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"Welcome to the Bee and Barb, milord. If I can interest you in one of our special drinks, you let me know."

Talen-Jei is an Argonian and one of the proprietors of the Bee and Barb. He has been smitten with Keerava, the bartender, since he first arrived in Riften.


Talen-Jei is a connoisseur of exotic beverages and details the ingredients of several such concoctions when prompted. These drinks are custom creations that he first devised in Gideon before moving to Skyrim. On his person, he carries a flagon of Velvet LeChance, White-Gold Tower and Cliff Racer. All three beverages can be purchased from him. He has a strong hatred for the Thieves Guild, calling them "vermin" and "trash." If caught stealing in the Bee and Barb, Talen-Jei will hire thugs in numbers from two to three to kill you. Proof of this is when killing the thugs' assumed leader, his loot will contain a contract signed by Talen-Jei.


Sealing the DealEdit

He asks the Dragonborn to help him craft an Argonian wedding ring, by retrieving three flawless amethysts. The reward is a random non-leveled potion, weak poison or 200GoldIcon, with the monetary reward usually being the highest valued of the three.

Unless one has an extremely generous disposition towards Talen-Jei and Keerava, the quest reward represents a major waste of the Dragonborn's time and money; three flawless amethysts (at base value) would be worth 540GoldIcon when sold to a shop as is, or 665GoldIcon if two are crafted into a gold jeweled necklace first.

Taking Care of BusinessEdit

In order to join the Thieves Guild, Brynjolf employs the Dragonborn with collecting debts the citizens of Riften have with the guild. Talen-Jei's lover, Keerava, is one such person. The Dragonborn can choose to approach him about her debt, to which he recommends threatening Keerava with the knowledge that her family resides in Morrowind. After this, he expresses dislike for the Dragonborn. His favor can be regained by collecting the Amethysts needed for the wedding band.


  • "In Black Marsh, tradition dictates we present a potential mate a unique wedding ring to represent our future bond."
  • "Every Argonian wedding proposal band is supposed to have three flawless amethysts as part of their design. Two of the gems, the ones on the outside, represent the couple to be married... one for the husband, one for the wife. The amethyst in the center represents The Hist, the entity that all Argonians consider a sacred part of our lives."
  • "Ours is just a smile, friend."


Maramal "People of Riften, heed my words. The return of the dragons is not mere coincidence. This is one of the signs. The signs that Lady Mara is displeased with your constant inebriation. Put down your flagons filled with your vile liquids, and embrace the teachings of the handmaiden of Kyne."
Keerava "No, no, Maramal...We talked about this...Talen..."
Maramal "Keerava, certainly we can come to some sort of understanding? These people must be made aware of the chaos they've sown."
Talen "Enough, Maramal. We've all heard of the dragons and their return. There's no need to use them as an excuse to harrass our customers."
Maramal "Very well, Talen. I'll remove myself from this den of iniquity."
Talen "We're not kicking you out, just keep the sermons at the temple and let us all sit in peace."


  • Talen-Jei appears to be similar to the bartender shown when the loading screen says that bartenders are a great source of rumors. He is shown cleaning a flask with the cloth he keeps in his belt.
  • Talen-Jei is the bartender in Gideon in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.
  • It is mentioned he brought his own recipes when coming from Gideon.


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  • Completing Talen-Jei's personal quest "Sealing the Deal," and the Thieves Guild quest "Taking Care of Business" causes him to repeat both lines of appreciation and hostility.
  • "Sealing the Deal" can be accomplished even if Keerava is dead.


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