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Patch 1.2 released, bulk of PS3 issues addressed.While walking around was in sneak still but toon was not in sneak could not run,was stuck till i reset the ps3

Large number of problems and Common cross platform issues not yet addressed in this patch. Dragon related issues have been addressed.

Bug Type Category Breakdown Needed?

The list of bugs has gotten so long that it's difficult to find anything in it. Should the list of bugs be broken up into categories? Yes nearing now 400 topics...listing in categories would help some, an avg of 6 new unique topics get added to this page and it's parent every hour.

Make sure when posting a new topic to edit the " Edit Summary " box so the page knows to post it as it's own topic and not just link it to the last topic posted.Jandraelune (talk) 09:34, November 28, 2011 (UTC)


Do what was done for Dragon Age wiki: Instead of a huge single list here, have an optional Bugs main heading at the end of each topic page. That way it's easy to see when you're playing that item, and can work around it.

Tungstic (talk) 03:53, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

Black Screen when computer sleeps, Alt-Tab, anything.

I have the PC version of Skyrim (through Steam), and whenever something happens that would make skyrim not be on the screen, such as the computer sleeping or Alt-Tabbing out of the game, I return to the game to find a black screen, though I can still hear the music and sounds playing. Nothing works to fix it, so I eventually am forced to simply shut the game down, reopen it, and hope that I have a recent autosave. I can tell that this doesn't happen to other people, as I can see others talking about Alt-Tabbing out of the game without having problems. If anyone knows a fix, I would be grateful if you could tell me.

AmbigramMan (talk) 03:34, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Not a bug, its to do with aero not disabling until after the game has tried to capture the screen. (It should disable itself before but there is a delay and Aero is not coded to return a variable stating that the disbling is complete). my solution is to Alt tab back into the game and try and select the top bar when the Skyrim window is all black, then drag it so that it slightly overlaps with the top left corner of the screen, this is where skyrim resets the mouse to. Now when ever you alt tab out you can click the bar then alt tab away from and back to the game quickly, this time the game will resume.

Note that Windows has had this issue for ages with tones of gamers, thats why Windowed mode still exists. If it annoyes you that much, like it does me (mainly cos I game and work at the same time) then use Windowed Mode. 13:13, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Actually all you need to do is alt tab to skyrim

You will see black page

using windows alt tab until the small boxes on the screen are on skyrim and you should be back in the game.

Followers experiencing permenant drop in health

For a while I've been using the followers, first Lydia, then Sigdis and finally Borghak. However after a while I noticed they were getting really weak. And not weak like I've outleveled them, weak like I met Borghak at level 35ish and suddenly she couldn't cope with regular Draugr. Long and the short of it is I realised they were getting this way after I'd accidentally hit them with level 2 Marked for Death (maybe level 1 as well, not sure). So I recruited Mjoll in Riften about level 40, hit her with my big hammer which she took fairly well and then cast Marked for Death on her. I let it wear off and her health recover and sure enough she went down in one hit from then on.
Not sure why it's doing this, maybe something to do with followers health recovery and Marked for Death's health draining effect? Either way it's reduced potentially useful companions to the level of mere bandits and seems to be permenant. Be warned. 00:43, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

Its actually damageresist that is permanently reduced. Marked for death reduces damagesesist by about 1200 points. After it runs out instead of giving the points back it reduces them by double the amount so followers have a damageresist of about -3000 permanantly thus dying from one hit. You can remedy this via console (forceav damageresist xxx). Not quite sure though how this value is affected by changing armor etc. afterwards.

Speak to Maven Black-Briar about Vald's debt

On the xbox. After completing the Nightingales quest line and defeating Mercer Frey, for some reason, the "Speak to Maven Black-Briar about Vald's debt" Miscellaneous quest still showed even though Vald is dead.

Vald was killed by a guard in Riften instead of by myself so perhaps it doesn't clear because I was not directly involved in his actual death stroke.

I am actually able to continue with it and have been given the follow up, "Quill of Germination". 14:27, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

On PC. Same preconditions. Was walking in Riften, heard fighting and found out a guard had killed Vald. Immediately checked the debt quest, and found it was still doable and did that. For some other bug i had to load an earlier game, and decided to find the quill again. Did that, and was given "Vald's debt" book, but no marker where Vald might be. Found him behind Mercers house, but he immediately attacked me and guards did nothing, so i killed him. Definitely bugged.

Not completely bugged. A marker for Vald does not show up on the map, but he is in the back yard of Mercer's house. If you pick the lock on the gate, he will attack you, but if you talk to him through the gate then you can complete the quest.

(PC Confirmed) Even if you kill Vald yourself, the quest still shows up. Just talk to her about it and it should be complete.

Jagged Crown / Korvanjund

On the xbox. Several times when going back to Ulfric after retrieving the crown, the xbox has locked up and had to be rebooted.

On the same "jagged crown" task, approaching the word of power wall in Korvanjund activates the noise, voices and screech as if the word were being accepted but that's it. No actual word showing and the noise doesnt stop. Tried different reloads from multiple positions. Tried (once it was managed), returning the crown to Ulfric and then coming back to the dungeon to find the same thing.

  • Exact bug replicated on the PC 15:48, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Arrow pin cushion/Permanent arrows

On the Xbox 360 when I get hit with an arrow it does not go away even if I reload a saved file I end up looking like a pin cushion. ~Unknown User

for some reason when i get hit by arrows, one or even two stay there and wont dissappear like they should. no idea how to stop this apart from restarting the entire game. They will disappear after an hour or two. ~Unknown User

I had a character and I was shot with two arrows in the head. I thought "no big deal, they'll disappear", So i kept playing, for SIX. HOURS. they were still there, so i fast traveled, still there, I slept, waited, reloaded, turned my system off, dropped everything in my inventory, put on a helmet, put on a different helmet and they were still there. So i started over, hasn't happened since.

Yeah, the arrows will disappear after a while. I had this "issue" too, where I thought it was going to be permanent, but luckily after a while the arrow vanished :) Zluhcs  talk page  my edits  Elder Scrolls Wiki-chat

I don't even know where to begin as there are 2 bugs I am reporting. First, I have noticed that my character, seems to have arrows permanently stuck in her. It only happened after I became a vampire, which I didn't realize I was infected till way earlier in my game saves. Second, I just killed a named dragon that was raised by Alduin and fast traveled to sell, then fast traveled back nearby and all of a sudden, he was back, but invisible and the only way I could kill him was cause my house-carl was shooting at it and I could tell when it landed. After killing this invisible reincarnation it didn't give me a new dragon soul. This has to be some sort of bug. {C}EDIT: I have since cured my vampirism and it made the permanent arrows disappear. I believe that bug to be linked to vampirism. 00:19, November 14, 2011 (UTC)


if you go and rest then they should go away, i had one in the dead center of my chest and i couldn't figure it out until i slept and when i woke up i check a couple times in 3rd person and it was gone and i haven't had it happen since. ~ZacharyTylerDewey~ 12:11, November 23, 2011 (UTC)12:11
PC Fix: Tap ` (Tilde key) and type in the command "sexchange". This will refresh your character's body, giving it the look of the opposite sex without actually changing your sex. What you get would be a man with a very nice chest and a small waist. By typing in the command again, your character will refresh and return to it's original sex, without any of the arrows stuck within you. ~Unknown User
turning into a werewolf works as well...if you are one XD Dark|Shadow|Sword 07:43, November 20, 2011 (UTC)
I got this problem several times too. I went to an enemy, who shot with arrow, the stucking arrow vanished, bug fixed. Works with any enemy with arrows. ~Unknown User
I found removing and replacing an armor item helped cure this with followers. This may also work with permanent arrows on the player character. 02:31, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Highwaymen Intimidate Bug

On the PC: I encountered a Highwaymen outside Valtheim Towers during the Trouble in Skyrim Quest after previously having cleared the Valtheim Towers of bandits. When I approached, she demanded a toll of 200gp. I chose the Intimidate Option (Speech 65) and I received the "okay, that sounds good, just get going before any of the guys notices you were here" response, indicating a successful check. Despite this, 200gp was deducted from my inventory and this sum was not on the Highwaymen after I killed her. Is this issue more widespread with a successful intimidate check on Highwaymen resulting in a payment of the toll anyway?

  • Exact bug replicated on PS3.
  • Exact bug replicated on X-Box 360.

Forest Spriggan Glitch

Killed the green spriggan, reanimated it, it cast some kind of spell that sent me invisible and covered me in a greenish haze, plus it sent a swarm of green bugs flying around me that never ever leave.

This is exactly the same effect the spriggan has. I have no idea how to get rid of it, have removed all items and nothing still. Plz help!

Same thing happened to me. Changed genders, turned into a werewolf, but the split second I go to first person view the effect is reapplied and never leaves. So damn annoying. 06:09, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Possible workaround for The Forlorn Conspiracy, where the guy in the talos shirne is killed and it doesn't register, I hit a guard, served time in jail, came back and the quest continued for me. 06:30, November 12, 2011 (UTC)
suggestion i would make is to go to the Shrine of Talos and activate it, the blessing should cure ALL diseases and status effects on you. (this does not work)

Same bug, and when I use potion of invisibility or nightcloak, you can see full animation of bugs - like they are inside me, not only around me. Curing diseases and shrines don`t work, due to a "cure glitch" substance missing in alchemy. 02:27, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Golden Claw Dungeon Exit

Completing the dungeon fro Golden Claw quest, you drop down into a shrine with a single exit to the world map. When using that exit, loading screen appears and stays, until I force close the game. This happens every time.

If you are on pc I think that you have hardware or software issues, probably the game wants to load something (textures, meshes, other data, etc), gets a conflict and stops. See if your graphic card driver is up t odate, if you meet the requirements and the game is installed correctly.

Right hand disappearing

Sometimes when fast switching between dual-wielding spells and a spell in your left and sword in your right hand, the players right hand will just dissapear but you will still be able to use the spell. This is if you have the spell and sword as favourite and fast switch with the favourite mapped to any number 1-8

Skyrim for PC (XP). Continuous pausing of game as it loads new area when roaming outside. Same as Oblivion did. 16:40, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

Main quest

- One of the main quest's Diplomatic Immunity I get to the party and can't enter the main door also I can't enter major city's like Riftal before the quest Diplomatic Immunity it didn't even let me enter Solitude it loads like forever don't know what to do any ideas.

- In Diplomatic immunity when i try to continue the quest by talking to Delphine, My ps3 crashes instantly after i choose the Dialogue I'm ready to go. Someone help!

- If you attack the jarl in highmoon it will trigger a quest complete during some parts of the main quest, resulting in not being able to progress to the next mission and both factions attacking you near towers in massive hoards

- There is a lot of main quest bugs that needs to be fixed. I'm stuck at Esbren in Riften. I talked to him, tough i cant hear his voice when he talks to me through the door and when im finished talking to him he is supposed to open the door and let me in. I can hear the noise of him unlocking his door but cant open the door. Ive tried reloading from different places, some a couple of levels back. Don't know what to do since this is the main story.... Damn it! I had the same problem with Esbren

There is a fix on pirate bay
Just put it in data. It worked wonders for me. If the door still doesn't open, just type tlc in the command line for no clip. Even after using the fix on pirate bay, I still have the same problem with Esbren. I can't type tlc in the command line, either.
The command is 'tcl' not tlc. Otherwise use 'unlock' on the door. Getjack (talk) 16:00, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

- I had accepted the joining the stormcloak quest, but had never killed the wraith. So during the main quest, While i was trying to convince Ulfric to go to make the peace treaty,there was no option other than ... When i went to talk to the recruiter guy, he said how he couldn't believe i convinced ulfric to go to the treaty, so i can't talk to either of them, and i can't continue on either questline. (PC)

I've had the same problem with Ulfric and the recruiter. (PS3)
I've had to the exact same problem, also tried completing the ice wraith quest but it bugs the same way after it. (Xbox 360)
I also have had the exact same problem, i can't turn in the ice wraiths death to the bear recruiter guy, and ulfric wont say anything except to talk to him, and the recruiter will only say i can't believe you have convinced him to a treaty, so i can't turn in the quest to finish the treaty main questline either, so stupid especially since ive already finished the thieves guild and dark brotherhood lines, but im stuck in place main quest wise.(PS3)
I had the same problem with the quest to get the jagged crown. When i sat down to sign the peace treaty in High Hrothgar the other npc's told me they where waiting for me to sit down. I solved this by reloading to before i went to High Hrothgar because i could still deliver the quest. And then completing the entire questline which canceled the quest to sign the peace treaty since the war is then over. (xbox)23:02, November 26, 2011 (UTC)23:02, November 26, 2011 (UTC)23:02, November 26, 2011 (UTC)~

- Sky Haven Temple (PC): Unable to get Esbern and Delphine to go into the temple. I had found the place way early on and done the two puzzles in it already. Fast traveled to the temple when I got to this part of the quest, then went outside and killed some forsworn when they weren't there. Went back in, and only Delphine was there. Waited an hour, Esbern was there. Do the blood ritual, and then they ran all the way back to the very first puzzle instead of going into the temple. Will not move. I have tried attacking them, using unrelenting force, waiting for hours and days, traveling to previous locations, but no matter what they just go back to standing there and not moving. Cannot proceed with the main quest. Is there any easy way around this? 14:05, November 27, 2011 (UTC)TNTN

- All my quests are bugged or any quest that I do pick up gets bugged. The bugs are when I get ready to give a quest item to the intended person they take it and just stay there saying and doing nothing. All the quests from major to miscellaneous none of them are working. Anyway anyone can help with this? 00:36, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Bards College

- During the Bards College quest, where you go and burn King Olaf during the festival, the leader walks up to the king with his torch and simply keeps on setting him on fire all the time, and this doesn't stop anymore, meaning that I'm stuck there. I tried reloading, walking away, entering a building, but nothing helps. I don't want my Bards missions to get stuck here :( Does anyone else have this problem as well? It's on the PS3 version.~~DDopeRR~~

Have not seen the above problem, but I have noticed that the bard leader does keep a torch on him all the time after the burning ceremony is done. {C}I'm having the same problem. :( ~~CSRadix~~
I'm having the same problem with the never-ending King Olaf ceremony. Tried everything that player DDopeRR has tried with the same results. I haven't tried attacking. I'll give that a shot. I'm using an XBox 360. - GA
Gave attacking a shot, ran out of town, returned after 7 days, paid my fine and found ceremony still in full swing. There was one change, instead of a torch, Viarmo was hitting the firiery effigy with a hammer. Once again, I stood in the indicated spot for hours but the ceremony was never completed and my character was never welcomed as a full sad. I would like to finish this quest if anyone has any suggestions.- GA

- I have a quest lute that I can't get rid of. I can keep turning in the quest, but I don't get the rewarded skills again, and I can't get rid of that 4 pound lute. Yes, I have all 3 musical instruments stuck in my inventory after completing the quests. -KM

I've had the exact same problem. I've reloaded to before speaking to Jorn but the same thing still happens. Even quitting and rebooting the game from a previous point hasn't fixed it for me. The only thing that worked was attacking him but not the greatest solution. This is on the PC.
Same here all these musical instruments i cant get rid of, i cant sell them, dump them or code them off. 4 some reason they reapeared in my misc after i handed them in. PC as well.
I have the same problem, the bard carries his torch everywhere he goes, even sleeps with his torch, scary huh, and i cant even get rid of the instruments, tried everything to fix it but nada, nothing, zip. Mc

- In the first quest, Verse of Olaf, no matter what choice you select when reconstructing the poem, the bard always recites the 'disguised as winterhold troops' selection to the jarl.

Stuck in cart during intro sequence

I'm getting stuck in the cart when they unload the prisoners at the beginning of the game. I can't move and no events trigger, making the entire game unplayable. I see that other people have the same issue here [1] and here [2]

Does a new game work? If not, download a save game and put it in the right folder. You can find some on skyrim nexus, and i'm sure that someone would be willing to make a character you request and give you that save. 02:18, November 13, 2011 (UTC)
Save file does not work.

Same issue on Xbox 360. Latest update applied. Happened three times. I restarted the console and it finally worked. If you have no dialogue during the cart ride it is glitched. Try a restart. New game doesn't work. 20:38, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Same issue here but was never able to resolve. Tired 9-10 times with new games, x-box restarts, etc to no avail. First time the freeze happened right after creating a charater. (Then nething else), now new games won't even initiate the dialouge along the cart ride at the begnning. This makes the entire game unplayable, obviously. I returned the game to Amazon and will buy something that works. (Note: 1.2 patch was installed the entire time, I finally cleared my cache to try and play 1.0 version and game would no longer run at all.) 04:15, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

(360) Companions Quests: Hired Muscle and Silver Hands


I have completed Imperial overthrow of Ulric Stormcloak and installed Brunwulf as king. But now doing Companion quests from Farkos I am supposed to intimidate Brunwulf. But there is no dialogue option to do so and beating him with weapons, or magic, or fists results in nothing.

After restart, I tried a different Companion quest from the Huntress. After killing a wolf in Riverwood, my next quest seems to be to be becoming a werewolf and taking out Silverhands. Seems like a big jump

Yeah I had the same problem, I was getting frustrated, but thanks now i know to go to huntress for a quest, because I really want become a Lycan (werewolf)
Hired Muscle - Farkas can tell the player to intimidate NPCs that are already dead. If this happens, the quest cannot be completed.

1 Dead Dragon, 0 Absorbed souls...

Note: Patch 1.2 this issue has been fixed.

Spells and dragon breath not showing up

From the beginning of the game, spells like flame did not show anything. They still dealt damage, and lit the environment on fire/froze the ground, but the stream of energy that i assume was supposed to be there never was. Dragon breath is the same, still does damage but i cant see it. also frost breath voice. This makes some spells, like cldd thing is that the beam of light from the birth sign stone didn't appear, but lightning spells do. As far as i can tell, this is confined to fog type things. spells like ice shard are fine. i have found a few other occurrences of this problem, so I'm not just crazy. i tried looking through the graphics settings, but i couldn't find anything that looked like it was related. any help would be greatly appreciated, my first character was going to be a mage, but this was annoying enough that he became a two handed warrior instead. 23:05, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

Sometimes, (one the pc version of the game) you can alt and tab out of the game and go back in, this occasionally fixes the issue.
On PC Saving and reloading your game generally fixes this bug, it's pretty common Jester Spearmann (talk)

I actually have an older ATI card (3xxx) series and after updating my drivers I lose the animation. Saving and loading did not fix the problem. Rolling back the driver didn't make a change either. 02:05, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

I also have an ATI 3xxx card. It's an ATI mobility radeon HD 3650. All light ray affects seem to be missing. This includes frost/fire spell effects, spider webs, oculory puzzle quest light beams and those blue wells at the mage accademy don't have a blue beam shooting out of them. I tried updating my video driver to the newest version.. screwing with settings. I saw a fix on youtube for the ocoulory quest. Turn all your settings down to LOW. Then turn down your resoulution to 800x600 or something low, turn on windowed mode and set all the view distances to max. Should work now. PLEASE FIX THIS.22:03, November 21, 2011 (UTC)
I had the same issue and it got fixed by updating my video card drivers, now effects look amazing: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275. Fire, Water, Smoke effects have all gotten fixed. Hope that helps.

Good Intentions quest bug

In the Whiterun Mage's College: I have started the Mage's College quests but I believe I have found a bug with the quest called, "good intentions". I am supposed to talk with Ancano(spelling) and follow him, but whenever I talk to him he won't lead or do anything - thus I am unable to continue the quest.

Main Quest: Way of the Voice: Targets do not appear as the quest indicates, the Greybeards continue to only summon purple auras without the target appearing. 00:10, November 13, 2011 (UTC) D Pennesi

have you tried reloading a previous save and restarting the game? 01:57, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

I've had the same bug, tried restarting no success.

Press start after they cast the aura and it should show up. Weird! ~NOTTHOSEKIDS.
Pressing start after the empty aura appears is confirmed to work!
SOLUTION: I had such problem with my GeForce 9800GT. I simply installed lastest drivers and it solved the problem.

Battle for Whiterun throne room bug

(PC - XP) During the quest "Battle for Whiterun" while fighting for the Stormcloaks, after forcing the Jarl to surrender by defeating him in battle and he says he needs a few hours to gather his household to leave, the conversation doesn't start. I've seen the scene on Youtube after considering it was a bug and in my game, the old man (Vignar Gray-Mane) enters the throne room but makes no effort in doing any dialogue, he just stands there at the door.

The two Stormcloaks with me in the room also still have their weapons drawn, which they would sheathe in the next part of the dialogue.

I've tried to wait a few hours, up to 24 hours, left and re-entered the room and when I quick traveled somewhere it says the quest failed and that's not exactly what I want.

I have also tried to re-do the fight about 14 times in different ways (I have a save right in front of the door, before the whole fight) to see if it bugged out because of the way he was struck down or the way any fighting would be done while he told everyone to stand down. No changes.

I hope someone can help me with this, perhaps with a console command to trigger the conversation or so? Would be very grateful. 01:05, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

As far as I know, the console commands are mostly the same as oblivion. tcl, tgm, additem, etc. still work. so you would want setstage. unfortunately you still need the quest id and the stage number of what you are trying to advance to. I don't know how to find the number, but i think you need the creation kit to get it, which is not out yet. either wait for that, look around to see if somehow some has found this id, or try reloading a save a while back to see if the problem was caused by something you did recently. 02:02, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Having this exact same problem, would love if anyone could figure it out.

Same here. Tried it ~10 times w\o success. Gray-Mane stands at the door, doing nothing but talking about some damn bards singing songs, the Jarl is demanding a few hours to gather his household and leave, and if i fast-travel, the quest fails.

