Takes-In-Light was an Argonian mage present during Atmah's expedition to Labyrinthian, and is seen during the quest "The Staff of Magnus."


Although she accompanied her fellow students to Labyrinthian, she was not totally convinced it was a good idea, worriedly asking Savos Aren before entering the crypt, "What...What if there are things guarding this place?" to be told by Atmah that they were going to be just fine, as the expedition was "six college-trained mages," and that they could hold out against whatever may be within.

However, during one of the battles within the ruin, she was seriously wounded, and although she attempted to continue to the end, eventually she begged her companions to leave her behind, making her the third mage to die in the expedition. The remaining mages initially refused to do so, but relented.


The Staff of MagnusEdit

Takes-In-Light's ghost is seen throughout the ruin of Labyrinthian, engaged in conversations with her fellow students.

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