"Now that was a man who would have been a leader to our people! King Llethan knew what he was doing when he began grooming that boy for the throne. Of course, that all changed when Helseth arrived. Poor Vandas was found dead soon after."
―Inhabitants of Mournhold[src]

Talen Vandas was a Dunmer noble.

Historical backgroundEdit

Talen Vandas was a nephew of King Athyn Llethan,[1] the King of Morrowind until the year 3E 427, when Llethan died.[2] According to inhabitants of Mournhold, Talen Vandas himself died around the same time as his uncle, shortly after the arrival of Helseth Hlaalu in Mournhold.[3]

It is rumored that King Llethan was grooming Talen Vandas as his successor on the throne.[1] Thus, he would have been a rival to Helseth Hlaalu's ambitions to become the future King. Many people in Mournhold suspect his death during a hunt to be arranged by Helseth Hlaalu.[4]

Judging by the remarks of Mournhold's inhabitants about Talen Vandas, he was greatly loved by the people. They believe that he would have been a good leader.[3] Also, the Queen Mother Barenziah considered him to be a smart and charismatic personality who would have made an excellent King.[5]


Talen Vandas parents are not known, but it is known that Athyn Llethan was his uncle.[1] He thus might have been a cousin to famous Queen Barenziah, as it is known that she was a niece of Athyn Llethan.[6]