Potential answer: I had the same problem only focus on the Jarl, then when he is down just keep talking to him until you can accept his surrender. This worked for me anyway.
Possible Solution: My friend encountered this bug on the Xbox 360. His work-around was to purposefully fail at pickpocketing the Jarl. This re-engaged the dialogue and fixed the quest.
SOLUTION for pc: When you have dealt with the city of Whiterun, all that remains would be to enter Dragonsreach, fight the guards inside and fight the Jarl, bringing him to surrender. If you enter, you'd get caught in a loop where the Jarl says he'll leave but he'll never leave. So I didn't enter Dragonsreach but fast-traveled to a nearby cave and back. When I came back to Whiterun all the smoke and fire was gone. But the city was weird in that there was no guard to be seen anywhere, neither Whiterun guards nor Stormcloaks!! I entered Dragonsreach to find the Jarl sitting comfortably on the throne, with Lilith on his side as if nothing had happened!!! I got the message that the quest was successful and that I had to return to Ulrich and inform him of the Jarl's surrender (!!!) I thought this was bugged up big time and even worse than before! So I exited Dragonsreach again. This time there were like 15 Stormcloaks spawned out of nowhere walking calmly around me. I entered Dragonsreach again and this time the Jarl and his people weren't there. There were totally different people, but no one was on the throne. I hope the new Jarl shows up now, lol. 20:44, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
Possible Solution 2: I did not have a save file far back enough to attempt the first solution posted, so i tried the pickpocket one. it did not work at first; however, after getting caught by the guard and going to jail (do not pay bounty) the mission was then successful. 15:24, November 20, 2011 (UTC) Annon
I tried the first solution ("purposefully fail at pickpocketing the Jarl.") and did not pay the bounty but it didn't work so i tried to pickpocket jarl's housecarl and again did not pay the bounty when I returned from prison, suddenly 3 barbarians occurred in dagonsreach and attacked me when I killed them the mission was completed lol. 19:30, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

OP here, I had this fixed by loading a save before delivering the axe to Ulfric Stormcloak and continuing the quest about 15 levels later without any problem whatsoever. Made a new character, did the Battle for Whiterun, no problem at all. Bugs like these are the reason you save often people! :P

I had the same problem so I saved my game before I tried this. I left Dragonreach, fast traveled to Ulfric's castle. Entered and got the failed message. However, I was able to talk to Ulfric and he gave me the quest of Liberating Skyrim. The issue here is that it's not updating the accepting of the surrender so it's not running the script. However, it is setting your character flags so that you can continue and talk to Ulfric. Also, Galmar will say to you "Go tell Ulfric of our victory here". It's not a solution to the bug, but it is a workaround so you can continue playing the civil war.

Dead Companions Crash Weddings

Basically, I accidentally hit Lydia while she was down, and then she died. At the time, I just looted her corpse and moved on, but when I decided to marry someone (in my case Derkeethus ), as soon as the ceremony starts, all the guests show up, including Lydia's dead body (Maybe she was a good friend and I invited her?). I'm not sure if it was because I was the one that killed her, or if it just had to do with her spawing due to an event I caused (the wedding ceremony), but everyone basically started hating me, and my spouse ran off, telling me that I should just leave.

Here's a video on youtube of essentially the same problem, only different spouse and companion: video here

Silver Hand/ Proving honor bug

I got both "the silver hand" and "proving honor" quests from Skjor in Jorrvaskr. I first did the silver hand quest, you find Skjor dead at the end of it. Then if you do proving honor, the last step is "return to Jorrvaskar" and the marker is on Skjor's corpse at gallows rock. You cant talk to his corpse to finish the quest. 04:00, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

I resolved the problem by using "player.placeatme 0001A690" to place a copy of Skjor at me... but that solution would only work for PC. 04:15, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Xbox360 Magic menu in Markarth

Without spoiling anything, after a brawl outside the Warrens, I can no longer access the magic menu without the game freezing.

I suspect it has something to do with the brawl script that empties the player's hands, but a) this isn't my first brawl, and b) I obviously have no way to check the script. Even after going through loading doors the problem persists.

In some rivers the water is invisible at parts. This happened near the swampy forest area northwest of Reach (or inside Reach) You can still hear the sounds and swim in it, but you will only see ground. 07:06, November 13, 2011 (UTC)JohnSmitty

Dead companions will continue to follow you despite lying face down on the floor, it is still possible however to open dialogue options and even get them to hold your gear. Fast traveling may not always work though a save and reload fixed the issue. (PS3)

I am having the same issue but on a different quest. the one where u need to refocus the crystals with flame or frost. if i attempt to open my magic (XBOX360) menu the game freezes. tried reloading earlier saves and it works until i get the tome of frost book...making the quest impossible to complete since i have no frost spell favorited.

(XBOX360) I seem to be having the same problem except mine started after i started the battle where you fight kronis and a dragon on Shearpoint. I had started the battle and after multiple tries i beat them, then went i went to the word wall GETTING 3 WORD POWERS i tried to open my magic menu and the game froze. I have restarted my Xbox multiple time but to no avail.

This is happening to me as well. The first time it popped up was after I got the Kyne's Peace shout in Shroud Hearth Barrow. Tried switching zones, still doing it. (PC) 20:49, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Bounty Mission Glitch

I'm having a few bugs. One of them is the fact that I got a dragon bounty quest from Whiterun. I finished it, but there was another marker too. I went to both markers and killed both dragons. I handed it in to Whiterun, but then apparently i still needed to hand it in at Dawnstar, to the Jarl. I did so, kept going, and died. When i came back the quest told me to hand it in. But i had saved after i did it just before. The mission is now stuck in my mission log and I am unable to do any bounty missions. I can't hand it into the jarl, the option to do so isn't there.

Can't use cart to fast travel between cities.

When I talk to the driver of a fast-travel cart and choose a location he will not take money, but he will say that I should get up on the back. When I do that nothing happens.

I was able to use the cart once or twice in the beginning and since then nothing was able to fix the problem (restarts, save/load, different carts in different cities).

This is because of your carry weight. If you've over-encumbered (Yes, I'm looking at you, Mr TGM), the cart wont go. Bathtor (talk) 12:33, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Dark Brotherhood (PC)

In the quest Breaching Security I was never given the incriminating letter to plant on the body, spawning the letter in doesn't work either.

Ward Absorb don't seem to work

I don't seem to get any magicka back from my ward spells after hit by magic after i trained the perk "ward absorb". 13:04, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Markarth: The House of Horrors Quest

After entering the Abandoned House, and finding the locked basement door, vision goes wonky, stuff starts flying around and earth shattering rumbles shake the screen (and controller). At this point, the way out should be locked, and an ominous voice is supposed to tell you to kill your companion. For me there was no voice, the door out was not locked and my companion just stood there saying "There's no way out". I spent a long time searching for a key that didn't exist under extremely difficult conditions.

If I left the house, the vision effect, shaking screen and controller vibration continued (for the rest of the game, as far as I can tell, making it unplayable). If I killed the guy (I only knew to do that from the wiki) the evil voice began and I could continue down to the Daedric Altar. But, after finishing there, the way out IS locked, and there is no way to continue. Cost me about an hour's progress and 2 level ups going back to a previous save - extremely frustrating! Save often and especially before going in this house!

The same thing happened to me except i don't keep random saves lying around and my autosaves were full of me in the house, lost a lvl 14 character for this bug, if anyone figures out how to fix it lemme know 22:52, November 18, 2011 (UTC)I had the same problem. If you kill the companion, and then leave immedietly (without going down to the alter) The screen shaking and controller vibration is gone. You'll still have the quest on you log forever, but at least you don't lose any progress.

I got a bug after finishing most of the quest and getting the mace. You're supposed to talk to the Daedric Lord who is supposed to give you the full power of the mace, but he's outside the map area through a wall, completely inaccessible. The mace, however, is completely functional and I have it, no problems. The quest won't go away, though...I will check again after restarting, alas I did not have any saves recent enough to reload and investigate further. 10:19, November 19, 2011 (UTC)


Im trying to complete the quest at the mage college and once en-route to get the Staff of Magnus the game keeps freezing!!! i've tried this a dozen times and it wont let me get any further no matter where i go or what i do. I'm only a level 11....this is total crap! Bethesda really messed this one up!!! TraciCarol67.142.168.143 18:11, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

I am having the exact same problem. I am level 10. I can't even get out of the dungeon either so I'm basically stuck until someone releases a patch.

Im having the same issue I went into the labyrinth at level 30 and about halfway through it just freezes. I restart the computer and try again, it freezes at a earlier point. So I reload an earlier save and it still freezes i try again with auto, quick and regula saves all freeze. Finnaly to see if its the save thats corupted, I make a


from scratch and speed through the quests and guess what it STILL FROZE. WTH is this, a new game that can't be played. Oh and I can't do the imperial quests either the im reporting 4 duty tag dosen't come up 4 me at the Winterhold camp. YAY 2 whole quest lines unplayable. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!

I found that I had my FXAA and Sampling a little high, so when I walked into the circular room with the water falling onto the lip of the trapdoor my computer was freaking out because of the water affect with high sampling and FXAA. SOLUTION: lower graphic settings and you should be fine. 00:43, November 17, 2011 (UTC)Jdoxmusicguy

I can solved this bug, command your companion to walk pass the door where it freeze then close and open the door. Then try to walk pass that point. Atleast it worked for me. :)

ice bear bonechill desktop crash skyrim

{C}facing the ice bear in bonechill cave makes the game crash to desktop here, this is an objective for the companions. 15:18, November 13, 2011 (UTC)


The problem is that the bear is too fat and cant get trough the narrow cave entrance, this prolly makes the game crash to desktop. For example; if the player hears the bear it wil probably crash because the bear will investigate the location where the player is messing around.

The solution for this is facing the opposite side of the bear, not loading him until you are trough the narrow cave. 15:05, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

I can confirm this on PC. Also may be useful to dismiss your follower during the cave. Alternatively, run in windowed mode, I tried it, fixed my problem. HybridDragoness (talk) 08:42, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Do your research, this issue is with the cave itself. On the PC you can not enter this cave in full screen mode, in window mode you can. This is is posted on the parent page under Moderate.Jandraelune (talk) 03:05, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Clairvoyance Not Working (PC)

It's just not showing the path to anything, no matter what the objective is.

It have worked every time for me.... 19:03, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Turn around while casting it, if the direction is behind you you can't see it.HarikAttar (talk) 13:13, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Was working for me all game long up to somewhere around level 40, now it just doesn't show anything. I do a 360 with it channeling and there's no path shown, and no error.

01:14, November 15, 2011 (UTC)CatInTheHat

I can confirm it doesn't work for me. (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series) 18:42, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

This only happens to me if I alt-tab out of fullscreen mode and bring fullscreen mode back up by selecting the game and hitting the start button (the only way I know to do so at this time). May not be consistent. (Geldonyetich (talk) 08:31, November 19, 2011 (UTC))

Same problem here. No path is shown. Whole screen only gets a bit more blue. (Quality set to highest, Radeon 3870) November, 20, 2011

Had that issue as well, it same issue as graphix effects not showing up. Fixed by updating my video card drivers: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275

This was not working for me either, using ATI card, with updated Drivers. I installed the mod and it corrected it for me. Now, judge for yourself the use of mods like this to improve performance, but well, it did work for me in terms of Clairvoyance.

Main Quest - Ulfric Bug

The quests "Joing The Stormcloaks" & "Season Unending" stop me from talking to Ulfric, he says you have to complete "Joing The Stormcloaks" but you can't talk to Galmar either, he says a piece of dialog relating to "Season Unending" Any ideas how to fix?

This bug has already been mentioned. BUT! It wasn't fixed?

Oh sorry, I thought someone had a topic on this talk page about it, which would have meant you should just post there. But it seems that it was only on the main page. I haven't gotten that far along yet, but can someone confirm that not everyone has this problem? Has anyone gotten past this?

Just make sure when you get one of the quests you complete it straight away.

im having this problem as well i cant continue the main story line or that story line im done with the companions darkbrotherhood mages college and thieves guild quests

Same problem here, cant talk to Ulfric "Galmar gave you a quest to do, so go do it" and then when I speak to Galmar I get "I can't believe you got Ulfric to speak with the empire" ( Or something like that). Looking forward to a patch to address this... I was really getting into the Main Quest. H3ADLY (talk) 05:28, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Same issue (Xbox), I went and tried to kill the Ice thingy since ulfrich wouldn't talk to be about it until I did what his general said to do, killed it, now they're talking about the jagged crown now can't progress in either quest. since Ulfrich says talk to so and so, and his general says I can't believe you got him to meet witht the empire...

I had this same thing happen. I can't join the imperial legion because I just talked to them about meeting with the greybeards for the peace treaty, and I can't join the stormcloacks because of this glitch. Oh and I can't continue the main quest either. Is this something that will be patched or should I load a previous save and replay like 8 hours worth of gameplay? 19:03, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

chose zoom for archery achievment then lost the crosshair scope and cannot look at things. cannot open doors, cannot aim, i am stuck in my house . tried loading previous saves and no luck. changed game and no problem. back to skyim and still blind. very, very, angry.

Thief in Riften

{C}While playing on the PC, I've recently found myself plagued by a random thief in Riften who just runs around randomly, doing essentially nothing. The thief is occasionally a corpse as well, and each iteration of this thief has the exact same items, dead or alive. However I've also found that after he started appearing I experience massive FPS lag when any lighting effect comes on screen. The only solution I've found thusfar is to restart the client, but that is merely temporary.

I'm having a bit of a different problem with Ulfric. I've joined the stormcloaks and given the Jagged crown to Ulfric. Then I start running into problems. The next quest you get from him is to take his axe ot the Jarl of Whiterun. The Jarl of Whiterun gives the axe back to me so I can take it back to Ulfric, letting him know that Whiterun has sidded with the Empire. This all happens the way it's supposed to, but when I return to Windhelm to give the axe back, Ulfric attacks me on sight and will not talk to me or accpet a yield. Note that I have not done anything in between, I fast traveled from Windhelm to Whiterun to take the axe to the Jarl, and as soon as I had done that I fast traveled back to Windhelm. Techman1019 (talk)

I solved it! I had the problem with Ulric wanted me to talk to Galmar and Galmar didnt understand why they should talk to the empire, but when i returned to them after killing the Ice Wraith I RUN to Ulric before they started to talk to much about the Jagged Crown and was then able to get him to negotiate with the Empire.

Hope it works for yall.


XBOX 360 --- Can't get upgraded thieves armor

{C}{C}{C {C {C {C}After being initiated to the thieves guild and gaining the first armor. if you sell it to tonilia and do the next few thieves guild quest then when it comes to getting the upgrade for the armor there is no way of buying it back and no way to get the new armor. also meaning that there is an endless quest stuck in the quest menu.

NO FIX ON 360 YET :(

My suggestion would be 'Don't sell your faction armor.' Besides, the 'upgrade' you get from Tonilia isn't the final version of the armor - Keep questing and you'll get a better set. Also keep your eyes open for a piece of the old faction armor in the Ragged Flagon - Cistern, so you can get rid of that quest in your journal. 21:23, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

Can't continue "The Way of the Voice" quest in the PS3 version of the game. The "Speak to Arngeir" objective remains uncompleted, even after using your shout.

if that is the first time you meet them make sure to shout at them all, not just in general

Forsworn Bug

{C}I have just killed Nepos and got the quest marker to go find Eltrys. I go back to the temple and theres 2 guards and a legionnaire, also Eltrys is dead. the Legionnaire talks to me sayssomething about joining the legion and then leaves. Nothing else happens i can loot Eltrys corpse (good loot too). I think im supposed to get framed for his murder but it just isnt working.

Is it possible this is being caused by not having seen anyone from the legion yet? Just checked its not...

although i found a temp fix sort of open the console (with ~) and first type in "setstage ms01 100" without the quotes. This will complete The Forsworn Conspiracy.

Then, type in "setstage ms02 0" in jail to start the next quest.

This just happened to me on XBOX360. How do I fix?

Steel Helmet Bug

Suddenly all steel helmets have become transparent and the characters head appeares partially bald underneath. This bug only seems to apply to steel helms, and I have verified all my files through steam to check they hadn't been messed up. 22:32, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

I fixed this by disabling Adaptive Antialiasing in my AMD control center. 02:32, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Crash when Attacking

I've been playing the game since the Release without a Single Crash. Then i go to start the Game, Load my save, and whenever i swing my Weapon (Sword, Axe, etc..) it crashes mid-swing. I've tried loading previous saves, and it still happens. Any help would be appreciated!

~16 Nov 2011~

(PC) I'm also having this same problem, although not with that level of predictability. Normaly every couple of hours, in the middle of a fight, the game will crash to desktop. Aside from being during combat it seems to be entirely unpredictable in my case.

~17 Nov 2011~

(PC) This is the only type of crash I've been having, and I have not read a single other person having this specific crash error other than on this website. Except I do not have it every hour, it's usually way shorter than that, can be every five minutes and up to a half an hour at most. Considering combat is such a huge part of this game, this specific crash bug almost makes the game unplayable for me.

17 Nov 2011.

PC) im also having the same problem however it is constant. on every save i have and it crashes at every weapon swing no matter how long i wait. game crashes using any weapon . bows/magic included.

game is now totally unplayable for me >_<

Unable to join thieves guild (Multi platform)

After placing the ring in pocket successfully unable to speak with Brynjolf in Red Flaggon succesfully. The game continues as if he is still giving his speech in the marketplace. I googled this problem and it seems others are having it also:

Additionally I continued with a different save file he made it to the Red Flaggon then immediately returned to the area giving his speech. The next quest where you have to follow him (after collecting debts quest) is impossible as he refuses to move from speech stand. Making it worse now all the traders are permanently stuck listening to him and will not allow me to trade.

Few things which I believe may have caused the bug:

  1. Asking him to begin the distraction at night
  2. Visiting the Red Flaggon before completing this quest
  3. Speaking to him about successfully placing the ring before he finishes his speech

FlyMasterG (talk) 00:13, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

I experienced this problem when i had to speak to him about Esbern for the quest A Cornered Rat (main quest). Tried the usual of re-loading & re-doing things, even completing Diplomatic Immunity quest again, which leads to the A Cornered Rat but still couldnt talk to him because of his 'speech'. I gave up & found the ratways Delphine mentioned & fought my way through till i found him. The Red Flaggon was the only place i wasnt attacked down there but i didnt interact with anyone.

-It was daytime & my first time in Riften. After arriving by cart, i had the brawl with Stable owner before Intimidating the gate guard for entry. Speaking to Mjoll the Lioness just inside i was told of a sword she had lost but given no option to retrieve it for her as everyone else has so far. A guy on the left carried on with Black-Briar crap the first time but each retry i ran to the right of the path to avoid the conversation trigger. I waited till Brynjolf finished speaking the first time but was still told to wait till finished, but he never did. Various re-loads also involved quick travel as close as possible to Riften, ignoring stable master, paying gate guard tax & ignoring Mjoll.

I guess unless i restart the whole game, no thieves guild for me. With 200+ locations discovered, all Shouts & the 9 Dragon Priest masks in my possession, i cant see that happening for a while. 03:56, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Regain Winterhold hold bug

I found the camp but when I talked to Rikke to start the quest the dialogue isnt there, I have tried every thing (If more details needed let me know) User:JediSpectre117 00:01, November 14, 2011 (UTC) Edit: Unsure if it is a bug, did the truce and got Winterhold for empire other captures there where no problems, so probably have to do the truce in the main quest first.

EDIT: I have the same problem, and i already finished the main storyline. -Blackout

I have found a solution to this problem on my PS3. I just attacked Legate Rikke and yeilded to her right away. It then talked to her and the "Reporting for Duty" dialog option was now available. (I have also finished the main story line.) Hope this helps some people. -LostFound

Had the same bug and just as I was attempting LostFound's method, a dragon landed right beside the camp and she drew her sword to go fight it. Went back to her after I had killed it and the option was there. Guess just making her initiate combat in any way will fix this. -EremesGuile92

I tried several times initiating combat, yeilding, killing her, and reloading the game everytime. The chat option to initiate the quest still isn't there for me. -Addothertemplates55

Try loading an autosave where you are not standing near Legate Rikke and then fast travel to her camp from another location (loading in and traveling from Whiterun worked for me). This may or may not work the first time for you, my 3rd load/travel sequence happened to be the one that opened up the "Reporting for duty" dialogue option. -Misanthroped

i have the same problem!! those solutions do not work for me!!

Just attack her once and then sheathe your weapon. I talked to her right after doing that and it worked.

I loaded a save a mission before this one and the dialogue is still not there. I've tried all of the above as well.

It did not work with me too, i tried all solutions explained above but after a long long reflection, i suggest myself that windhelm quests block the progression. I did all quests link to Windhelm but dialogue is still not there, so i found a companion quest delivered by Vilkas or Farkas where you need to rescue someone in Tovald cavern. Then I gone to imperial camp, I hit Rike and the dialogue was there. It works with me espiacilly for this quest but it could be another one for you, linked to the city of Windhelm. I found this solution thinking about the next steps in the quest which conduct you to attack Windhelm. Thanks for you messages above they help me a lot and excuse me for my poor english, i m froggies ! Indicate if it works (Biulki - PS3)

Edit (Biulki) : I didn't go far in the main quest, this is not the problem.

(PC) Unable to sneak

I was sneaking and switched to unsneak. My charecter was stuck in the crouching position untill I used a forge, now he's back to standing but I can't sneak I use the ctrl button and nothing happen's I even tryed to remap sneak and still nothing.````DScorpion

PS3 New Game Crash

After installing the patch & installing the game itself, I loaded up to the menu, where I clicked New Game. It then went to the loading screen, and quickly showed a man falling down and dying. Then it went back to the loading screen for about a second and returned to the main menu. I've found a number of message boards and Yahoo! Answers that depict the same exact problem for PS3 users. WTF BETHESDA. Quality Control your games -- didn't you learn from Fallout 3 & New Vegas?

