aggressive as soon as the Dragonborn goes outside for their training.  This is probably caused by having a follower attack him without him/her noticing. As such, it is suggested not to bring a follower with the Dragonborn on this particular quest.

Give Vilkas's sword to EorlundEdit

Eorlund Gray-Mane is found right next to the courtyard, up some stairs and next to the Skyforge. A gruff and straightforward man, he asks the Dragonborn what brings them to the skyforge. Once the Dragonborn explains that Vilkas sent the Dragonborn with his sword, he rightly assumes the Dragonborn to be the newcomer and softens a bit. He even offers some sage advice; don't always do as they are told. No one rules anyone else in The Companions. Eorlund states that he is not a Companion, but since no one else can work the forge, he is honored to help them out in any way he can. He voices a bit of surprise that they have lasted as long as they have without a leader but with Kodlak as Harbringer and advising the Circle, they succeed and yet each man is his own and each woman is her own. As the Dragonborn is about to take the their leave, he asks a favor of the Dragonborn; to take Aela's shield  back to her as his wife is in mourning. Once the Dragonborn accepts, he hands over the shield to the Dragonborn, ending this part of the quest.

Bring Aela her shieldEdit

Aela 3

Bring Aela the Huntress her shield.

Leave the Skyforge and head back to Jorrvaskr. Head down to Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, where the Dragonborn will find Aela the Huntress in her room conversing with Skjor. Approach her, and once the Dragonborn hands over her shield she explains that she's been waiting a while for its completion. It takes a moment but she recognizes the Dragonborn from the giant fight at the farm. Skjor makes mention that he saw the Dragonborn training in the courtyard with Vilkas, where Aela heard the Dragonborn gave him a good thrashing. Now Aela wonders if the Dragonborn could take Vilkas in a real fight. If the Dragonborn answer with the second choice, she explains that shield-brothers do not kill each other over a dispute. She seems impressed with the passion that burns in the Dragonborn, noting that the Dragonborn would make a fierce Companion. They call out for Farkas to show the Dragonborn where they will be staying and completes this part of the quest. Note that the Dragonborn cannot drop the shield. So if the Dragonborn venture off to do other things, they will not be able to rid themselves of any Steel Shields they collect.There is also a glitich where it says Aela is at Bleakwind Basin and she is not in her room nor at Bleakwind.

Follow FarkasEdit

Follow Farkas as he shows the Dragonborn to the their room. After some small talk, he tells the Dragonborn to pick a bed and fall in it. He expresses that he is pleased to see a new face and if the Dragonborn is looking for work, come see Aela or himself. Once the Dragonborn start making a name for themselves, he tells the Dragonborn to see Skjor or Vilkas for additional work. This completes the quest and the Dragonborn will unlock the Take Up Arms achievement.

Before the Dragonborn part ways, Farkas will tell the Dragonborn about some trouble they're having in Whiterun Hold. This is most usually a problem with the Falmer, and if the Dragonborn accept the job, this will start the quest Trouble in Skyrim. A different quest may be assigned if Shimmermist Cave was cleared.


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