The Talisman of Abetment is a leveled amulet which can be located in a chest at the end of quest "Baiting the Trap" after either driving the adventurers insane or killing them.

Level Base Value Weight Enchantments Apparel ID
1–4 2750 GoldIcon 1 WeightIcon Detect Life 20 pts
Feather 15 pts
Water Breathing
5–9 3150 GoldIcon 1 WeightIcon Detect Life 30 pts
Feather 25 pts
Water Breathing
10–14 3550 GoldIcon 1 WeightIcon Detect Life 40 pts
Feather 35 pts
Water Breathing
15–19 3950 GoldIcon 1 WeightIcon Detect Life 50 pts
Feather 45 pts
Water Breathing
20–24 4350 GoldIcon 1 WeightIcon Detect Life 60 pts
Feather 55 pts
Water Breathing
25–29 4750 GoldIcon 1 WeightIcon Detect Life 70 pts
Feather 65 pts
Water Breathing
30+ 5150 GoldIcon 1 WeightIcon Detect Life 80 pts
Feather 75 pts
Water Breathing



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  • As with many other leveled rewards, this amulet is generated in its container based on the player's current level when Shivering Isles is first loaded, thus if a new game is started with Shivering Isles already present, the player will always receive the level 1-4 version, no matter their level when it is actually found.