Shrouded Cowl (mask) Bug

Okay! Let's start off. I'm a Nord going for a stealthy class. So I say why not go with dark brotherhood I'm sure they'd give me some good equipment for a stealth role. I eventually got to there hideout and the women who you first in encounter ( can't remember her name but she ask you to kill one of the 3 people) gives you a complete set of the Shrouded armor. Excited I stripped off my current armor and equiped it. I paned around my character to see what the frontal view looked like. I noticed my Nord did'nt have a mask like the women did. I checked around the santurary to see if there were diffrent versions. Apparently there were. There was a couple of "unmasked" shrouded cowls. I got confused because the one that was given to me didnt have the parentheses around it. I tried reloading to see if it was a minor loading glitch but it did'nt work. My Nord has a bit of scruff is it the facial hair that has the problem or should I just try and keep reloading?

Ion Nightinggale- You only have the mask if your a female.

soroth - Well that's just plain silly. Are there any mods to fix that issue out yet? 18:26, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Ion Nightinggale- I sure hope so!

If only there were a way to get the final Brotherhood armor stats with the look of the final Thief armor. 21:25, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

Already popped this on the bugs page, but I figure it could do with being placed here as well.

  • Shrouded Cowl: Many of the Shrouded Cowls found during the Dark Brotherhood storyline are bugged: Ancient Shrouded Cowl (Invisible, stackable with other headgear, removes hairstyle on Argonian [Only one hairstyle/race tested] ) Worn Shrouded Cowl (Some world models have the female balaclava, these either appear invisible or clip with the player's head [eg. Khajit ears clip through, but not hair] Worn Shrouded Cowl - Found in Dawnstar Sanctuary's Bedroom after upgrade (Will sometimes fall through the dresser, and become unreachable). (X360)

Did a bit of testing with Ancient Shrouded Cowl...

  • The mask only appears on female characters, tested through showracemenu command in console. Consistent for all races. (PC)
  • It nullifies all weapon and armor effects. I was wondering why the last 2 days my bow was doing about 1/3 the damage it used to for the past 2 days... (PC)
  • Also resets skill points. Every skill i had was reset to 15 or 20 (depending on racial) except for archery and one-handed for some reason. Removing the cowl does NOT remove this I'm having to scrap 2 days of progression in the game to get my skills back to where they were. (PC)

Whiterun Gate bug

After escaping Helgan my character follows the story in riverwood but after that when traveling to whiterun, no guard appears to open the gate. Help please?

MySkyrimGuy: Can't you just enter the town normally through the main gate?

luna : I am having the SAME PROBLEM, main gate to the town is locked. which means I cant play. Also the barrow is all screwed up, cant get into the gate there either, my character gets stuck and wont go any further, someone please fix this!

Jerry: SAME PROBLEM, i am mad.

Invisible Ghost-Dragon Glitch

Was completing the first set of contracts for the Dark Brotherhood, and was near Windhelm to kill Ennodius Papius. Spotted a dragon in the distance and discovered it was Alduin working his magic on a burial mound. Killed the new-revived dragon and went on my way. Later, I was passing through the area when I saw Alduin at the burial mound again. After he left, a single hostile contact appeared on my compass with typical dragon battle-music. A health bar appeared with the name of the dragon I had killed there earlier (can't remember for sure, started with 'V'). Gouts of fire came from nowhere along with dragon roars. Going by sound and estimation, I managed to shoot the ghost-dragon down, hack him to death, and even search his invisible corpse. I did not receive a soul however.

Has anyone else had run-ins with Ghost-Dragons near burial sites? {C}(NOTE: this was on 360 with the game installed to hard drive.) {C}Captain Baird Comm-LinkService Record 02:53, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Yupe, same thing happend to me. But the same area where you fight the first dragon. Rogue Sergeant (talk) 13:47, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

This happend to me as well, with the dragon at Eldersblood Peak. (on PS3).

This also happened to me, however i was nowhere near where i killed him the first time. ( on 360)

Magicka Regen

Magicka Regen

I'm not sure if this is a bug (Maybe) but I want to bring it to peoples attention.

I've been levelling my enchanting skill and I'm now at 92, so I can increase my Fortify Magicka Regen enchanting skill, but I have just realised it is switching back to default Regen speeds in battle.

Which almost defeats the purpose of Fortify Magicka Regen. I am wearing the Archmage Robes and Malekhai (Spelling Unsure) Dragon Priest Mask and the effects are defiantly noticeable out of battle. I am hopping it is a bug.

I have heard also that if you Fortify Destruction (Reduce Magicka Cost) by 25% on 4 pieces of armour it completely negates the Magika cost all together??


  • I've noticed some regen slowness too - But I have noticed an improvement with the Arch Mage robes and the Molokei Dragon Mask equipped - Not much, but better than nothing. I havent noticed any particular difference between combat speeds and non-combat, but it just seems slow overall. The creators wouldnt have made it possible to have unlimited magicka - especially with spells like Lightning Storm - which is like a gattling gun. I would say that if a Spell has base cost of 25 per second, then a 25% decrease in cost would result in a Minus 6.25 cost, a further 25% decreaes would probably result in diminishing returns- minus 4.68 magicka cost etc. I could be wrong like - only way to find out, is to test it - use the console, spawn some items with the stats you need, and bobs yer uncle.Baaleos (talk) 11:42, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

I wear Morokei and Archmages robes and in combat they do make an enormous difference. I tried taking Morokei off and putting on a regular hat, and the regen was basically half as much as before. Out of combat magicka regens much faster, to signify the ability to rest and recooperate between battles, which you would not get while in battle. Out of combat regen is ~ 2x in combat regen it seems. Also, you cannot put reduce magicka on all 4 items, it is an enchantment limited to two-three piecies (I think). BryanWPeterson, View my work (PC, Version: Steam Release) 22:35, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Frozen wife/follower

{C}So I have Brelyna Maryon as my wife and as my follower, and I just completed the Mzulft quest for the college of winterhold. After finishing the quest, I went back to my house in Whiterun, where i had my other follower, Lydia. I took some equipment off of Brelyna and dissmissed her so i could give the stuff to Lydia. But after dismissed her she glitched and started saying "How long do you think we can make this work?" And of course, being the idiot i am, I saved before i realized she was glitched. So now all she ever says is that same line and I cant interact with her anymore. Does anyone have any problems similar to this?

Sgt. Fenix (talk) 05:28, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Find the Copy of Remanada Bug

I was sent to find a word wall in some ruins and looted a chest that had a copy of Remanada in it. Unknowingly I looted it and then picked up a quest from the College to go find the same book. The quest will not update nor can I drop the book back in the chest to loot it again since it's a quest item. I cannot complete the quest.

*** Had this happen to me with the "Brothers of Darkness" book quest, which sends you to pick it up from a giant's camp, problem is I picked it up before ever taking the quest, so the marker kept pointing at the chest.

- THIS FIXES IT: player.drop 'refID' 1

You need to find out the item's ID and replace refID with it. Then pick it back up again (dropitem seems to be the only way of DROPPING a quest item. Remove just deletes it, forever, and spawning it again is no good, since it isn't tagged as quest item)

      • So I've already REMOVED it. and the drop/pickup doesn't work any more because it's not a quested item. Any way to fix this? 10:01, November 22, 2011 (UTC) ref ID for Remanada: 0001AD14

old ways book

(PC&PS3) When i killed the vampire Movarth in an earlier quest, i found a book called The Old Ways. When i went to the college the Orc in the library gave me a quest to get him a that book and handed me a note saying it was in the lair of the vampire i killed. i still had the book in my inventroy but it wouldn't let me give it to him. i tried to go back to Movarth"s lair and look in the chest but the quest marker keeps pointing to the chest no matter what.

Also I cannot drop the book as it says it's a quest item and I also can't put it back into the chest

Arcane Enchanter, Character gets stuck

Sometimes at the Arcane Enchanter altar when exiting your character will get stuck in 1st person and cannot switch camera modes or move. Saving the game while your stuck and reloading will not fix it.

Saving, closing the game, re-opening the game and loading the game I saved, fixed it for me. I also noticed the problem is when trying to rename the item you're enchanting.

Reloading the game did not work for me. However, to fix the situation, I opened the console command (press tilde), turned on noclip (command is tcl), then turned it off (same command). Issue was fixed. PC Version.


This will happen if you zoom in to first person with the scroll wheel while enchanting. If you wait for about 30 seconds, your character will detach from the table automatically. The real bug here is that you should not be having your view scrolling with mousewheel whole enchanting. (Geldonyetich (talk) 03:52, November 18, 2011 (UTC))

I've had same problem. I can confirm it is when scrolling through enchants, it will zoom in/out from your character view in addition to scrolling through enchantments that causes it. Also seems to cause it when renaming items. BryanWPeterson, View my work (PC, Version: Steam Release) 06:54, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Had the problem as well. This happens if you use the mousewheel to scroll through while enchanting. It randomly starts zooming in/out when using the wheel, so you have to use it quite a lot before the bug actually kicks in. 20:58, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Random purple/blue-like colored textures

Sometimes randomly trees, certain npc armor, certain items in inventory preview, ect. will beome textureless and have a blueish/purpleish color. Restarting the game fixes the issue, but it happens often.

If you're running Skyrim on the PC, you can fix this issue by installing the 4GB Skyrim mod from Skyrim Nexus. I had the same problem, and it got worse and more frequent as I levelled up and progressed through the story. Apparently Skyrim has a 2GB cap which won't allow your computer to use more than 2GB. When your computer starts to near that 2GB limit, that's when you get purple trees/people/animals and then the infamous crash-to-desktop. I can personally say that the 4GB Skyrim mod has completely fixed this bug, and after using this mod for 2 weeks and sometimes over 9 hours a day, I have not had a single crash-to-desktop, nor have I had a single purple texture. I highly recommend downloading that mod.

Mod link here:

Speak to Esbern - After Epilogue

My Journal says to speak to him, but when I speak to him, he just says some random generic stuff, walks off, and the item doesnt leave my journal. The only person in Skytemple or where-ever it is, that does enter into a meaningful conversation with me, is that woman Delphine, but she is just rabbitting on about how Parathuurax deserves to die - I dont wana kill the poor dragon. This bug doesnt seem to be blocking anything, its just I dont know if I am missing out on a reward or something? Happened on PC (Steam) Baaleos (talk) 11:33, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

- I am able to speak with Esbern & Delphine but there is no option to tell them i aint killing Paathy. Even though i was able to tell Arngier "Dont worry im not going to kill Paathurnax". Not sure if a bug or just forgotten about. 01:33, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Im not sure if this is actualy a bug or not. After killing the dragon you can recruite members 4 the blades. If you dont kill the dragon they wont talk to you so perhapse you are required to if you want to reastablish the blades as "its your duty as a dragonborn". No benifits from walking away and no negatives either but course though it may seem perhapse thats what you are ment to do to prove your dedication to them, after all they do say "im glad your back on our side" after you kill him.

Revealing the Unseen

During the College of Winterhold Quests {C}{C}{C {C {C Revealing the Unseen (Xbox 360 PS3 PC) Gavros Plinius at entrance of Mzulft frozen, will not die, cannot pickpocket. Cutscene did not appear.

Sometimes will not trigger the next quest in the series, leaving a corpse outside instead of the character you're supposed to find. Cause unknown. 14:41, November 19, 2011 (UTC)Happened to me to. I loaded the game multiple times and yet it keeps on going. So is there a damn fix for it (PC)???

JRoo, 11/21/2011: Happening to me, too. Any fix?

The only way i was able to get around this was revert to an earlier save. Lost over 30hrs in game played but it did work. I dont regret it either, being Arch Mage & all now.Ja50nX (talk) 00:27, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

[PC] Skills will be shown in red on the skills screen and will be shown as being lower than what they actually are, even when not currently afflicted with any debuffs (confirmed on active effects screen).

{C}I can't verify this, but try going to a shrine and activating it: You can contract diseases without knowing it, and shrines cure you. {C}{C}{C {C {C Alternately, press tilde to open console and type "player.getavinfo skillname" to see the base and modifiers.HarikAttar (talk) 13:07, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

This has happened to me on PS3 as well, my 1 hand attack skill is at 53 now but when I open the skill tree it is a red 15. I have cured all my diseases at a shrine, that did not work, I reloaded my game, that also did not work. Good thing I am a mage=P Razma666 (talk) 21:37, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

I noticed that if you put on a helm of archery, that buffs archery by 25%, it will reduce your archery skill to 25 in the skills tree, and label it red. BryanWPeterson, View my work (PC, Version: Steam Release) 06:56, November 18, 2011 (UTC) Also your console command does not work on archery.

This is a pretty common bug, I think the third time I hit it on the talk forums. It has happened to me. It is not a disease but a bug. You just need to level up one in the skill that is affected. I just went to a trainer and did it that way. It goes away after that. Notice in the skill tree the correct level is reflected there. NightShade25 (talk) 02:59, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Golden Claw Cannot finish quest

Hi all

I have completed the dungeon and optained the claw, but only did so when overhearing the bandits. When I try to return the claw to owner he just keeps telling me it has been stolen. Can't find a way to hand it back, it this a dreaded out of order task type bug ? ie didn't do things in right order or am i missing something. Solved the door puzzle without looking at hand so is that the step i missed. Did it by process of elemination



Yes, Rob. You can not give the Claw back to the shopkeeper until you use it in a different quest that requires it. Once you have completed THAT quest, it will allow you to return the stolen claw. It messed me up too. 22:20, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

I used the claw and retrieved a dragon stone (weights 25), its for a quest for the mage in Whiterun. I could return the claw when I went back to Riverwood. I think its because I got that stone.

Because the claw is attached in the dragonstone quest for the court wizard in Whiterun, you cant return it to the shopkeeper untill you compleate the other quest first as it is would be impossable to compleate that quest untill you have finnished with the claw and retreived the stone and then delivered it to the wizard. its basicly a quest item in 2 diffrent quests. Finish both to get rid of the thing. I dont think not being able to deliver the claw is actually a glitch, though when I do sometimes instead of puting the claw away sometimes it stays on the desk, im not sure if thats a glitch either but there you go. PC

Thief's guild quest

I'm playing to the french version of Skyrim, and after finishing a quest of the thief guild, the one which we have to steal a sale act of the honey farm and burn 3 bee houses, we have to talk to Brynjolf . This one says that we have to talk to Maven Black-Briar but the quest doesn't appear in the quest journal and Maven doesn't want to talk to us

I'm also having the same problem, tried reloading a previous save from before ending the last quest with no luck. I have also experienced this bug. I tried from an earlier save point and still couldnt get the quest from her.

This is extremely frustrating.

I think I know the problem, I'm 45/50 achievements level 65 and done everything but Companions and Thieves guild - but I was saving Thieves guild for last. This means I did Civil War quests and now Maven is the Jarl... And unable to talk to me. so much progress and now a dead end, all I need is the last Comanion quest one more Daedric quest (which is somewhere in the thieves guild or a random drop from a chest) 100k gold and I'll have all the achievements... If anyone knows how to fix this bug send me a message on Xbox Live: ThnxGod4Atheism

I got the same, sept I did everything and the completion of the objectives isnt working. Why no updates?

Stuck in a Falmer Tent - 360

Whilst completing the thieves guild mission where you follow merver with your two compainions. I attacked a Falmer coming out of his tent, ended up inside and can't leave. It's as if there is an invisible wall infront of the exit. Tried using whirlwind shout/sprinting/jumping/sneaking/power attack/general combat to try and get out, none of which worked. So I called the Technical Support team, who suggested that I reset the cache on my 360 but that it probably wouldn't fix the problem and that if it consisted I would "just have to restart the game and forget about my character".

Moral of the story - be aware of tents, and always carry bow and arrows with you.

pc version can use coc whiterun or any location to teleport out, in the command console. 360 and ps3 might be SOL.

Same thing happen to me, did a finishing attack on a Falmer and got stuck in the tent.

Possible fix/answer: There are some Falmer tents that have a "gate" in their opening. For example, sometimes spiderwebs don't show up in caves and people run into them thinking it's an "invisible wall" when really, they need to hack away at the "invisible spider web". Try pressing the open/unlock button while facing the entrance, as the gate might just be invisible to you.

Massive lag/slowdown if leaving a building at the same time as an NPC

This has happened to me twice on windows 7 x64 Vaio laptop with GeForce 330M GPU (1GB VRAM).

Lag/slowdown continues into the menus after hitting tab. If I go to my windows desktop and then back into game the problem is gone.

This has happened after reaching the first town at night in the main story. I broke into a character's home, tried to pick-pocket them, was caught, and pursued outside. Once outside everything was broken.

The second time was after entering the building where I met up with the dude that helped escape the dragon. After leaving the building, said NPC left the building at the same time, and the slowdown was there again.

Archery Bug

Help please. For unnown reason Archery skill was decreased to 15 and now shown in RED. I came to some vampires caves. Resieve deseave of Sanguilarity Vampire, but cure it with Cure Desease Potions. Now effect active, still archery shows 15. How can i solw it? Though console? 19:17, November 21, 2011 (UTC)IOrgen

This is a pretty common bug and I had it. Just level your Archery skill up and it resets it to where it should be. You will notice in the skill tree it still reflects your correct Archery skill level. NightShade25 (talk) 02:51, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Missing pieces of Valthume (xbox360)

(Xbox360) The outdside of Valthume doesn't fully appear. All that shows up is hanging moss and the statue head. Parts of the floor are missing as well.

When i bought the house in Solitude (proudspire manor) i cannot unlock the patio door for some reason (xbox 360) 17:59, November 14, 2011 (UTC)ImperialOfDark

Solitude doors locked at expert level! (Xbox 360)

Some of the doors that normally shouldn't be locked in Solitude is always locked at expert level!

{C}Some of them are The Winking Skeever, The Blue Palace, Hall of the Dead and The Temple of the Divines. It's starting to be quite a problem because I have several quests inside both Hall of the Dead and The Blue Palace.

Vampire stats wont go away!!!

So I have been everything I can for the past 3 days to cure my vampirism since absolutly nothing just worked until recently I noticed I wasnt a vampire anymore (YAY!?) because the days dont count anymore wich I have been a vampire and the game console also says im NOT a vampire. But I still have ALL of the pros and cons of being a full vampire including the one wich makes the game unplayable wich is being attacked by every single person. I tried removespell command and type in the id of all abilities I gain of being a vampire but they just wont go away. If im being chased by civilians they say GO AWAY VAMPIRE DIE VAMPIRE DIE" so im really confused now. In-game everyone thinks im a vampire. Console and general stats menu says im no longer a vampire. Really.. Anyone out there who can help me fix this? The person who finds a way to deal with this problem.. I owe you a big one. Blackpsyops (talk) 18:55, November 14, 2011 (UTC)


Have you tried getting cured by Falion? I found this good guide to remove vampiresm: 15:35, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

i became a vampire in hopes to become a werepyrie thinking it would be interesting, the moment i became a werewolf my vampiresm went away

Try manually adding all vampire benefits and drawbacks, then removing them again. 21:27, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

I was able to become a werewolf and a vampire by accident. First, I became a werewolf via companion quest line. After several hours of gameplay later, I contracted Rockjoint, even thoguh I was a werewolf and SHOULD of had 100% immunity to disease. After looking at my "active abilities" I noticed my 100% resist disease was gone, so I cured my Rockjoint, then contracted sanguine vampiris. After 3 days, I became a fully fledged vampire while still being a werewolf at the same time. It was pretty cool for a while, but then, when I needed to feed as a vampire, I was unable to feed on sleeping people. Also, I tried to get rid of the vampire effects with console commands, but that didn't work either. I ended up curing myself the normal way by talking to the museum owner in Morthal.

You can also try the console command:

player.setrace nord

If you are not a nord, then type in Khajiit, Argonian, Highelf, etc. If you want to be a vampire again, type in player.setrace nordracevampire

Alduins Ruin quest and bounty freeze!! (pc)

Whilst at the entrance to sky haven temple during alduins ruins quest, i get ther and delphine is hostile. cant work it out as when i left riverwood she was fine and iv met her again and shes hostile.

Second one is whenever im approached to pay a bounty or go to jail, whatever option i choose the game freezes dead. if i choose to fight then its fine. 19:15, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Andur won't take the Amulet of Arkay (PS3/360)

I spoke with Andur in the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun and it kicks off misc quest to recover the Amulet of Arkay for him.way (it may not even be possible).

Basically, you need to get to that guy without having all the guards trying to kill you as 1) the guy won't speak to you and 2) the guards will kill you during your conversation. Good luck with that!

This is how I managed to do the quest when you bribe the guy. Quite simply, fast travel to Markarth, but before doing so, type "tcai" into the console.

(To bring up the console press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard (to the left of 1 and under Esc). Simply type "tcai" (toggle combat AI) and press enter, then exit out by pressing the tilde key again. This will make sure that no one attacks you, so feel free to waltz through the guards, steal the guy's thing (amulet I think) and bribe him.


Now that you have completed that quest, do the next 2 quests (killing a troop of guards, and taking over a fort) and then you would have liberated The Reach. Now, with any luck, your bounty should have been removed - it was for me. The reason for this is that the Stormcloaks now rule Markarth and the Imperials can now be found in the Blue Palace. Any quests you needed to hand in to the guys in Markarth Keep can now be found in the Blue Palace (near Solitude).

Hope this helps!

Markarth Bounty Glitch

Following the Forsworn Conspiracy quest. The Markarth guards will not take you to jail or let you pay the fine. The dialog just repeats and they will only fight you. The bounty will only increase if you fight back. The theives guild method does not work with this either. If this happens early in the game like mine, it makes every quest in Markarth almost impossible to complete.

This has been the most troubling of glitches I've had yet, hope it gets patched soon.

---I had/have this problem too, even after completing the forsworn/conspiracy questline where at the end the leader says "they will know who to really blame" and the bounty gets removed, I still had the guards outside saying "I know you..." and then trying to arrest me. I kept fighting only to die a few times, finally I accepted "take me to jail" (which I had broken out of) at which point they turned around and walked away and hasn't happened since.

--- I had this bug, and the guards instead of going away after I was choosing "Take me to jail", they where going in the loop of stoping me again. I got it fixed by using "PayCrimeGold" command in console (where you need to click on the guard after opening the console and just before you type the command).

I'm having this too.. even using cheats i can't pay the fine 02:12, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

same problem here... don't want to load an old save game, I finished several questlines ( darkbrotherhood, mages guild etc.) since I aquired that bounty, tried using console even, but the bounty won't dissapear.

I'm also having the exact same problem, I have a bounty of 6000 gold in Markarth now and I can't pay it, and any attempt to go near Markarth results in immediate attack by the guards or being accosted and given that same looping dialogue. Even removing the bounty using the console has no effect. I can only suspect that whatever script is supposed to remove your bounty and make the guards act normally again upon completion of 'nobody escapes Cirna mine' is broken.

Same has happened here. Any attempt to enter the city results in the guards trying to arrest me. The bounty goes up each time it seems(going down sometimes) and when you choose "take me to jail" they don't take you anywhere. I then have to exit the dialog and it is a rinse repeat unless I fight. I also noticed this happened after the escape from the mines.

I'm having the exact same problem. Super frustrating because I did the Forsworn Conspiracy quest first so I literally can't do any of the other Markarth quests at this point. I'm so far forward in the game at this point that going back to before I completed this quest is pretty much undoable for me. Hopefully this gets fixed so I can finally buy that darn Markarth house and finish the quests.

PLEASE FIX THIS. Markarth is essentially inaccessable. Very frustrating.

-I had this happen as well, the way i fixed this was (spoiler), If you continue far enough in the main quest, you should come to a point where you try make a treaty between the Legion and Stormcloaks. I gave markarth up as a treaty peice and the Jarls switched. After that I had no more trouble

-I have a similar problem, after Eltrys' death, i accepted to go to jail immediately.I hadn't had problems, until after quite a while a guard directly attacked me, without trying to arrest me at all, and with no bounty on me, even the other guards helped me fight him. After that, when i get any bounty at all, or even going into restricted areas where they would just say that i am not allowed there, i get into the loop with no other option than to fight.

-Yep, I too have this insatiable problem. I have exploited every known method to remove a bounty and none of it works. Jail doesn't work, bounty collectors don't collect, thieve's guild influence isn't influential enough, and so on. However, I have yet to try the suggestion made two posts up from this one; I'll have to try it... I find a minor amount of solace in knowing that I'm not the only one with this problem though. Bethesda would be doing many people (as well as themselves...) a large favor if they could eliminate glitches like this all together.

**** November 26th, 2011

-i to am having the same problem. I will likely try the fix a few posts above. I know Bethesda is releasing a patch for console versions of the game in the next week I believe. So hopefully it's in there. I to have taken some solace in the fact that I'm not the only one suffering from this EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING bug. Thus far I have leveled my character up enough that I don't have too many problems taking on 5-7 guards all at once. And it helps me level up a few skills even more. But that still doesn't take away from how fricking annoying it is to travel to markarth. (11/27)

- Same thing, here. DESPERATELY needs to be fixed. It's bad for me. It's bad for the guards. FIX THIS.

Hired Muscle (PC)

I convinced the guy to leave the mines, but the quest marker stays on him and goes to Markarth and hangs out at the Inn. But recently he disappeared and the quest marker is still where he's located, so I'm not able to continue any Companion quests.

~~Tsesugu on Steam~~

Xbox 360 follower Lydia stuck in Shalidor's Maze.

I completed Shalidor's Maze and got the Shout, etc, but every time I try to leave, Lydia stays behind. I can't fast-travel from the location. I tried asking her to return to Whiterun, then went there myself: she wasn't there. Went back to Shalidor's Maze: she's still there. Exited and reentered multiple times, asked her to stay/go home then follow again multiple times, all no good: she won't leave. 20:43, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Possible solution found: Leaving Lydia in Shalidor's Maze, I went to my house in Whiterun. As I was going to sleep the night she ran up to me, and has followed me out the door.


UDIENOWPLZ, Steam user.

~ZacharyTylerDewey~ i had that problem with the guy following me, i told him to wait and then after i think 2 days he wasn't where he was stuck and i went back to the shrine of mara and he was there. maybe that will work for you, not the same place or character so i dunno.

{C}{C}{C {C {C {C}zG: I had this problem also. Tell her you want to split up, and she should go back to Whiterun. She'll either go to your house, or to Dragonsreach if you haven't bought the house there yet. Once you go back, just talk to her to get her following you again.

November 19, 2011

Alternative problem with same effect:

I finished Shalidor´s Maze and try to exit... but when I do Lydia isnt just stuck... she is gone. I go back in, nope not there either. she just disappear.

Same thing happened to me... My solution was to comitt a crime, offer to pay for the offense, and after you pay and your released, she appears right behind you. :)


Sibbi Black-Briar in the wrong prison cell (PC)

Sometimes when i enter the prison in Riften the jailed Sibbi Black-Briar is not in his luxerious cell, instead he sleeps in the neighbour cell. I can easily open the Adept lock and free him. But he doesn´t want to go out.

Happend to me the first them when i tried to tell him where his "wife" run to.

(Craft4 (talk) 20:53, November 14, 2011 (UTC))

Investigate the Bards College Bug? (Xbox360)

Miscellaneous quest - Investigate the Bards College remains in my quest log even though ive finished all of the Bards College quests. Is this supposed to happen? 21:51, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

- I have the exact same thing on PC. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I had stumbled upon King Olaf's verse before talking to the headmaster at all.

- Same thing occured on the PS3. I received a "letter from a friend" asking me to find the "hidden power" in Dead Men's Respite, which led me to King Olaf's Verse before I had been to the Bard's College at all. When I finally talked to the headmaster at the college my quest list did not update. Now I'm a few missions through the Bard's College and still no change-still claims I didn't "Investigate the Bards College".

Stop Talking to Me!!!!

I use an XBox 360. During the Joining the Companions, immediately after going to the courtyard to "fight" Vilkas continues to automatically engage in conversation with me. He follows me around, including out of the town. As soon as he is close enough, the dialogue options opens. I led him into a giant camp, where thankfully, he went down and I ran off into the night. As soon as I got back to town, there he is, chasing me down again to talk.

His speech interrupts and overrides any conversation going on, and as soon as I back out of the dialogue, he begins again immediately.

I was able to lead him far away from town, and Whirlwind "sprint" back to give his sword to Greymane, but as I was trying to get the shield, there he was, interrupting the other NPC and taking over the conversation.

Any ideas how to shut this guy up? 22:18, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

| To fix this, press Start. Go to General Stats. Go to Crime, and go to the cities you have a bounty on. If Vilkas is still following you, beat his health down and he will not die, but fall to the ground allowing you to fast travel. Fast travel to the cities, pay off your bounties, and Vilkas will leave you alone.

Farkas and Vilkas glitch

This is on the 360 (confirmed PC too): Farkas and Vilkas keep following me, and then talk to me. If I stay too close, they'll keep starting conversations with me every second or two, after exiting out. If I attempt to walk away, they'll follow me. Sometimes, when I go to sleep in the game, it won't let me, because it says "You cannot sleep while guards are pursuing you" or something close to that.

I took Farkas to battle a dragon with me, and after a few buggy conversations and commands, he stopped. However, Vilkas wouldn't stop, and the only way I could sleep was to kill him. Vilkas wouldn't attack me back for some reason.

Does anyone know why this glitch happens, and how to make it stop without killing anyone?


Farkas was following me like that but I paid off my bounties and he stopped, but I still am getting that error about not being able to sleep. I don’t know if this help you or not but I figured I would share it. {C}


This appears to be because they are both a member of every guard faction and are trying to get you to pay your fine. They do not have the appropriate dialogue however, and this happens. You should be able to manually remove them from the guard factions with the console.

ExK4 (talk) 01:55, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Or, get far enough away from them to fast travel to where you can pay your relevant fines

Waters of Oblivion book

I've been given a quest by someone in the Mages guild to recover a book called the Waters of Oblivion. However I've already got it, but the quest marker is directing me back to the cave where I found it. The quest giver won't take it, and I can't even drop the book anywhere. Looks like this has happened for several of these 'fetching books' quests.

Update: I am not the orignial author, however, I am expericing the same problem with this quest! (11/20/11) XBOX 360

Update on 11/30/2011: This bug still exists after patch 1.2 (xbox)

Update on 02/12/2011: Confirming same problem (PS3)

Sinding Back From The Dead

After completing I'll Meet By The Moonlight, Sinding reapeared just walking down the road. In the quest I chose to kill him, so why is he still here? He doesn't start conversation, but says "hello and good day" just like any other NPC. This happened while I was doing the quest A Daedra's Best Friend. Anyone know why this happened?

After becoming a Werewolf in the Companion's quest, when I tried doing the Ill Met by Moonlight quest Sinding is not at the Bloated Man's Grotto but it says he's back at jail in Falkreath. However when you go there to kill him there is no one in the jail. Just the marker is there and there's no way to complete the quest leaving you with just a cursed ring. (XBOX)

'Blood's Honor' Companions Quest-line Glitch

After completion of 'Blood's Honor', you return to Jorrvaskr to hand in your quest to find that the Silver Hand has attacked. After entering, you will recieve completion of your quest from Vilkas, after the dialogue, there is no option to start the new quest; breaking the Companions story-line from progressing. Confirmed many times on (PC, 360) Also occurs on PS3.

I had this happen to me. Then I noticed the place where the next quest is supposed to happen, is the same place where the Jarl of the magic city sends you to get a crown.

If you don't do the crown quest before "Blood's Honor", you get bugged. (has this been confirmed?)

(Which once again proves the "Misc > Side > Main" priority is still around :D)

I had this happen to me, and I didn't have the quest for the crown. However, I cleared the dungeon where it takes place before getting the quest, and I believe that caused the bug. 21:19, November 17, 2011 (UTC)


{C I had this problem because i had already cleared out driftshade refuge while i was just adventuring, not knowing it was a quest location. this is how i fixed it:

1) wait 30 in-game days (this will respawn all enemies in driftshade refuge)
2) go to console, type 'player.setstage c05 0'

quest started!

but what if your not on a console that has something u can do that with like a ps3? or is there a way to do that?(sorry i'm new to ps3 and also skyrim and am glitched after clearing the dungeon and retrieving the winterhold helm) if anyone knows a glitch fix for the ps3 version plz let me know.

Honeyside Mannequin

Once you own Honeyside in Riften and have purchaced the set whith the mannequins, they will some times disapear and reaper in the stair well leading to the basement.

This can be solved (not proven to be a lasting effect) by going to the base where the mannequin is saposed to be and placing an item of clothing on it thus reseting its cords.

If your stuck up stairs then try exiting and entering the building several times and try to get past the mannwquin obstical so you can perform the above.

(xbox 360)


Bard's College Items Not Removing

Bard's College Items Not Removing

3 Instrument quest items from Bards College do not remove from inventory on completion. Stuck in inventory.

Same, Maby Console can sort it


Khajiit Camp disappeared outside of Windhelm. ==

The Khajiit camp disappeared outside of Windhelm including all the Khajiit except one. And this keeps me from compleating a misc. quest to find a thalmor assassin. Reloading an earlier save doesn't work, restarting the game doesn't work, and restarting the computer doesn't work.

I'm a level 8 and just about to talk to the skybeards, but when i go to my magic page it will glitch and freeze the page. I've fast traveled to other cities and it still does the same thing. The problem wont go away. I'm on the 360 and i just bought the game no sctatches or anything. 02:14, November 15, 2011 (UTC)clark157.89.242.26 02:14, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

There's a glitch in my game that the first unscripted dragon I killed keeps falling out of the sky at random moments and in random places, and his body just sits there. Its not even a skeleton, which is how he looked the last time I saw him; he has all his skin and everything. The first time I saw it happen he fell from the sky down a water fall right in front of me. The second, in an open field. The third, at the top of the mountain in the courtyard of the graybeards. I've been taking pictures....I wonder how many more times he's gonna show up? :P

Skjor coming back from the Dead

After becoming the leader of the Companions, Skjor shows up at the cabin as though nothing had happened (he died in an earlier mission, before you became leader). When you talk to him, his dialogue is the same as it was when you first joined the companions; he calls you "whelp" and tells you he has no time for you, while everyone else's dialogue changes as your status in the Companions does. Also, others talk about doing things in his memory, and feeling his prescence when he is standing right next to them. Wierdest thing.

Winterwold college dragon glitch

{C}There is this dragon glitch in the winterwold college. The dragon bones that are supposed to be part of the scenery keep disappearing when the adventurer goes away from the college for a while. This makes a dragon keep attacking the winterwold college. I have already killed 3 dragons with this methood. Frost, fire and blood. 02:56, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

Not really a bug, several locations do this, typically ones with high interest to the dragons (the college, a few huge burial sites) They tend to congragate around these areas and attack more frequently.

Cyhawkx (talk) 16:32, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

I concur with this, do not think it is a bug but there can be odd behavior. I think the poor town of Falkreath has had 4 dragon attacks in my play through by now. In Whiterun the bones of the first one sit at the gate and spaz out EVERY time I come into town, through the entire game now, but no other dragon has come through. Some towns I have never seen hit, some more than a couple. Just depends. NightShade25 (talk) 03:33, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Its Raining Dead Dragons

There's a glitch in my game that the first unscripted dragon I killed keeps falling out of the sky at random moments and in random places, and his body just sits there. Its not even a skeleton, which is how he looked the last time I saw him; he has all his skin and everything. The first time I saw it happen he fell from the sky down a water fall right in front of me. The second, in an open field. The third, at the top of the mountain in the courtyard of the graybeards. I've been taking pictures....I wonder how many more times he's gonna show up? :P

PC fix ??

I have had this happen multiple times at the Dawnstar Sanctuary and in Whiterun with both skeletal dragons and just killed dragons. What I have noticed is that NPC's are capable of killing the Dragons and chances are you fast travelled while not knowing one was attacking or just dieing. All I did was explore the area the bodies kept dropping in at until I found the Dragon spawn and killed it. Maybe theres a tag related issue or sumthin.

(360)Magic menu freeze

I first notice it while on the Compaion quest "Trouble in Skyrim". Just reach level 11, in Halted Stream Camp's cave. I mined a lil coming in, looking in the maie chamber I found the spell tomb "Transmut Mineral Ore", sounds neet, let me try. Now whenever I try to go to my Magic Menu, the system freezes.

{C}I figured it was the cave tryed not picking it in the cave, out side, in whiterun, ravenhall.

I gess I'm going to have to restart. :(

This is happening to me on the PC as well. The first time it popped up was after I got the Kyne's Peace shout in Shroud Hearth Barrow. 20:47, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Thane of Riften Bug.

(Also known as Thane of the Rift) There has been an issue that a few have brought up regarding becoming the Thane of Riften. After completing necessary quests and purchasing the house in Riften, the Jarl appears to be bugged with the quest arrow above her head and no dialogue option. Leaving the player unable to advance. This bug may also affect other miscellaneous quests requiring speaking to the Jarl of Riften. (Confirmed on PC)

Was able to replicate bug. If you buy the house (Honeyside) from the Steward before you talk to the Jarl (when she tells you she is going to make you Thane), then the quest gets bugged and won't let you proceed with quest. This seems to be due to the intended sequence of the quest being 1. Talk to Jarl 2. Buy House from the Steward 3. Talk to Jarl where she makes you Thane. By completing step 2 before step 1, the Jarl will no longer have any speach options for step 1 or 3.

This bug happens regardless of which sequence you speak to the Jarl and Steward, unless you aren't supposed to decorate your house before speaking to the Jarl the final time.

The bug can also be replicated by, talking to the Jarl first (step 1), buying the house from the Steward (step 2), leaving and visiting the house, and returning to speak to the Jarl for step 3. She will be bugged this way as well. Decoration of house does not seem to affect this quest.

Bug Avoidance:

Talk to Jarl first, immediately buy house from the Steward, and immediately talk to Jarl again. Do not visit the house before talking to the Jarl the second time or deviate from this order.

Console "fix":

Warning this will complete the quest, but I don't know if this will have any repercussions down the road. Use at own risk!

In the Console: player.setstage FreeformRiftenThane 200

Shroud Hearth Barrow

In Xbox360, when attempting to lower the draw bridge in Shroud Hearth Barrow, the pressure plate will not activate if a dead enemy's foot is on it (even with the correct input of Whale, Hawk, Snake, Whale on the stones). The pressure plate will activate and the bridge will lower if you grab his foot and move it off of the plate. 05:10, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

In Xbox 360, door that opens to a Shout will not open with any possible character combination. (Verified)

Problem being arrested in windhelm

PS3 Version {C}I stole a horse in windhelm, then later went back and got arrested so I chose to pay the ransome and they took me away then screen load came up but the i appeared in a snowy moutain god knows where and instant death? Tried this a few times and everytime i die so had to kill the guard in the end. {C} 09:18, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

The Forsworn Conspiracy Completion Bug

Finished Quest: "The Forsworn Conspiracy" Bug:

After completing this quest and supposedly having your name cleared by the Forsworn, the guards in Markath are still stopping me for the offenses committed as part of the quest. The dialogue options are the same. "It wasn't me. I've been framed." "I submit. Take me to jail." "I'd rather die than go to prison." The first option still results in the guard not believing you, and the second option, which sent the player to Cydna Mine, brings up a new and solitary dialogue option, "What's the matter?" Selecting this loops the player back to the previously mentioned three options. Obviously the third will result in the guards attacking you on sight.

PC version, PS3 09:56, November 15, 2011 (UTC)Signature


After being changed into a werewolf the camera view for 3rd person zooms in alot so you can see the lower half of ur body anyone else have this.

-I have the same problem, but my copy is on ps3. I know this issue can come about in other quests or events too, since I have had it happen before without joining the companions

Can't join the companions guild. PC

The door at Jorrvaskr where you join the companions guild is locked and says It requires a key to get in.

I have read all the join the companions guild walkthroughs, and noone else seems to have this problem. Also I thought I might be a vampire but as far as I can see Im not. Anyone else with this problem. 11:05, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

I need help with a glitch

Please help!!!

I finished the last thieves guild quest, the one where I kill the leader of the thieves guild, and the water fills up in the entire place. I see how to get out, i swim out and I am fine, but my two mates are just swimming around in the water. They will not get out and I can't talk to them to finish the quest. Its a pretty bad glitch, and i really want to get this fixed so i can move on with the game. Please help me!!!!

The place to swim out is near the statues head. Right when the water starts rising, run up to the head so your companions follow you. Just stay there and when it finally is time they are close enough to the exit to find their way out. I had this issue when I sat on the other side of the room when it started filling, just get as close to where the path is going to be as possible. NightShade25 (talk) 03:38, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Winterhold College - Faralda

When i first went to Winterhold to see the College Faralda attacked me on sight on the bridge. I reloaded a previous point and it was fine.

I completed the first two mission for the College where i learn the 'Lesser Ward' Spell and when i search Saarthal. Upon my return to speak to the Arch Mage, Faralda came running into the room attacking me once more, whilst retaliating, that sparked the Arch Mage into fury! Reloaded again and it went away.

So i speak to the Orkish Librarian (cant remember a name) which is when i am told to find some books that were stolen. I go to my living quarters to find Faralda asleep in my bed who then attacks me when i walk near her. I have reloaded the game multiple times and sometimes she will teleport to the room as i am entering it.

Is it possible that i am in fact going into the living quarters of the higher mages and that that is forbidden? Is it also a possibility that where i have joined the Companions, Imperial Leigions and / or the Thieves Guild that she does not like me? Are there any reasons why i am being attacked as this is affecting my gameplay as i love the magic side of the game and so far everything i do revolves around magic!!

Any answers guys?!


I dont know about the thieves guild but its not the imperials or the companions, its probably just a random glitch she never attacked me or anyone I know so maybe you stole something from her or somesuch, try going to jail or talking to her if you can.

Elder Scroll Stuck in Inventory

{C}After completing the main quest it is found that you still poccess the elder scroll that you used to look back in time. Only unlike other quest items it weighs 20 and can't be removed.

It's not stuck, there is people who would be glad to buy it from you for a decent amount of money. 18:23, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

You sell it to the orc in the library at winter hold.

The afore mentionioned orc (Urag gro-Shub) won't buy it from me, and neither will anyone else. I suspect I may have caused this by going directly to Septimus for the Discerning the Transmundane quest. The first objective listed on it's page here is to ask Urag about the insane book, but I never spoke to him while doing this quest, or about any insane books. Is it taling about Oghma Infinium?

Edit: After more research I belive I need to go do the The Throat of the World and Elder Knowledge quests as you are intended to do them before Discerning the Transmundane. I hope Urag will then buy the scroll from me. 23:27, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

One note: I have it stuck in my inventory and only just started the main quest to enter the party (level 60 and lugging it around for a LONG time). I gave everything to the elf to give to me during the party (except all those undroppable items) and got my attire to attend, checked my weight, and the 20 pounds from the scroll is not there? I never took off everything to verify, but perhaps even though it says 20 pounds it is not counting against you like I thought. Also, I cannot sell it to Urag like some people, even though I am archmage of the college. NightShade25 (talk) 16:47, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Companions Quest Completion Bug - Trouble in Skyrim - Farkas - Silent Moons Camp

(PC, 360) You may get a "Trouble in Skyrim" quest by Farkas (after joining the Companions) to kill the bandit leader of the Silent Moons Camp, even if you have ALREADY cleared the Silent Moons Camp beforehand. If you go back to the Silent Moons Camp:

1. Previously killed enemies respawn.

2. Upon killing the leader, the next objective is "Return to Farkas", but it is impossible to complete the quest upon talking to him!

3. The quest is greyed (and below the line) in the quest objective screen, even though the "Return to Farkas" stage is still marked as incomplete.

4. You may not receive any new quests from Companions as you still have an active unfinished quest with Farkas.

5. Exception: Farkas himself can actually give you a second quest afterwards, even though the first is incomplete.

-- Masterchip27 (talk) 22:51, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Confirmed. For "Trouble in Skyrim", Farkas had me clear out Redoran's Retreat, but I had already cleared it as a bounty quest. The enemies respawned, but when I returned to Farkas the quest could not be completed, meaning: the quest is grey in my log, although the last objective is marked incomplete, and Farkas continues to have the quest arrow above his head. I was able to ask Farkas for another work quest (initimidate Gerdur in Riverwood) and managed to complete it and progress to the Dustman's Cairn quest. I completed that and was inducted, but now I'm not getting the next quest, which I believe is the Underforge. And Farkas still has his quest arrow. (It is impossible to deselect the quest since it's grey.)

Any solutions for this, short of going back to an earlier save and hoping for a different "Trouble in Skyrim" quest?

PROBLEM SOLVED (PC). I tried to use the setstage console command to complete the missing objective, which didn't work; instead, I was able to spawn a new instance of the quest and complete it. Do 'setstage CR05 n' for n=0,1,10,20. CR05 is the quest ID for "Trouble in Skyrim". I'm not sure what 0 or 1 do, but 10 spawned a new quest instance for Silent Moons. 20 completes the "kill the leader" objective. From there I just talked to Farkas, and completed it normally. Farkas no longer has the quest arrow over his head for me. However, I now have two copies of "Trouble in Skyrim" in my greyed-out quest log (and the older one still has the last objective incomplete). But I was able to initiate the Underforge follow-up. (I think my earlier message was wrong: I still had to complete a Radiant quest to initiate Underforge. I think the second instance of "Trouble in Skyrim" has counted for that now.)

Just to add to solve the problem because it didn't exactly work for me. You can instantly complete the quest by typing "setstage CR05 100" in the console commands without quotes and you will complete the quest and given your reward.

Fast sneaking

If you are dualwielding and sneaking while in 3rd person perspective and draw your weapons your character will move much faster. If the movement keys are released you'll return to your normal sneaking speed.Ádám Sebestyén (talk) 18:09, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

In revealing the unseen Paratus won't open the door. I've checked numerous sites and he should open it for me. Be he won't. I don't even hear is voice. (Xbox 360)


I finished off the last quest, everyone made it out. Returned to the guild and Brynjolf or whatever his name is wont talk to me to allow me to finish. Just says "Sorry I'm busy, will talk later". Kinda annoying...ALSO Trying to turn in all the amulets you find during the Thieves guild quests to Devlion or whatever that guys name is (gives you numbers, fishing side quests) and he accepted the first 2 or 3 but wont take the rest...anyone?

I'm having the same issue, I think he's supposed to give you the Guild Masters gear but he's just bugged.

{C}{C}{C {C {C {C}You have to finish 5 extra jobs in each city (excluding Riften) and then you'll get a special quest for that city. Once you do it, you gain their support. He gives you the gear and claims you as Guild Master once you have fully restored them to power. Anytime you get a quest for a city you've gotten the support of just cancel it and get another until you get one you want. 19:03, November 15, 2011 (UTC)Jipples66.163.30.127 19:03, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

Battle for Whiterun Glitch (XBOX 360)

I've been playing on the side of the Stormcloaks for the rebellion quest, and after I had completed the quest, "Battle for Whiterun," it has compramised both a theives guild quest (Dampened Spirits) and the rest of the Stormcloak quests. It tells me to report to Ulfric Stormcloak under a new quest called "Liberation Skyrim," however when I do speak Ulfric, it is just the usual banter with no topic to initiate the new quest. For Dampened spirits I am supposed to meet Mallus Maccius in Whiterun in some sort of tavern, but Whiterun is still damaged from the rebels attack and every building is locked up, so Mallus is in his meadery which can only be opened by picking the lock. When I do try to break in to speak to him, he yells at me to get out and eventually calls for the guards. The final thing I have noticed is that the music playing is always as if I were in a fight and the calm music when just wandering is seemingly non-existent.

[XBOX] Loading Screen Crash During Main Quest

Loading Screen Crash

The failed load screen

I'm trying to do the main storyline, and am currently doing Diplomatic Immunity. I've got past the guard by showing the invitation, but every time I try to open the door into the Thalmor Embassy and the game freezes on the loading screen every time... Any idea how to fix this? I can't continue with the quest if I can't get into the building :( Oh and I'm not sure if I can do anything else because an NPC is holding all my gear as part of the quest.

I've tried:

  • Turning the console on/off
  • Making sure the disc is clean
  • Booting the game from the disc and the hard drive
  • I've also added a photo of the frozen loading screen.
  • Clear your cache

Waking Nightmare quest: Erandur disappears after entering Nightcaller Temple MetalHeadCrab (talk) 19:55, November 15, 2011 (UTC)MetalHeadCrab

After following Erandur to the Nightcaller Temple, he explains what awaits inside and summons me to follow him. He enters the temple and when I followed him inside, he was nowhere to be found. MetalHeadCrab (talk) 19:56, November 15, 2011 (UTC)MetalHeadCrab

{C}{C}{C {C {C {C}The room can also be completely empty of mobs. (apparently there are supposed to be a couple of mobs in there but they do not spawn either) Your companion also does not follow inside. Attempted to wait inside the room for some time and reloaded game multiple times but Erandur, mobs or companion still does not appear. (XBOX360 installed to hard drive)

To fix (PC version):

While iside the cave, in console window type in: "prid 0024280"
"moveto player"

Erandur will spawn near.

Having this problem as well 22:33, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Battle for Whiterun Imperial Bug

I participated in the Battle for Whiterun, and I fought for the Empire. Once the battle was complete, I reported to the Jarl and he gave his speech to me and the guards. The guards then yell their "Heeeeeeyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!"'s and whatnot, but they then draw their weapons and run around town. The barricades are still up in town, and citizens are still running around. When I talk to the guards, they say the Stormcloaks will be here any moment. If I go into Dragonsreach, the general in there tells me to get out and fight because the Stormcloaks have arrived. The problem is that I've already wiped out the Stormcloaks, and the Jarl NPC acknowledges that we've just had a victory, but everyone else thinks the battle hasn't even begun. I don't want to play the game for now on with Whiterun thinking the Stormcloaks are attacking. Please help if you can!

Infinite Loading Screen in Whiterun

Infinite loading screen when leaving Breezehome or the weapon shop nextdoor, as well as when loading the autosave IN Whiterun. Can't say anything about other locations, as I only got these three savegames left.

I'm stuck here, can anyone help? Loading simply doesn't continue, the animation keeps looping and all else I see is the hints changing infinitely. This all started after the game crashed to desktop once while in Breezehome, after dropping some stuff into the chest upstairs. Yet, I tried to pick that up again, but didn't work either.

Help please! I want to go on playing ...

This glitch occurs in all locations for me, the only way to bypass is to start a new game. (PC) 22:07, November 16, 2011 (UTC)Sadist Mushroom

Whiterun House bugs


When I bought the house in Whiterun City I could put 22 books on the cupboard behind the alchemy table, 11 on the top and 11 on the bottom. Later I returned and went to pick up a book of the upper side and all disappeared, I loaded and picked them up manually but since then I can only put 6 books in the empty upper cupboard.

Weapon holder:

I put the Ghost sword on the weapon holder right of the entrance. A lot of time later it disappeared and I cant pick it up nor put another weapon on that place.

Edit: I retrieved the weapons of the stands (from the upper floor too) and was finally able to put another sword on the blocked place, the ghost sword remains lost though. {C}

Riften Thane questline

I received the objective of clearing the skooma trafficker hideout from the Jarl in Riften. I already went to that cave and cleared it time ago. This time there were only 2 bandits inside and nothing happens if I kill them. The objective is still there.

Edit: I figured out which questid this is: FreeformRiften01 if you write player.setstage FreeformRiften01 40 you have completed the objective and all you need to do is to talk to the Jarl again.

Sacrifice for Boethiah -I killed a follower for the quest of the sacrifice for Boethiah. He appears impersonated in the corpse and the objective tells me to speak with him. But he says always the same and no dialogue options appear. -I had the same issue. I killed my mercenary after they were imprisoned on the pillar. Boethiah was summoned through their corpse and repeated the first 2 lines of dialogue. I tried using other NPCs with no luck. This prevents me from completing Boethiah's Calling. -The game will not let me continue the quest. Boethiah did not appear after I killed the person I brought to the shrine, but she did after I killed the cultists and now the game will not let me proceed with the quest. Please Bethesda fix this in the update. I don't want to start a new game to get the Oblivion Walker Achievement. -My problems with this quest are many, doesn't take the follower sometimes and after killing the cultists she revived one of them but the dialogue didn't happen and the cultist walked off. Reloaded, killed cultists again, now my vision is stuck in that red vortex thing. PC btw, is there a console command to fix this perhaps? Edit: Im the one of the first post, sorry that it took so long, was doing other quests. The questID is DA02. If you write player.setstage DA02 15 in console you will jump to the objective Boethiah gives you after the sacrifice of your follower: kill all the worshippers, after that you receive another quest so its not bugged anymore. You can also just attack the other woshippers. This happened to me and I thought I had to figure out that that is what you needed to do based on info in the book I got to start her quests. After you kill them all the quest proceedes and you don't need to input a console command

reunification of skyrim quest bug

After visiting the General for the Reunifiction of skyrim quest, he sends you to the pale legion camp, you are told to speak to Legate Rikke, and at this point, the legate is not responsive

is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

Upon returning to Legate Rikke to finish up the Reunification of skyrim quests, she immediatley says "we are taking the city" (windhelm) and it gives you the quest "the battle for windhelm" without closing out the reunification quest. The battle for windhelm quest tells you to report to the general, but when you do it gives you no option for orders, and Legate Rikke is unresponsive after that. All in All this makes the quest impossible to finish.

If you reload to a point in the game before you report to the general, and talk to him again, the quest does work. At least it did for me. 19:29, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Reload to what point? Before you start the reunification quest? And how does that make Legate Rikke responsive?

[PC]I have done this questline to the point possible for me a couple of times now. This is what i have found out.

1. After Whiterun battle, the "Speak to the Jarl" phase has no record in the journal. Only found out about it with "showquesttargets" shown as CWPostWhiterunObj

2. When being told my the General to go to the pale legion camp, legate rikke is not there, but if you wait 1-2 hours, she will appear and give me the hunt a courier for orders quest.

3. Then the legate will tell me to help in the battle for Fort Dunstad. After finishing, the flag on the civil war map on Pale Camp tent is red, and says "Imperial Fort Dunstad". However upon returning to the General, his map has a blue flag, saying Stormcloak Fort Dunstad.

4. I can continue normally and take the Rift just as you would expect. After finishing in Riften, every civil war map available says Stormcloack <fort name here>, except the Rift ones which have both. Sometimes the flags are blue/red, and hovering the pointer over them, i can see texts for both "Imperial/Stormcloack Riften/Shors Stone/Fort Greenwall"

5. When given the quest to take Winterhold Hold, the legate has no "Reporting for duty" dialogue option. Never been able to get past that.

Elemental Fury bug could be caused by any shout or magic spell

I have the Elemental Fury bug but I haven't learned that Shout yet. I have the same sound effect playing over and over no matter what I do, if I type 'sexchange' in the console it fixes it temporarily until I load a save. I think I might have got it from casting Ice Form or Blizzard. Savossk (talk) 23:03, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

the "Speak to Greta about going back to the temple" in Solitude, doesn;t finish.... Greta says ok, take your reward etc, but the quest is still there open and didn't get anything and she didn't get the amulet from my inventory... 23:03, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

Additional bugs:

  • sometimes causes normal attack speed slowdowns
  • does not work with enchanged weapons. May be due to the implimentation, essentially applying a temp enchant to your weapon(s), which is bumping into the current rule that you can only have 1 enchantment on a weapon at a time. 19:26, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Hjerim blood and bones, cant get rid of

If you bought Hjerim before Blood on the Ice quest, you wont be able to get rid of blood trails even with all the decoration bought, alchemy room is still full of bones and blood. edit: this can also happen if you finished blood on the ice quest.

Edit: Added some images to make it clear what happens. It is available a video on Youtube that shows how the house should appear once it's fully decorated.


Hjerim blood bug 4

Hjerim blood bug 3

Hjerim blood bug 3


Hjerim blood bug 1


Hjerim blood bug 2

Frankdd (talk) 09:34, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Seems this bug occurred to others too here

Moving from bug discussion to confirmed Bugs

No quest rewards??

While doing the civil war quests on the imperial legion side, after completing each quest after the "A False Front" the quest rewards are no longer given. When promoted to Praefect, the dialogue of tulius says he is giving me a blade as a reward but i recieved a dwarven shield!! When promoted to Legate i got a plate armor... And when in the final hall to kill Ulfrus, Tulius gives you his sword to finish him off..... i never got the sword, even though the dialogue did say "Here take my sword" I never actually got the sword...

Has anyone else got this bug?? No rewards means i did all these quests for nothing. 00:54, November 16, 2011 (UTC)Moftos

{C}quete magicien 4 artefacts a donner a un mage ds une grotte c est quand je prends l amulette sur le mur je l utilise et quand je lance un sort sur le mur le mur se casse mais le jeu se fige aussitot et quoi que je fasse le probleme persiste

Unable to learn the final word in the Frost Breath shout.

(360) I made my way through Falgunthur, did the part of the quest for the Gauldur Amulet, but when I reached the word wall there's nothing. I can hear the shouting, but when I approach the wall it just produces a static-like sound. I tried reloading and exiting and reentering, still nothing. I am still able to learn other new words, but this word wall stays the same with the static-like sound and everything. KHBBS.FAN (talk) 01:35, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Different person with different word-

I also have the same problem with Dismay. I learned the first word, only accordign to a startegy guide online, i found out the first word was supposed to be learned in Dead Crones Rock, but on my Xbox version, I learned it from Lost Tongues Overlook. Now if I go to the labyrinth or Dead Crone Rock, I get the final word of the shout, instead of the second word, and it it does not show the word under Dismay. When I go to other location (labyrinth or Dead Crone Rock) it is a blank wall with static. Luckily I don't use that shout but still.

Silverhand Lieutenant trouble

Hey guys,

I have been doing the companions questline on xbox 360 and have been told to go to fort fellhammer (I think that was the name) and assassinate the leader/lieutenant. No marker was added for this place and once I found it, and killed everyone, the story line did not update. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

Potato Bug

Currently I've got a large amount of potato's in my inventory, attempting to remove them in any way (Dropping/eating/console/selling/storing, etc) will cause the game to crash, They currently have an arrow beside them as if they where selected at some point but no longer are. Any ideas on how to fix this little bug ? Jester Spearmann (talk) 02:57, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Have you tried cooking something with them to try and eliminate them? 20:56, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

-I give you a tip: open console, write player.showinventory and all your objects will be shown, with pageup and pagedown on your keyboard you can scroll that list. Find the objectID of the potatoes and write in console player.removeitem objectID X where X is the amount of items you want to remove. You can use this command to remove everything you want, you just need the ID's

For example (I dont know the potatoe ID so I just say its 0001F5BR and i have 20 potatoes): player.removeitem 0001F5BR 20

Bring a Dragon Scale and Dragon Bone to Esbern.

On the Xbox 360 (also on PC and PS3), during the misc. quest where you have to give Esbern a Dragon Scale and Dragon Bone. When I give him the ingredients I recieve Esbern's Potion. Supposedly the potion gives you the Dragon Infusion perk after you drink it. However, when I drink it my character has a white outline for a couple of seconds and then nothing. No perk or new magical ability. The quest also remains in my misc. quest log. The quest remains in your questlog and so it looks like it doesnt finish it because you dont get anything from the potions.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

I guess we have to wait for the patch to fix that. But using this command on console "player.addperk 000E6DF0" will give you the Dragon Infusion perk (which reduces the melee damage done by Dragons by 25%). However the quest still remains in log, but at least you can have the perk. Heartseeker (talk) 20:01, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Cant get into solitude

When i was begining the last stormcloak quest i was confronted by a gaurd outside of the city and i payed my fine and was released in the solitude castle when i was released ulfric was allready there and i killed the captian and finished the quest now when i got to solitude ulfric is standing outside with the troops and i can't get in the gates it says i cant get in untill i defend the city and ulfric will not do anything he just stands there how do i get into solitude please help71.68.98.96 15:41, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Same exact problem for me on PC. Stormcloaks took over all of skyrim, now when I try to get into solitude Ulfric is still trying to storm the gates. Can't complet Thieves Guild quest line because of this. 15:41, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Same exact thing happened to me. I believe that the game registered that I finished the quest, but didn't register that I started the quest. Now I can't get into Solitude without going to Dragon's Bridge, attacking a guard, fast-travelling away, then coming back and paying the fine. And I can't get into the Blue Palace without picking the lock. This is extremely annoying. Anyone have a fix for this? 05:54, November 26, 2011 (UTC)SilverWolfenWarrior November 25th, 2011

The gaurd must be killed to avoid this bug, it seems. I've encountered this guard on two seperate play-throughs. The first time he approached me (hostile, I assume) and Lydia engaged him immediately. I left her to the fight just outside the gate where she remained until I returned after the quest finished. The second time he approached me with his guard dialog *only after* I used the catapults just outside the city. I killed him, ran inside and Lydia followed. 02:39, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Flames spell glitch

Bug with equpping spells.

When I equip Flams, I can never un-equip it. I cant put any spells in my left hand now, so I either have Flames in the left, or both. I tried closing game, saving, equiping 2H swords and bows, but soon as my left hand is free, flames is equiped. This is obviusly a problem so please let me know of anyways to fix it. Thanks in advance. 03:32, November 16, 2011 (UTC)Nick G

Best way to fet around this is putting your spells in favorite by pressing F. Then out in the game press Q to get your favorite spells up, here you press1-9 to bind a spell. Then double tap the new number and you will get a new spell on left hand 20:09, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

College of Winterhold Quest Bug

I listened to the lesson taught by the teacher then did as he asked and traveled to the ruins by means of fast travel. He wasnt there, so i waited a couple hours. He still wasnt there. I waited a day. He and the 3 other students still werent there. I return to Winterold by walking and find 1 of the students getting attacked by bandits, but he cant be killed. However he will not move from the spot hes in. I go back to the college and find the other 2 student just standing in the same spot i left them, and they wont move. I could not find the teacher anywhere. Hes not dead and i doubt he can die, which is probably why the quest hasnt failed. My concern is that he may have fell off the narrow barrierless part of the walkway into the depths, but because he cant die hes just sitting at the bottom leaving anyone who gets this bug completely screwed. My last save was too long ago for me to load it. Please help!

Can't complete "Visit The College of Winterhold" quest because you've already visited.

In certain cases its possible to not complete this quest because you've already visited the College.

To complete the quest simply type this ino the command line:

player.setStage MG01Pointer 200

Can't complete "Get Greybeards Help in negotiating a truce" because you've already chosen a side.

This occurs when you've already chosen a side in the war and are unable to talk to both Kings. I had a serious issue with quest lines because I already intiated meeting with guy outside of Whiterun (Siege). The quest ID is CWSiegeObj. I couldn't advance the "stage" because it seemed like a triggered event experience.

To complete the "Get Greybeards Help in negotiating a truce" enter this into the command line:

player.setStage MQ301 40

You can advanced the entire quest line by incrementing "40" in 10's. You need to do this to eventually learn a dragon shout.

player.setStage MQ301 50

player.setStage MQ301 60


I would work your way all the way up to "220" which will complete the questline for you. If you have the Siege event triggered outside of Whiterun I suggest you just play through it to get the event over with.

How to fix Buggy Quests

If a quest is bugged there are a number of ways to advance the quest line. Before you begin, save your game!

In the command line type:


You will see a list of IDs (something like MS01, MGR21, etc). These are the Quest Ids. Below those you will see a "Target". These are the X/Y coordinates if you will of the actual Target/Event. The ID will be in paranthesis (0001DACE, etc).

Example of showquesttargets:

Current Quest: MS01

2 Targets:

Target 1: Reference (0001DADA)

Target 2: Reference (0001DADF)

MS01 is the "Quest ID". You can, if you want, try and advance the quest line. I usually start in increments of 10:

player.setstage MS01 10

And work my way up until it is completed.

To determine which Quest ID is the one you are on I had to do a little process of elimination.

If you find a Target ID (inside the Reference paranthesis above) you can move your player to it.

player.moveto <Target ID>

If you end up where you want to be the quest id is the ID above the target you just entered and now you can try and advance the quest with the command above.

Hope that helps!

Finding a Thalmor Assassin (misc quest)

So basically i'm trying to do this quest, but i'm having issues with the map-marker. At first it was pointing near the Windhelm stables but once i got there the map-marker disappeared. I waited a couple of in-game hours and 4 khajiits appeared as well as the map-marker right next to one of them, but as i got closer the map-marker once again disappeared. So is this a bug, or am i just missing something obvious? I tried staying hidden and listening to their conversation in the hopes of triggering something, but nothing happened.

The Khajit called J'datharr is the assassin.

(was having same issue, but i just waited a few in game hours untill the cats showed up and walked up to J'datharr and killed him and completed the quest) there were no guard or bounty issues from killing him)

NPC Carry Weight Dropped

For some random reason that I cannot yet establish, the carry weight of Lydia suddenly dropped. She is not afflicted with anything, and nothing significant was done prior. I spent a great, great deal of time casting soul trap on her to train conjuration, causing her to leave the party several times in the process - however, she was always rehirable. I then did a lot of enchatment that didn't involve her, and then made a new weapon which I attempted to give her - only to find out she cannot carry anything new. When stripped of her given (not natural) armor, she can only then receive back a few pieces.

I can only imagine it had to do with the process of 'firing' via soul trapping her and rehiring, which may have created duplicates of her hidden eq. That's the only reasonable method I can find, and I don't know of any console command that would allow me to check. If anyone knows of a way to check her hidden inventory, please tell me. 06:34, November 16, 2011 (UTC)Drayde

I've heard of skills dropping because of buffs on armor. Did you happen to equip her with any strength items that added to carry weight? That may cause her to drop to a maximum of that amount, like it does for skills. BryanWPeterson, View my work (PC, Version: Steam Release) 22:28, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

No. It was unenchanted equipment.

Drayde (talk) 17:09, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Dragons in New Cities

Note: The dragon body issue has been addressed in patch 1.2. But the spawning of the dragon is just pure luck...non-issue.

Dragons appearing whenever I discover a new city, every time I discover a new city, a dragon appears while im in the city and starts attacking everyone. this causes people that were supposed to have dialogues with each other for me to hear to disperse and never have those dialogues, which causes me to start taking quests without knowing why I am having those quests.

To make things worse, whenever I fast travel to the cities that this has happened the dragons or their skeletons fall down from the skies and glitch as they jump like giant rubber ball sandmen from rooftop to rooftop.

Also Windhelm is quite buggy, I can't hear my footsteps when walking or jumping unless I'm on a stair and the mission "Blood On Ice" in Windhelm glitches at all points. Firstly, the part where I'm supposed to examine the body glitches and never shows as "Completed" in the Quests menu. Then, if I pass outside Hemjer, it skips a few steps of the mission and tells me I need to get access to Hemjer, before I go to talk to the priestess in the Hall of the Dead or to the steward of the city to get his permission and start the quest. Then talking to the steward, like examining the body, glitches and never shows as "Completed". Also, when I take that woman Viola with me in Hemjer, she glitches and keeps repeating techno-style that "there's something wrong with this cabinet". Another problem at Windhelm is that I can never complete the "Find the Thalmor assasin" misc. mission, because for some reason there are no Khajit outside the city. If I am inside the city, I get a marker to go somewhere near the Windhelm stables and find the Khajit Thalmor agent. But as soon as I go out, I discover that there's only one Khajit where there was a whole camp of them before and when I talk to him he just says "Have nothing to sell today friend" without giving me any dialogue options. The "Show on Map" button for this mission doesn't work once this occurs and there's no marker for the objective.

Furthermore, when loading from autosaves in Whiterun, all merchants' money reset to 0 and I can't sell anything until I go away from a city to another area for 1 day and then come back. 07:02, November 16, 2011 (UTC)Ornlu Wolfjarl

Cant complete main quest- The Fallen

Cant complete the main quest line during The Fallen part. iv spoken to the jarl of whiterun but then when i try to speak to the greybeards it doesnt give me any dialouge where i can continue the quest. All so reaching the part of where you need to trap Odahviing. upon trapping the dragon it will not trigger quest completion.

I am also majorly SUCK here!! I can get Odahviing to trigger the trap and get stuck, but he is still treated as a fighting beast, with no option for dilagoue. It is the first and only place I have had a major problem... going back to saved games in the past and playing up to it even with different ways of doing things did nothing, it still gets stuck. AHHH

Hey everyone, I have a fix for this i believe. It seems this bug occurs because the game thinks you are still fighting Odahviing. Please save before you try this i do not want to be responsible for ruining anyone's game, hah. Well, anyways. Once you do in fact trap Odahviing(Which im assuming most people are stuck on.) If he will not start a dialouge just turn around and walk through the door back inside dragonsreach. once inside you should get the "Defeat and Trap Odahviing" Part of this quest done. Simply go back through the door and he should talk to you once you get close enough. I was stuck at this part for an hour and this worked for me. Please respond if this fixes your problem! 16:13, November 28, 2011 (UTC)Zarth

Im also experiencing the same problem. I needed only to talk to Jarl Grey-Mane once and he allowed me to use the trap.However, when trapped, Odahviing is still recognized as an enemy. I have tried leaving the room and coming back and also leaving the room and waiting an hour or more. It still makes no difference. Should i just keep leaving the porch and coming back till it says quest complete?

The Bond of Matrimony bug [PS3]

I married Njada Stonearm, and recieved the ring in my inventory and Marriage trophy. I chose her house, but the quest doesn't show up in my journal at all in completed or ongoing so I can't find her and she didn't return to Jorrvaskr. Anybody have any ideas? {C UPDATE: After a few days she did return to Jorrvaskr and I told her to live at my house. Still don't know what happened to the quest. 07:40, November 16, 2011 (UTC)ryuujin

Companion "becomes" dead NPC

After going through the giant/mammoth camp with Linda as my companion, she stayed to fight (presumably) while I ran off and killed some bandits nearby. With her nowhere to be seen, I am shortly followed around by a dead bandit, sliding along the ground and speaking to me as Linda. I can speak to her as if she was still there, so it's just as though the graphics for both characters has switched over.

XBox 360 Under Saarthal quest - I can get the three enchanted rings, but when I go to get the Ancient Amulet, instead of "getting" it, it activates. I am locked in and there is no Amulet in my inventory for me to be able to "Use the Ancient Amulet to Escape the Trap". I looked all over the floor - it's not there, either.

Hello, I'm having the same problem! but also with many other quests like the main quest, there is no elder scroll in my inventory. This really annoys me...

Follower Bug - Illia

A bug regarding Illia, a follower that can be recruited in Darklight Tower:

When Illia is dismissed she will return to Darklight Tower. It is however impossible to recruit her again after having dismissed her once. When trying to talk to her there is no conversation menu, she just behaves like a generic NPC (guards and such) who only say random phrases when "activated" by pressing "E".

Making her a blade does not fix this.

update: it seems the bug was triggered when we trying to save the game (autosave,manual save,console save and quick save)..but when we are not trying to save the game, she can be dismissed and ask again to join as a followers. i hope somenone can fix this issue soon

Days float

Is it just me or does the time of day in which the day change float, when i first started playing my day changed at 11:13 pm, and no it changed at 7 pm.

Edit: Now its shifted to 5 pm, this is brilliant coding for this to even happen, what would posses them to set the 2 things on differnt values so they could even float like this? 17:19, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Save/Load bug after Siege event where you ask Jarl to Surrender.

If you load a saved game at any point inside the building after completing the Siege event at Whiterun where you ask Jarl to Surrender everyone will become hostile to you.

In My Time of Need Quest

I have started this quest in Whiterun when I run into the mercs that want me to hunt down a Redgaurd woman hiding in the city. I find her and she asks for my help to avoid capture. I agree and have to go talk to some in the prison to get a location on the boss that is trying to have her killed. I talk to the prisoner and he says to pay one of the gaurds 100 gold and get him out and then he will help me. I have tried talking to all of the gaurds in the prison and several outside of the prison, but no dialog box will pop up to allow me to pay them. I even talked with the gaurd commander, but still got nothing. So I can't complete the quest.

I am having a similar problem with this quest. I can pay the guards but then they don't release the prisoner and the prisoner keeps acting like I haven't paid him at all. I know the guards are suppose to act like they will release him later but even that doesn't happen. He just stays and won't tell me anything.
I actually figured this one out by complete accident. Turns out that if you amass some fines before going to Whiterun the gourds will have a dialog with you if you talk to them. Some thing to the effect of Guard: "Wait, I know you!" Player: "You must have me confused with someone else" Guard: "No, you have a bounty of (blank)" Normally, you would pay the fine after this conversation. However, if you join the companions before talking to the guards they all say "Wait, I know you!" and that's it. You can't talk to them past that part. What I ended up doing was committing another crime in front of a guard. I suggest pickpocketing the guard himself in clear view for easiest chance of being caught. From here you must elect to go to jail, if you offer to pay the fines it only takes care of the current crime and not the others. Once in jail, stay in there for the full duration until let out by the guards. If you try to escape it does not work. Then when you are done with your jail sentence all your bounties go away and you can talk to the guards as normal to get the quest completed.
I am having a similar problem with this quest. I can pay the guards but then they don't release the prisoner and the prisoner keeps acting like I haven't paid him at all. I know the guards are suppose to act like they will release him later but even that doesn't happen. He just stays and won't tell me anything.I also tried the above mentioned and still nothing the guard took my 100 gold as payment but will not let hun out I stole a key from the guard and cant use it either i tried getting arrested and released but no changes

Solitude Freezes Game (PC)

As I come into view of solitude any sort of saving of the game or entering of buildings causes client to freeze. I have tried several locations near Solitude they all freeze it. Nothing else in my game so far has caused this problem. I cannot get close enough to Solitude to enter the city I have tried atleast 20 times. I lowered my graphics to the lowest still nothing. I have played every other zone on High graphics with 0 problems.

11/27/11- I too have the same problem. My game crashes and kicks me to desktop instead of freezing. All other zones are fine except Solitude. There is a circular boundary which I cannot cross. I have tried carting in, fast travel, walking, sneaking, running, flying, jumping, riding a horse and it crashes all the same. I thought perhaps it was a quest or an item that was triggering this but every combination failed. I have tried graphic setting changes and the 4gig mod with no luck. This is insane. All of my current objectives are culminating into solitude and I can't get near the place. Terrible. Just Terrible.

12/03/11 - Mine too, I have this big problem and I need a fast solution. 12:43, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

College of Winterhold

I cannot complete the quest I have already purchased the spell from her but I dont have it. Everytime I say yes I will take the test, my only next option is to not do it at this time.

Learn it by reading the book and then cast the spell on her. 20:06, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Liberation of skyrim

I cannot complete Liberation of skyrim I am at the liberate the reach part but I cannot complete it because it will not start. I have looked everywhere for help and i am afraid its just a bug. Edit, I've tried to locate the correct quest id but I can't find it. The quest ID is CWObj but I can't figure out how to complete the stage AND continue to move on with the quest because it doesn't give me the next step...

SOLUTION: It appears you need to head to Markath, go to Understone Keep, and talk to the NPCs there (make sure it's during the day so they are all there), before Galmar Stone-Fist gives you the next part of the quest. -- Masterchip27 (talk) 01:03, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

ice shard not going away.

(no spoilers) i was playing the main questline on xbox

and i made it to the last mission and was attacked by the wraith/linch looking thing

that goes for the dragon staff and he used a frost speel on me. he flung ice shards at me and one that hit me in the chest has not gone away, ive slept,removed armor,waited,speed traveled and even turned off the xbox and its still there ive played about two hours now with it in my

(someone else is this: for people on pc: showracemenu remake your character and the bug will be gone if other things happen its not my fault but i noticed my shard was goin away:) sadly for you you have an xbox=/ dunno how to fix that..

It should disappear if you use the werewolf transformation

Ebony Armor Glitch

Well today I finished smithing my ebony armor and I was quite impressed with it up to the point I noticed an annoying bug. {C}For some reason when I equip the ebony cuirass the texture section between where the neck connects to body is slightly displaced. This causes a small black necklace like ring to to appear around the neck where gap exists. Also due to the displacement some of the back of my characters neck is clipping through the helmet for the set. {C}I did a little testing with iron cuirass and it appears this displacement issue only occurs the ebony cuirass. {C}I don't know I much body size figures into the glitch, but is clear that when you equip the ebony cuirass their is enough displacement between the head and neck to cause this visual bug. This really killed my excitement for my favorite armor. It looks like someone can just stab a dagger through your neck 20:01, November 16, 2011 (UTC) Giovi

Armor Naming Glitch

So I was exploring and found some elven armor named "Elven Boots of Stamnia." Has anyone else found this, it was right next to a Dwarven ruin.

"No Gods, No Masters." (talk) 20:11, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

There's a lot of grammar and accuracy mistakes in the subtitles also so I'm sure it's just imperfect editing. I remember reading "walked passed" instead of "walked past" in one case. Other cases the voice acting did not match the subtitles. "Isn't" written instead of "Ain't" that was said. "Didn't mean to offend." written instead of "Didn't mean to offend 'you'" that was said. Still it's a bit funny to see these mistakes in the game. ~~Ingu~~

Blessing Of Nature Quest : Sapling inside of Tree in Whiterun

At the end of the Blessing Of Nature Quest, if the player chose the sapling route rather than taking the sap from the main tree, the new sapling is supposed to replace the dead tree in Whiterun and become a small tree. However, the sprite for the old dead tree is not removed, and thus the small tree appears inside the large tree. This can be seen, as the sapling trees branches stick out randomly from the dead tree in a manner that clearly suggests they come from a smaller tree within. If anyone has a means of removing this tree via console, please inform. 'Disable' does not work on the dead tree, for whatever reason. Drayde (talk) 20:50, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

I found a bug report for this issue (which I have encountered as well) on the Bethesda forums. Please add comments to that thread to help bring the problem to the developers' attention. Bug report 20:09, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Lydia Disappeared

Lydia disappeared at the part of the game where you use the elder scroll to go back in time to learn the shout dragonrend. The last time i saw her was when she was right behind me when i was using the elder scroll. after the cut scene she was not there nor did alduin somehow kill her. there was also no body so i beleive it must be a glitch. she just disappeared. now im almost at the end of the game i would like to have her as a companion again. Shes not in my house and shes not in dragon search. can someone help me or has anyone else had this problem with any other companion?

-Somewhat same thing happening to me...I went through Labyrinthian while i was lvl 8 or so with Lydia. I went through the door under a building that leads you to this big maze, i went through successfuly and killed every enemy NPC, but whenever i try to exit, she never leaves! i go back to get her and she is stuck on a corner, so i told her " part ways " and she never went back to my breezehome or dragon reach tower place (whatever its called where you originally get her) sucks dude i tried several; time waiting for 24 for hours. TOMANYBUGS

[PC] Valthum crash bug

I keep crashing on the way into the room to get the last container needed loading game many time now and i can go back just not in the room. Any one els having this problem? - DragoonPreston ( 23:10, November 16, 2011 (UTC))

- This is happening to me also, but I can't even get near the towers, I'm trying to take the dragon with with the woman from the inn, and every time the towers LOD's in, it will instantly crash. It will also instantly crash when I try to fast travel there. I've tried to lower my graphics settings, tried in windowed mode, without window mode, tried taking a round about route and come up from behind the way the escort was trying to take me. This started after it patched today. Is anyone else having this issue? 01:14, November 26, 2011 (UTC) Domesticon

Battle For Solitude Bug Cannot Finish Quest

When fighting for solitude in the "Battle For Solitude" if the Stormcloak questline when go through the door "Castle Dour" my player walks in and sheaths his weapon but then stop and does not move and ulfric is not even inside, the girl runs past the door ahead of you still but you are unable to walk forwards and there is no auto walk happening like it does in people videos !!!!! PLEASE HELP THIS IS BULLLLLLLL

I am having this problem too only Ulric gets in and then my avatar stays rooted to the spot.

When starting the mission battle for solitude it said to recieve orders from the general, yet i couldn't get in a chat log with him, further more i diceded to check out solitude and the army was there and they did the battle, However there was an endless stream of imperials and the kept respawning, the quest marker then pointed me to go through the hall of the dead and out to skyrim and when i came back to solitude everything was back to normal and the war stopped, but my quest didn't finish and it still points to the hall of the dead. I then saw ulfic and the general sneaking around with their weapons drawned saying they can't beleive they took solitude. I didn't get to make the jarl surrender and all the guards were replaced with stormcloak guards. I can't get into the imperial place without a key either. I don't know what to do can someone help? perhaps with a consol command to complete it because it doesn't look like i can complete this because it's extrememly buggy.

  • update to my earlier post - i found another "castle dour" that wasn't locked and when i stepped in i was stuck in place for about 10 seconds then the mission continued and after i finished killing general tullis the my quest's finished*

Skyrim Chopping Wood.

So when you chop wood and someone else picks up the wood (npc to be exact) once they take the spot after you the wood sticks out of there arms. I don't know if this is a minor glitch but it happens all the time on xbox and probably PC as well.

Extremely fast magicka regen

I was just working on the mage's college quest line, had just finished clensing the focal points (didn't hand in quest) and had also just been a guinea pig for the one mage (forget her name, the dark elf who turns you into green, and into a horse) anyways when I was leaving the college I noticed that my magicka regenerated full immidiately during charging a spell, normally no regen occurs when charging, and it would fill my magicka to the brim in less than a second. Not sure what caused this but it essentailly allowed me to spam magic attacks without using up any of my magicka. Also not sure if related but when I was looking at my active effects I noticed a few that had the effect titled "reduced magicka" and then the description was +100 fortify magicka. Anyways not sure if this is a glitch or what happened, anyone else have this happen to them? 01:22, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Its a buff you get from cleaseing the points, it lasts 2 hours. 07:01, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Marriage failure if previous follower is killed by you.

If you have a follower that has died by your hands before dismissal and you try to marry someone else, the marrage will fail because your dead follower's corpse will attend your wedding and everyone attending will acuse you of killing him/her. You can attempt another chance at marriage by finding your lover again and repeating the marriage quest. Your followers corpse will not attend this time and marriage can be completed.

Erandur questline PS3 freeze

PS3 froze in the early part of the Erandur quest inside the temple after I give him the book, and I chose the dialogue "Sounds dangerous. How can you be certain?" at which point all PS3 functions stopped working and it is frozen on that scene.

Followers refusing to follow while trespassing

Should you order a follower to wait in a particular spot using the command state when you are trespassing on a property, there is no way to order them to follow you again. Clicking on them will only have them respond in "You should not be here." In terms of movement, the maximum you can acheive is to have them follow you around the area, but they will not exit to other areas with you. The only way I've found of fixing this so far is to kill your companion, loot all their items, and then resurrect them using console so they will walk out themselves (upon which you can get them to join your service again), however you may still receive a Notice of Inheritance (with 300 gold) from a courier as the game registers your companion to have been killed. (ie. Lydia)

I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but this happened with Lydia during the Hard Answers quest (Thieves Guild). Was there some other way of getting them to follow you that I wasn't aware of? Are we not supposed to be able to enter the command state? Or was this just a development oversight? Either way it was quite frustrating to encounter. ~~Ingu~~

This happened to me with Lydia in the Dwarven Museum when doing the Hard Answers Thieve's Guild quest. I was able to get her to leave by attacking her until she left my service, but not completely killing her. Then once outside, I just asked her to follow me again. Not sure if this would work with other followers, but at least with Lydia it doesn't involve messing with the command console and all that entails. Tfwfh (talk) 08:58, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

Suffered from this as well at the same place, but with Mjoll the Lioness and I'm married to her. The ironic thing is that I left her to wait near the door to the laboratory, in the dwemmer museum. When I went through the door, she went as well! I've tried attacking her until she left, but I couldn't find her afterwards in Riften or at our house in Solitude. If I spawn her with the 'placeatme' command, she won't recognize we're married. 00:20, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Companions Quest

During the first real quest for The Companions I accidentally saved over my file after the gate trap closed and got killed. Now I’m stuck and Farkos won’t move at all. Does anyone have any ideas how to help?

Ennodius Assassination Glitch

It may be because of my level as most people seem top have no problem (my brother included) but my Lv 47 character can't finish the Ennodius quest. I can kill him but the quest log is never updated and so I keep being directed to his lifeless corpse with instructions to 'Kill Ennodius' Anyone know the solution? 05:01, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

I've killed him about ~20 times now (Kill...reload...Kill again etc). The game still won't mark the quest completed. I've tried zoning out and back in. Loading autosaves, completing quests in the middle. No luck.

Seriously pissing me off. 21:25, November 27, 2011 (UTC)Mike

I'm having the same issue, and it's really starting to piss me off. Like 'Mike' above i've tried doing quests inbetween, or reloading saves, i even uninstalled and reinstalled the game data but it still won't update the freaking quest and the marker just stays above his dead body. I'm level 49 and i've been trying over and over since i was level 46.

Anyone with answers? 01:32, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Game freezes everytime i get sent to jail

For Xbox Skyrim freezes when i try to goto jail for a quest... also freezes when i try to goto jail when guard gives me option to

Dark Brotherhood assignment start bug

After completing the dark brotherhood quest "whispers in the dark" iv been told to recive the next assingment off Nazir but he will not give me the talk option to start it, the quest marking IS above his head too. 06:28, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Same problem204.38.199.168 21:03, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Scoundrels Folly Quest Gulum-Ei(Xbox 360)

So i followed Gulum-Ei into the East Company Warehouse. I keep following him until he goes thru Brinewater Cave. Ive watched a video and he is suppose to be at the very end of the cave. Ive watched a video of exactly where he is suppose to be and he isnt there. I look onto my map and it said he is outside of skyrim. I go outside to find him and he isnt there because it tells me then that he is in brinewater cave again and i go back in and then it tells me he is outside of skyrim. Happens over and over again 06:46, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

I also have this problem. I killed all of the bandits however I do NOT recall killing gulumn ei-anonymous
Me as well, I've successfully done the quest before. This time the quest marker puts him outside solitude, then wants me to go into the warehouse...I do and it shows the marker far to the northwest, as in behind walls and impossible to get to.
I have had the same problem... went in circles for hours trying to find that slimy turd! still cant find him, very frustrating bug! makes me want to snap the disk in half!
I've also encountered the same problem. When I followed him into the warehouse he just vanished, and the marker was unreachable. I found the door to the cave by sheer luck, and went through first by stealth, then killed everyone (even the damned Horkers) and still nothing.

Xbox360-Riften Thane Mission Bug

Riften-Disrupt the Skooma Operation Mission

The Jarl sent me to Cragslane Cavern which Ive already cleared. The marker told me to go there so I did. I went inside killed everyone, found skooma all over the place but it did not give me a mission complete dialogue. The quest is still active and the game has not recognized it has been completed. The map marker has dissappeared entirely and the Jarl has nothing to say about the quest being finished. Also you can normally press X to "Show on Map" but the option is greyed out and will not function. This quest makes you the Thane of Riften and lets you buy a house in the city. This bug stops that. Bethesda please fix. Xbox 360 08:35, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Similar problem, only on PS3 I was able to complete the mission in the caves. I returned to the Jarl, who said I had to own a house to be a thane. I bought the house and furnished it. The next goal is to return to the Jarl, but when I talk to her she has no dialog option about the quest.

Missing in Action quest

I went with Avulstein Gray-Mane to rescue his brother Thorald, but when I escaped with them both I could not get rid of them. They now follow me everywhere and this means I can not go sneaking around as they just get in the way! It seems no matter how far I travel it is never far enough!

I have another Bug. I have the order to talk to Frahlia in her house. I can't progress in the quest. Avulstein is just sitting there and doesn't talk to me. I have the book stolen with the evidence where Thorald is, but I can't give or show it to Avulstein.

I have another bug - When I come to Avulstein Gray-Mane, I can't talk with him, because he want to kill me... But he can't move :) So I try to do a quest with no one, but when I start to fight, Avulstein and his friend are running to help me. When we kill all guardians, Avulstein start to hit me :( I'm sure that I don't provoked him.

I have the same bug, except I chose to attempt the quest without Avulstein's aid. Thorald doesn't ever seem to be content with the distance I take him, and nobody acknowledges his presence in Whiterun when I take him there. I had made a hard save just prior to butchering the fort, so I just reloaded that and will hold off on completing this quest until it is fixed.

Items In Inventory Become 'Quest Items' Randomly

Some items in my inventory will be stuck in them. For example i just completed 'Find the source of power in Volskygge' and killed a Forsworn Briar Heart outside Hag's End. The ingredient looted from him 'Briar Heart' is now in my inventory and unabled to be removed because it is a 'quest item' I also have two Amulet of Talos that are glitched as well. Also when doing the quest 'A Night to Remember' I bribed the priestess to tell me the info i needed instead of cleaning up the chapel. I then took the stuff strewn about it like a head of lettuce and a giants toe. Both these items were stuck in my inventory for quite a while, but i believe after i finished the quest i could remove them. The good news is that since they are quest items they don't weigh you down, just completely clutter your inventory.

In my inventory i currently have 'Amulet of Talos'and 'Briar Heart' all locked as a quest item, but there are NO active quests that require these items, and as far as ive seen in my Skyrim Guide Book, these items will never be needed, with the exception of 'Briar Heart' in "Repairing the Phial" but have had it locked in my inventory hours before i had the quest.
Similar issue with Alto Wine and Giant's Toe. I had 37 Alto Wine at one point. I did eventually get rid of them. Once I took the perk to sell any item at any vendor, I was allowed to sell the stuck items that were marked as "quest". TooManyToyz (talk) 17:58, November 23, 2011 (UTC)
Amulet of Talos is a bug (you looted that off the body of a just-beheaded man while his friends and family looked on, so we can't feel too bad). The other items are lost after A Night to Remember, the player is told they are cleansing for the staff. ▫ JohnnyMrNinjatalk 11:25, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
Is it just me or is it not possible to follow the advice on the wiki page to "leave all quest items untouched until you get the quest" - because such items are not identified as quest items (at least not -before- picking them up)? 12:25, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
Experiencing a similar problem, I now have about 50 black briar meads stuck in my inventory.

Spells Cast Infinitly Without Effect, Unable to do Anything Else While Occuring

Occasionally I will be in combat and attempt to do a healing spell while swinging my sword, I will also use a shout and find myself moving slower than normal and unable to cast any magic or use shouts, but still able to swing my sword, when i try to use my shout i get a message 'Unable to use shouts while casting magic.' From what i gather, the game thinks im casting a spell constantly but doesnt display the animation or give spell effects. The only way to fix this is to put your spell/sword down then pull them up again.

Chests Don't Sort Items!

No containers in the game sorts different items. There aren't sub categories like shopkeepers have for weapons apparel etc. and even when you dump multiple items in chests it wont even sort it by alphebetical order, just completely random. I also have a jewlery box in my home and the listing the items go is (ill just write first words for brievety) 'Gold silver gold gold silver gold necklace gold silver silver gold amulet...' the chest doesnt sort by weight, value, armor rating, or order you put them in either.

My chests will sort by alphebet, sometimes, and sometimes by weight, and sometimes by order I put them in, or by no order at all. I agree there should be an item type sorting like in your backpack / shop keepers, and also to fix this sorting problem. User:BryanWPeterson, View my work 03:56, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
This isn't a bug, but a feature request. Real chests don't sort things for you (though this would be great for socks). ▫ JohnnyMrNinjatalk 11:29, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Mzulth Aedrome

Mzulth Aedrome - Beams on Armillary barely visible making it impossible to focus them (ATI Radeon Crossfire video card). All other game components appear fine

Yngol Barrow exit not working.

On my Xbox, when I get to the end of Yngol Barrow (the place you get and use the corral dragon claw) I can't open the exit. This is in the room where you kill the big boss Dragur who shouts, and where the chest with the helm of Winterhold is. When you first walk into the room, if you turn left, there is a button on a stone pedestal. I assume that this is the button you hit which unlocks the gate in front of the exit, because I looked around the room for 10 minutes and couldn't find a lever or pull-chain. When I put my reticle over the button, it says "press button", but when I try nothing happens. I'm guessing this might be a glitch, but maybe the button is supposed to do nothing and the real exit lever or pull-chain is somewhere else. Please help.

I went through the Barrow and discovered I need the Coral Claw, which I had stashed at my home. I left the Barrow, fast-traveled home, grabbed the claw, and fast-traveled back to the Barrow. Upon entering I noticed the blue orbs just sat on the floor motionless. Then I noticed the floor-trigger for the spike trap did nothing. The rings around the door will rotate, but activating the claw-lock does nothing. Even if I give the claw to my follower, it does nothing -- I don't get the warning that I need the claw. It appears that all triggers in the Barrow have simply stopped working.

Permanent Rockjoint Bugg

I usually have 86 in twohanded weapons, but now for some wierd reason, I only have 25. I checked for the Rockjoint disease, but I had nonse. I tried to cleanse myself at a shrine, but to no avail. Please help!

If you have Skyrim for PC use the console and simply just edit your stat back up "AdvSkill <skill> <nn>"

Related to several other ones I have seen on this page. It is a bug, but there is a work-around. Simply level up your two handed skill to 87. I used a trainer (my happened with my Archery skill when it got high). NightShade25 (talk) 03:48, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Markarth after the Forsworn Conspiracy

Bug on PC where upon exiting the mines with the forswarn I killed the guards with them and exited the city to go about and do some other quests. Upon returning to the city the guards start the dialogue to send me back to the mines which does nothing. The only option then is to resist arrest and run. any sugjestions?

Enter understone keep and talk to the guards in there

Scenery/Summons Delay

When running from Riverwood to Whiterun, by the time I reach Whiterun, only the scenery loads. Low-Res houses and sprite trees that are seen in the distance are not replaced by the actual model. As a result, it is possible to run from one end of the map to the other while moving through all the objects in the way.

Possibly related to this glitch, summons from conjuration have a significant delay from the time of casting to actually appearing in the game world. For example, after conjuring a flame atronach it takes around 10 seconds to actually spawn. During this time, ward spells also have no animation and may not work correctly until the summon is spawned.

Also possibly related, weapons and spells do not always appear in the player's hands, though the player may still attack.

A brief fix is to open up the escape menu for a second or two, at which point these glitches resolve themselves after leaving the menu.


I went to freely explore Raldbathar (no quest started). I got to the bridge with Centurion. I unlocked the 4 gears and saved the game. Then a pressed the button and the brigde falled. Then I figured out that I dont have enough strength and loaded the last saved game. Then I went out of Raldbathar gathering some skills and levels in different quests. After I was strong enough I went back to Raldbathar to kill the boss(Centurion) but the button did not worked. (On second try the Centurion came out of water, but bridge still not working).

Winterhold college

I am doing the quests for the college of winterhold, i completed the good intentions quest, but never recieved revealing the unseen? i was wondering if anyone knew how to do this?

Yes, I have, I didn't find the way to make this allright, but i think i have found out why. I quit the dialogue early, instead of skiping the sentence I skip the whole thing (by mistake), and when I return to him or the lady (next step in the next quest) it does nothing (it usually works with other quest). Hopes it helps or at least tell you you're not crazy. 18:12, December 4, 2011 (UTC)V

Winterhold Thane bug

To become thane of Winterhold you need to help 3 people. In the village are 3 that you can help but 1 of them (Ranmir) doesnt give you the quest, people tell you about how his lover left him and a woman says that she went to see Vex (from the Thieves guild), if you go to talk to her she says that she sent the girl to the cave of Hob. There you can find her and retrieve a letter from her to Ranmir but when you give it to him he simply thanks you and disappears. Since you didnt get any quest (though you have done it) its not completed and you stick with 2/3 people helped.

The solution is to help some mages in the college, who also count for the thane quest.

bug defeating alduin. plz help.

this is the first bug i ran into. i'm at the part that i need the greybeards to negotiate with general tullius and ulfric stormcloak. i've already talked to everybody except ulfric. i joined the stormcloaks but haven't done a thing for them. the quest marker tells me to talk to ulfric about the negotiaten but everytime he says that i need to go to korvanjund to prove his general right or wrong. but when i talk to his general he says I can't believe you made ulfric negotiate with them. it seems like a waste of time to me. so the bug is that i cant talk to them because they both say different things. i cant enter korvanjund because it isn't open. so i'm stuck.

if you can help me please anwser.

Unfortunetly there is no solution to this yet if you are on a console (just like me)... so you'd either have to wait a couple of weeks for the next patch to fix it, if that patch even fixes the problem at all. If not, start all over and dont join either the stormcloaks nor imperials until main quest is done. But, if you are on the pc you can use console commands to bypass this. Trust me I am extremely frustrated with this glitch, i guess I'm just going to explore and do random quests till that patch comes out... to far with my current character to start all over.

Under Saarthal Quest Glitch

While going into the caves once you are locked in the room, after fighting a "Deathlord Daedra" I jumped over the tomb he is up on. Thier are two potions, one a Health and one for Magicka restore. As I grabbed those out a broken pot I looked across the gap from wear I was. There are small ledges with such pots around the room. So I decided to try and "Shout Sprint" across the gap and see if it would work. I somehow ran through the wall, and was faced with the dungeon boss if you will. He was sitting in his throne and did'nt attack me for about 30secs, I looted the room and all before he awoke and attacked me. The problem is with out the teacher you can't kill him. The crazy part is when I ran into the wall and came out in the chamber I could'nt get back out and the giant orb was my way point lol.. basically i was lucky I save a lot. Thank god I was saving after every little skirmish. Other wise I would have had to do it all over again. I later was talking to a friend about it and found mine was glitched from the begining as the teacher never followed or helped me fight any of the daedra. After I reloaded (about half way into the dungeon) I worked my way to the boss (without the teacher) and thankfully the teacher appeared in the room at the end and while I ran around from the daedra the teacher attacked the orb and killed the boss. Also this was on the XBOX 360

Companion Quest: Retrieval. Alik'r inside Swindler's Den

I just did the "Retrieval" Quest for Aela the Huntress. When I went through Swindler's Den at the end the Alik'r Warriors and Kematu were waiting for me after the waterfall. They didn't attack me so I could just loot the questitem and leave. Because this seemed kinda weird I looked up the quest and found out that there should be a Silver Hand Leader there. Also when I transformed into a werewolf they instantly attacked me which I guess is the right behavor.

Befor this Quest I already finished "In My Time of Need" where I sided Kematu. So he should actually be on his way home with Saadia by now.

Further "Swindler's Den" is still not marked as cleared on the map, so I guess I'm missing something or it's just bugged.

Has anyone experienced the same thing? (Platform: PC) 19:27, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Markarth Bounty Quests for the stewart bugged

I rested outside of Companions Hold when a Naked Courior delivered a letter to me from Blue Palace. "only wearing standard trousers and hat and boots" pretty disturbing having a skinny little man flashing himself infront of you.

Alvor is stuck in his house

i want to purchase iron ingots from alvor but he doesn't seen to leave his house i've slept and waited 24 hours nothing seems to work (Xbox360)

Unlimited capacity weight with a companion

I just discoverd this bug/expolit that if you order your companion to pickup something, they will place it in their inventory even If they don't have enough space. Only confirmed with Lydia. For example, if I tried to give her a bow through trade screen, it would say that the item is too heavy but if I drop it and order her to pick it up, he places it in her inventory. Tried only on the 360 with Lydia

I thought this was great too until I noticed the stolen tag that appeared on everything I had ordered her to pick up, and every item from the containers I told her to loot. (Infinite inventory is still cool if you have enough fences.) Also on the 360 with Lydia 12:55, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Vampirism Bug (Minor)

More of a minor grievance than a bug honestly, but Blackreach is considered outdoors as far as vampirism is concerned (take negative effects/damage during the day). This kindof disapointed me. As someone who chose vampirism, I thought Blackreach would be my perfect realm, a tremendous cavern of eternal night where my vampirism would never be a weakness, only a strength. Not so though.

This isn't really a huge deal, but if its simple to patch (just flipping an isOutdoors boolean or some such nonsense) it'd be awfully nice.

Also I'd appreciate it if somone (someone who is a vampire that is) could confirm this bug to make sure I'm not just having weird issues. 00:33, November 18, 2011 (UTC)lynne

Investor Perk Glitch

Bugged in two ways:

1. Prior to investing in them, taking the Speech perk, "Investor" decreases investable merchants' gold to exactly 500.

2. After investing in them, their gold goes back to the previous levels of ~1000-1500 with no real increase over where it was prior to investing in them before taking the perk. (Geldonyetich (talk) 01:03, November 18, 2011 (UTC))

Bug #1 doesn't only seem to affect investible merchants. All I can confirm for sure is that the perk seems to decrease some merchant's gold to 500 (give or take a few gold) prior to investing. After investing, I've seen it go as high as about 1700, but that's not much of a boost. (Geldonyetich (talk) 08:34, November 19, 2011 (UTC))

Stuck Walking

So, I will get a couple of points out of the way first. No, I am not over encumbered. I have my weapon sheathed.

This bug occured after I talked to an NPC whilst holding the shift (walk) key. After the conversation had finished, I was walking instead of running. The only way to fix this was to hold the shift key again and talk to another NPC. However, that only fixes the problem until talking to someone else, or using a door to an area that needs to be loaded.

It also seems to have affected the save file, as exiting the game to the main menu and reloading, results in the bug persisting.

However, exiting the game to the desktop and reloading the game seems to fix the problem, even with an affected save file. 02:52, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Try opening your inventory and closing it again 21:13, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

This happens to me as well. Each time I have to hit the sneek key and it allows me to run again.

Renaming items in the arcane enchanter (PC)

I can't seem to rename enchanted items. I am able to delete letters, but the game doesn't recognize me inputting characters on PC version. Anyone else have this problem? Alcarcalimo2364 (talk) 03:46, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

I can rename the item, but the capitalization does not "stick". When looking at the item the letters are all in caps, but the item in my inventory has the correct capitalizations. Is the problem on 'smithed' items, or on regular items? I've tried on both and seems to work fine for me. (PC, Steam Vers. ?)User:BryanWPeterson, View my work 04:01, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Same thing happend to me were I can't remane my Items aswell. I too can delete letters on the item but nothing is showing when I type,

So...what's the fix?

Companion Armor and Weapons

NPC: When giving companions armor and weapons, they do not chose the 'best ones' to wear. Also, they seem to have difficulty choosing best over the same type of armor. For example, Lydia uses Steel Armor as her chest piece by default. If you give her a Steel Armor (Epic) ArmorIcon: 54, which is clearly better than her default armor - tested by giving her a Dwarven Armor ArmorIcon: 40, she will wear the dwarven armor - but she will not replace her default 'steel armor' with the epic version. You can tell she is not wearing it because the arrow for 'equipped' is not next to it when looking at her backpack.

Companions also seem to favor sets of items over total armor type. So for example if you give them Dwarven Helmet, Dwarven Gloves, Dwarven Armor, and Dwarven Boots, then give her Plate armor with better ArmorIcon she will not equip the Plate armor because it is not part of the Dwarven set, even though it would result in higher total armor. ( PC, version ? Steam Release ) User:BryanWPeterson, View my work 03:52, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

I can confirm this. It is consistent. Even when freeing Thalmor or Imperial prisoners from prisoner transports, you get the dialogue options to Do Nothing, Free and Free and Give Equipment (not word by word, but in effect). Giving them equipment does nothing. Something is just plain broken when it comes to assigning equipment to NPCs. Fun fact: I stole the clothes of a sailor in Windhelm. Tried giving him replacement. Nope. Now there's a naked sailor standing on a longship in the icy harbor. Hardcore. Luckmann 04:30, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Unable to start destruction ritual quest

My destruction is now at 95 and Faralda doesn't give me the speech option to start the destruction ritual quest. I have used the oghma infinium though so maybe that messed me up?

The Jagged Crown (Quest) - Stormcloaks

At the end of the Jagged Crown quest (the first quest as a Stormcloak, after undergoing the initiation quest/ritual), after beating the bossfight in the crypt (not a picknick at level 40) NPCs act as if people in our group had died, even if everyone survived throughout the entire quest. When delivering the crown to Ulfric, one of the replies are that we lost a lot of good men - even though not a single one was lost. Probably a lost flag or broken script somewhere.

Extremely annoying after reloading at least twenty times just to make sure that everyone survived, in the hopes that there would be at least a comment, but instead I get the opposite. Luckmann 04:25, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Could people please stop adding shit to my entry that has nothing to do with that entry?

On PC, sometimes when looting from a container the game closes. Usually when using the loot all command. hitting it once does nothing, hitting it twice closes the whole game. No autosave here.

Also, learn to sign the damn entries you make. Luckmann 20:14, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Dravins Bow quest bug

upon attempting to return Dravins Bow to Dravin, a frost spider attacked his farm while i was in the process of selecting the dialogue to return his bow. The dialoque option to return the bow dissapeared and the bow is stll in my inventory, unable to drop it (as it is a quest item) or return it.

Becoming a Nightingale Bug

On the PC, when becoming a Nightingale, I donned the armor and had the little chat where Brynjolf wants to know exactly what's in store and Karliah makes certain I'm ready as well, but as soon as I clicked, "I'm ready.", Brynjolf started the conversation over ("Okay, lass, now that we're in these get ups, what now, etc.") as he walked to the gate, but Karliah walked away from the gate and strolled right out of the Sepulcher, contributing to her part of the conversation, and once that was over, all she'll say is for me to wait until the Oath is complete, and then continues on her merry way. The problem was my companion, although I don't specifically know why. As soon as I told him to wait, Karliah got her act together and after saying "I'm ready.", walked to the gate like she's supposed to.

Companion's Quest line: Proving honour glitch. finding more work

Ok this is so annoying on the quest for the companions after u accompany the dude through the cave or w/e he turns into a werewolf demoes like 10 vamps and then after u fight the zombies and get the shard at the end you have to return to the companion place in whiterun and it says on my quest log that the "proving honour" quest is completed but return to jorvaskkr is unmarked in it then in misc quests it said find the companion leaders and get more work but ive talked to every single person in jorvaskkr about work but no1 has any work option or anything available at all is annoying as hell im stuck and i cant progress in the companions quest to become a werewolf i hope bethes fixes all the bugs n glitches in a patch update cause i think they released it a little bit early and i dont want to start a new char to see if it will work properly ( 07:10, November 18, 2011 (UTC)).

I have the same problem, although I don't have a companion with me, I tried going to collect Lydia and telling her to wait inside nightingale hall, but Karlia's not coming back. Does anyone know how to fix this? 20:45, November 18, 2011 (UTC)Vak

Glories and Laments

The keeper of the Arcaneum in the College of Winterhold, Urag, gives a quest to find the book Glories and Laments from the Valtheim Towers. If the book is obtained before the quest, it causes a glitch: the book cannot be removed from inventory because it is a quest item and the quest cannot progress because it remains stuck at the first stage (to find the book).

First Person Trouble

First Person Problems

It can no longer go into first person on my Xbox game, this is a pain in the ass because its very hard to aim a bow in third person and this is ruining my skyrim expirience!!!!! please help 13:06, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

has anyone had problems with a gap between their ebony armor and their ebony helm?


this happened to me after i returned to normal from being a werewolf, i became very confused as to why it didnt let me return to the first person view, after a while i became a werewolf again and when i became human (or elf in my case) again, the problem was fixed.

hope this helps!

Bug in Solitude?

Well, I was on the quest Diplomatic immunity, Where you go and talk to the inside source in Solitude, And there was a guy, directly to the right upon entering solitude. about to get his head cut off at the chopping block, So being as curious as I am. I walked up to see what it was about. With out warning and Without yeild. The guards of solitude just started to attack me. I can't get them to stop >_> At all. I went werewolf and killed a bunch of them but more just keep coming. 14:52, November 18, 2011 (UTC) Aruron

  • This is not a bug, when you get too close to the chopping block, the guards assume you're a Stormcloak there to rescue Roggvir (or whatever his name is).

Arniel - warped soulgems

Cant return warped soulgem to arniel as he wont talk about the quest, the quest log says to talk tp him but it doesnt work :\

The third convector cloned the warp soul gem, now i have two and Arniel won't talk to me neither. Are these things related to one another?

I had this problem, whats wrong is that sometimes the convector duplicates the warped gem and the way to fix it is to put one of the warped soul gems in a convector and leave it so that you only have one.

Hoped this helped86.150.223.202 16:12, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Dead Man's Respite

Towards the end of the dungeon where you have to pick up a book near the ghost, the book may not appear and thus the character cannot continue. (PC)

After picking up the book and returning to the magically sealed door, the ghost (who is supposed to open the door) stops walking and slowly hovers sideways down the stairs. Since the door is never opened, the player cannot procede out of Dead Man's Respite. (X360)

After getting the book and the ghost leads you to the ruby claw door the combination will not spin so you are stuck there.(x-box360)

Hadvar/Stormcloaks glitch in Helgen keep

I've been trying to follow Hadvar into the keep right after character creation but when he uses the chain to open the gate in the first room he gets stuck there, just does an odd little glitch twitch. If I run there first and open the gate, he's fine but then gets stuck on the second chain/gate, where the Stormcloaks are. Oh, and the Stormcloaks just stand there, doing nothing at all, while I slice them to ribbons. Okay, so it's time to move on, but Hadvar's still stuck in front of the chain... (PC)

EDIT: Finished the area solo and made my way out of the Keep.. and lo and behold!.. there's Hadvar. At least the glitch didn't break the quest.

(PC) Timing of Wedding

I have the Problem, that my Wedding failed because i did not attend it.

Problem here is: I was talking to the Priest at about 10 AM and told him i want to get married. He answered the wedding will be on the next day. And about 3 hours later i got the notification that the wedding failed.

Update: I can reproduce it - it seems to happen when i am fighting with the choosen one and the person i want to merry goes down in a fight (not dying - just "resting") She will leave me then and this breaks the marriage. (Craft4 (talk) 22:59, November 18, 2011 (UTC))

PC- mouse/keyboard interaction on menus

I was wondering if anyone else is having this trouble, I have seen it on a few posts where people are complaining about how the UI is bad and needs redesigning.

Essentially when using ASDW for navigating a menu and E instead of enter sometimes the mouse position overrides where you scroll to on a list and can cause misclicks on lists. I have also found after conducting a few of my own tests that this happens and it depends where your mouse cursor is on the screen. For example if its above the line your using ASDW the E action will always choose the top list command, if your below it the bottom command and if its on the same line then you will allays select the one you want.

I think its a bug with the game as my mouse when used in other programs performs as usual. Other things that can happen is the game thinks your using ASDW when your trying to click with the mouse and vise versa.

I'm also pretty sure this is a continuation of the steam overlay bug (using shift+tab exiting conversations and jamming the shift key down making it unable to exit conversations using tab)

Is this worth noting or is there a fix out yet? 22:41, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

I also have this problem, or when using the mouse to select things it will click on an adjacent item/social option. The menu seems to be broken, and even when using up, down keys it can select the incorrect one on it's own desire, or hide the option you want to click on above/below the screen. It happens without interacting with the shift+tab steam, but the steam menu does make it worse. BryanWPeterson, View my work (PC, Version: Steam Release) 22:24, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
I am having a similar problem with the inventory screen. I go to click on an item, and then it the inventory screen exits, as if I had pressed tab.
Sadly Bethesda with Skyrim unlike the other titles before: Morrowind to Fallout New Vegas. Skyrim they made for consules first then ported to PC, the others were PC first and ported to consule. This is where the interface runs afoul. ANY port of a consule to PC is an utter fail, clunky controls at best.Jandraelune (talk) 03:17, November 29, 2011 (UTC)
I have the PC version of Skyrim and I can not scroll through my inventory or that of the shops. I have to drop items to see what is in my inventory. I did not have this problem until 12/01 and I have played the game since 11/23. 11:38, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Main Quest: Can't learn Clear Skies Shout

Out in the courtyard where the words are written for Clear Skies Shout, Argeir stands there and says "The words wait." I stand on where the marker is for the first word but it doesn't activiate. Anyone else having this problem?

I have the same problem, I read somewhere that the location marker can somehow sink under the map, making it impossible to do. I am not sure if this is correct or how to really fix it.

I read that if you go to the court yard and then leave the mountain to do somthing else it will mess up. When you go there for the first time you must complete learning the shout before you go or do anything else. To start you should try loading a saved file awhile before you go to the mountain to learn the shout.

(PS3) Yes, my husband has had the same problem with learning the Clear Skies shout. The words are there but they just don't do anything (although oddly the second one fades from view when he gets close--it is clearly visible when he is farther away). The monk who speaks just keeps repeating 'the words wait.' Someone who had this problem was apparently able to get the shout to work by using another shout on the words. However, this did not work for my husband. Will there be a bug fix for this? --GwendolynB I have the same Problem! I dont have a saved game before either i have a 360

(PS3) Had the same problem but i used the Unrelenting Force shout at the second word that disappeared and the objective marker moved to the third word, after that the shout menu showed all three words of the shout. Hope this helps 04:20, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

(PC) Breezehome

When running in your house and then up the stairs, you get stuck on the stairs and cannot continue to the second floor until you stop running and walk across the line between the stairs and the second floor.BryanWPeterson, View my work (PC, Version: Steam Release) 22:30, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Companion talking and not fighting

in the companions quest in which you wipe out the silver hand vilkis is following me, not fighting, and is glitching where he keeps talking to me saying " we're going to make them pay". its interrupting the battles and getting extremely annoying. has anyone else had this problem? if so help please!

Helm of Winterhold

Quest: Retrieve Helm of Winterhold.

-Talked to the Jarl and he's given me the quest four times in four different locations. I get the rewards, but the quest resets itself. 01:15, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

Hi Guys,

I have a crazy one. Its bounty related. I have a bounty on my head from Riften. Not sure how it got there, but its about 4050. Anyway, i have three options available. Go to jail, fight, or pay/bribe the guards. It says, pay 2020 for fine. I select that option, but then , nothing happens, and the only option i have is to say back to the guard "Too rich for my blood" . I have over 3000 in gold in my inventory. Whats the problem. why cant i pay!! ??

PLEASE help me..



I started a new game with a Nord this time [my last was an Orc] and no Amulets are showing up on my Nord! I had the problem with killing my companions with my Orc (I had the unlucky occurence of having a dragon/bear/sabre cat... pick your combo) multiple times, killing my Orc spouse and Vorstag and I think another. Anyway, she had the glitch where she couldn't marry again, and I was wondering if this somehow carried over?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks! I'm playing on a 360. Kiira

Can't get rid of the bounty at the Jorrvaskr Companion???

I can't get rid of the bounty that i have at the jorrvaskr companion, there are 4 poeple asking me to pay my bounty there. Farkas is asking 2075g but when i want to pay it i automatically give 1000g en then he asks 2075g again, when i repeat this he just keeps asking and when i say that i don't pay, he isn't even going to fight me. That is the same with the other 3, only the bounty that that hunter girl is asking is 1000g, some other guy aks 1475g and the bounty that the fourth guy is asking is also 1000g. Does someone know how i get rid of this bounty('s) so i can join the companions and can become a werewolf???

Battle for Solitude city entrance (PS3)

I have come across a problem immediately following the Jarl giving his speechat the start of the quest. As he and the soldiers enter solitude, if I attempt to enter it tells me the doors are locked and that they require a key. This is causing significant problems as it is blocking not just completion of this quest, but also Diplomatic Immunity and Death of an Empire (or whatever name the first quest to assassinate the emperor is). 02:37, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

I don't know if this where we post the answers but I had the same problem. I found that the glitch is with the door, not the mission. I had a previous save, before i started the mission. I loaded up the save, went to solitude, and realized that the door to solitude was partially open already (strange i know). I "activated" the solitude door and it closed properly. When I started the mission everything was fine.

Constantly attacked in palace even though i dont do anything.

Ok whenever i go into the whiterun palace to use the alchemy table or the enchanting table, ect. If i wait to long inside i suddenly get attacked by gaurds and everyone else there for no reason. I later discoverd that someone is constanly getting attacked as if i cast a flame spell on him cause he bursts into flame, even though i didn't do anyhting and nothing has worked!

does someone know why? or got an idea?

P.S. when i got my first shout i blew stuff off the tables but i picked it all back up. oh and its for Xbox. 03:11, November 19, 2011 (UTC) Kendilish

you propbably stole something when u picked the stuff up.Icemoomoo (talk) 16:02, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

I have the same problem. I may have picked something up, but if I did I definately dropped it right away, and I checked my inventory and my chest (in college of winterhold) and nothing says stolen. I'm assuming it's red when it's stolen though, so I may not have checked thoroughly if it isn't. (Anonymous, 12/2/11, 7:03 pm PST)

Laelette Invincibility

I was level 16 or 17, doing "Laid to Rest" quest. I had left town days ago when I was supposed to find Helgi's ghost, and now returned to the town to finish the quest.

A dragon started circling almost immediately. He tended to circle more towards the location of Helgi's coffin (though I didn't know this location at the time). By the time I climbed the hill and got over there, the dragon and Laelette, the female vampire, were fighting each other.

I started attacking the dragon but noticed Laelette attacking me. I spent at least 5 minutes trying to hurt her but she seemed invincible. No axe swing or arrow or sword swing would touch her. She was doing quite a lot of damage to me and I finally died.

On subsequent reload, the dragon stayed in town and I fought and killed it. I found Helgi's coffin and found Laelette who immediately attacked. She died within just one or two swings of a hammer, very easy kill.

Cure for vampirism glitch (skyrim)PS3

In the quest to cure vampirism, I had captured a soul and had a filled black soul gem but I as already at stage four of vampirism so all of Morthal was hostile. I managed to sneak inside falion's house to get him to try and cure me but he was hostile too. I fought him and when all his health was gone he just crouched down on the ground and then after a while he stood back up with his health fully restored. I continued to damage him over and over until my one handed was at 100 and my destruction was at 100.

(PC) Thieves Guild Quest: The Pursuit

After talking to BRynjolf, there is an optional objective to Speak to Vex about Vald. When Vex is spoken to, there is no dialog option to speak to her about Vald. 05:11, November 19, 2011 (UTC)Ribbles

Bug with Storm Cloak quests

Bug with Galmar Stone-Fist: I joined the storm cloaks and continued doing the missions, but sometimes the quest topic wouldn't show up. I used to be able to run through his other dialog and it would show up. Now im at Haafingar and no matter what i do he wont bring up the quest topic "reporting in". Ive tried reloading, talking to hm alot, waiting, even beating the crap out of him. Nothing works and he refuses to open up the quest. I've heard of others having this problem, but no solutions. (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

- Best advice is once you talk to Ulfric and receive the quest, exit the conversation, then talk to him again and choose the first option, he'll offer you to become a thane in his court, refuse it then travel to the Haafingar camp and talk to Galmar when he first starts talking exit the conversation then hit talk again and "reporting in" will be there. The following instructions for fixing it will work if you didn't do the above before talking to Galmar.

- Fixed it by going back to Ulfric and discussing all topics with him, going back to Galmar talking to him exiting and talking again before he could finish. I don't think any of those things really helped, but something worked. (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

Blue flashing glitch

(PS3 version)

I went into Haemar's Shame to become a vampire. After a while, I noticed that the ground kept flashing a very bright blue. As I continued, the walls started flashing the same colour. It became very annoying, so after contracting the vampire's disease I left the cave. It was outside too, so I fast traveled to a city. The buildings and my character were all flashing blue. I then loaded a save before I had entered Haemar's Shame but the same thing kept happening. It's too irritating to play the game with this bug and I can't seem to fix it.

Any ideas?

I have experienced same problem on PC. Instead of various textures loading, it just shows bright blue so NPCs look like smurfs. Reloading the game solved this on PC


I think I may have fixed it by saving, turning off the PS3 and loading. Might only fix it temporarily though.

Quest - subquest for Thieves Guild - The Numbers Job - I am suppose to change a leadger in Halega's Bunkhouse in Riften but when I get to a room where it is ( room just behind a counter where Halega sleeps ) I can't use it and quest marker indicates that it is on 1st floor in one of small back rooms even though what is there are couple of crates.

Vampire Eye/Skin Bug

I became a vampire and my eyes don't change to the black/red colour, also the thieves hood appears to be glitched, there is no noticiable change on the character skin or anything, like she isn't a vampire, even on stage 4 it stays the same.

NPC Eyes look fine, I tried curing myself and getting the disease again but yet after vampire didn't get the eyes, I'm on PC version

Dead Men's Respite

Playing on xbox 360 im trapped in the dungeon Dead men's respite. the puzzle door wich is supposed to lead to the dungeon boss is broken, the rings will not move at all though the prompt to activate them still appearsand i can insert the dragon claw key but it just activates the poison dart trap. Since the only way to reach this point of the dungeon is jumping down a long shaft to a pool of water you will find yourself unable to proceed or leave in you encounter this glitch

Additional glitch of not getting past the magic barrier on the door. The ghost you follow will open it if you find his book but if you do not initiate that quest first at the bard's college, sometimes the book is not there and you are trapped down there with the ghost and no way out.

--It took me 3 playthrough's to realize this. Sure, having the quest from the Bard's College helps, but the book also isn't ON the body. Meaning, you don't loot the body to get the book. Rather, the body is clutching the book, so it's in its hands. Its bright blue, kind of glows a bit. I feel so stupid for not seeing it, and no forums tell you that you don't loot the body to get it. So there you go.

[PC] Changing Controls causes issues in menus

Note: This issue is being addressed in patch 1.2

I changed some controls to match up with Oblivion.

Swapped R and F

Swapped Space and E

This is giving me some trouble in the menus because some of them swap the same keys and others don't and the menu instructions .

So I quite often end up dropping an item instead of adding it to my favourites etc.

If the instructions for each menu was updated to match the keys that actually do the command that would be the most helpful.

But the biggest issue is that not all commands have moved with the change of keys, so I can't look at the instruction to use the R key and know that I've changed it to F, because in some instances such as the smithing menus the keys have not changed and the instructions are still correct. This is very confusing and I keep doing actions that I did not intend.

Another issue, I don't know if this is related to me swapping the keys, is when I use the collect all from a chest it also then changes the POV on exit, I've had to move the POV to another key.

And just as a humorous side note, I'm not sure having Alt and Tab as controls is wise. I just jumped out of the game by trying to open a menu while sprinting lol.

Xbox 360- the fallen quest

Cant complete the main quest line during The Fallen part. i have talk to the jarl of whiterun but when i try, he just tells me he will help set the trap when he gets to the palace. I have tried waiting and traveling to other cities, he just sits in the companion guild.

Civil War Bug:

When I finished the Civil War, people still talk as if Ulfric is alive and the war is going on. Also, for the questlines completed, it never said that I finished the Civil War.


If you take items that a follower (Lydia in this case) have equipped back from them it will get marked as stolen. I looted an Orcish sword of draining (10 Magicka Drain per hit) from a dead forsworn enemy. Lydia was the follower and she was holding most of the loot to free up space in my inventory. I took the weapon back from her so that I could disenchant it at Dragonsreach. When disenchanting it it gave me very little XP for enchantment. The bar moved to next level when I diesnchanted another item that remained in my inventory throughout. Upon investigating the low XP gain for disenchanting the Sword the only reason that comes to mind was the top right corner stolen tag. I did follow the proper method of using "I need to trade things with you" from the menu when you press E on Lydia. I did not pick pocket anything.

Crime Stats in the journal state zero items as stolen and I reproduced the bug by dumping all my inventory in lydia and taking items that she had equipped back from her. Every thing that she had equipped when I took it back get marked as stolen. Game is PC version

"trouble in skyrim" your first time returning to farkas

The first Quest you get from farkas(from the thieves guild) "Trouble in Skyrim" it completes fine but for some reason when you go to your completed quests the little diamond wont be filled in for when you were to "return to Farkas"(xbox 360)

This bug has already been listed above! --Masterchip27 (talk) 22:57, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Can't buy house in Markarth (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC)

Completed quest Forsworn Conspiracy and all other Thane tasks. Was given permission to buy house and dialogue option to buy became present when talking to steward. Couldn't afford house at the time so I chose to decide later. Option will no longer appear now, even after completing other tasks and missions and letting more time pass.

Aela shield bug

I can confirm the "Aela vanished from the world when you're supposed to bring her her shield" glitch can happen on PC too.

Leveling Up Exploit - Exception

Seeing as I am an Altmer, when trying this out, I used Fury on Ralof before attacking and well, he didn't like me attacking him and killed me. I was unsure if I should add this directly to the Bug/Exploit page so I decided to talk about it. :3 (Xbox) NuitTombee (talk) 20:48, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

Hired Muscle (PS3) - target objective already dead

I need to "rough up" Alvor in Riverwood for a Companions quest.

Unfortunately Alvor is already dead - I think he was killed in a random dragon fight I had in Riverwood earlier in the game.

So I am unable to complete the task or try a new one until it is completed! This problem also happens with an animal extermination quest recived from Aela the huntress making you unable to start "The Totems of Hircine" quest.

I have this problem too, except it's Servio Pelegia and he was killed when the rebels took over whiterun

~WELLS!~ If you know a way to fix it email me at wellsfoster123<at>

Inoperable game glitches

Npc: Rarely, all npc's will get locked in combat mode and every one within combat distance will come to kill you rendering your story inoperable.

Invintory: also, the code for giants toe and the wine with the basket on its base get corrupted from time to time causing them to forever be locked in the invintory as dead weight.

Gameplay: lastly, after feeding when forced into 3rd person if you switch back to first person before moving youwill become stuck forever.

-Likely you have accepted sanguines quest, where "sam" has a drinking contest with you. those items are quest items. 22:01, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Skyrim talk glitch

When I tried to join the Companions, random people would run up to me and start talking to me without me doing anything. Even if I tried to run away they would follow me and continue to bombard me with their talking. This makes it very hard to perform any quest because I am not able to talk to anyone because I get pulled aside and have to talk to the Companion people. This is now happening wherever I go. Random people will run up to me and talk to me constantly. This is for Xbox 360

I have sortof the same problem. This only started happening today, but whenever I entered the Hall of the Companions, both Farkas and Vilkas draw their swords and their dialogue comes up. Whenever I exit the dialogue, they sheathe their weapon, only to draw it again and bring up the dialogue again. Oddly enough, Aela doesn't do this. This is extremely annoying since Farkas is my husband and him drawing his weapon towards me calling me "dear" and "love" at the same time really confuses me. (PC) 00:25, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

I have the same problem, but Farkas is normal. It is Vilkas that cant leave me alone.

It seems like many people have this problem.

(PS3) Stormcloaks Questline: Battle For Fort Sungard Bugged

This bug entails the following:

When attempting to do this quest, the player goes to the meet up point, however there are no NPCs. So you cannot advance the quest that way. Although sometimes it will continue, which is odd because there are no NPCs to interact with. When you go to the fort itself, there are no NPCs inside. So you cannot eliminate the Imperial Soldiers to further the quest line.

(If anyone knows how to fix this, without starting a new game; I'm all ears.)

Same problem... I have no idea how to fix this without console commands.

Same Bug encountered on PC version.

-I have this problem on the PC version, on the side of the Legion. The soldiers on both sides do not spawn. In the last fort I helped claim, I succeeded in getting them to spawn by rebooting my computer and the game, then loading my game from a time before I went to meet the soldiers. However, this time, that isn't working. -pittlers

I have had Stormcloak quest issues, one similar to what you are running into. Example - The first hold you have to clear, Fort Neugrad, they were not at the rally point or anywhere to be found - also, no quest markers. Went to the hold, nobody home. Irritated, did some other stuff, came back, same thing. I was on Shadowmere jumped off and suddenly the horse bolted to the hold. I snuck up into the hold, he was fighting Imperials, but no prompts. I ran to the side of the hold and the quest updated at the top for me. The Stormcloaks never appeared, so I hid on the wall and watched Shadowmere kill all the Imperials, figured I might as well have a show. Went in the main hold, cleared out the Imperials, and when I exited, suddently there was a gaggle of Stormcloaks ready for a fight, but just standing around. I had to talk to Rolof to follow me and we went and freed the prisoners (still no quest marker). Freed them, and they all stood around and did nothing. Went to the Jarl, back to who I got the quest from, nothing. Went BACK to the fort, they are still milling around, talked to Rolof again, and poof, quest updated and a quest marker appeared, and I could continue.

Punchline - poke around and talk to whoever is related and maybe you will get lucky. Walk around where it is supposed to trigger the quest progression, it might not be where the map marker indicates. One note - I had cleared this hold BEFORE starting the Stormcloaks quest. I have done a lot before the Stormcloaks so considering calling it a day with them anyway. NightShade25 (talk) 04:10, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

(PS3) New Game Save Causes Old Game Save To Vanish

So here's what happened:

I wanted to make a character in another race other than Nord. To see how the NPCs would treat my character if she were another race. Unfortunately, when I went to save the new game under 'new game file', it magically erased my old game file; no I did not save over it. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else, or if I was just lucky enough to have this happen. I tested the problem again, by creating another character and the problem did not occur again. If this makes a difference, and I'm not sure whether it would or would not, my original character was a female Nord, and when I made a female Breton my game save was wiped. Gotta love how buggy this game is.

--OK so i think i figured this out (i don't usually write on the wiki so please forgive me if this is not the proper way to respond) when you first start a game just after the opening scene before you make your character the game makes a save file labeled prisoner (i assume to give you a way to skip that opening scene) now i just saved right over that but i think when you try to make a new character the game still sees that save file as prisoner and just saves right over it without any warning maybe having a file made from scratch instead of overwriting prisoner will keep it from happening Albel Delacroix (talk) 02:30, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

invisible face

Just found one and this came up the first place to tell about bugs/glitches.

If you equip the Nahkriin mask with the spiked helmet. You have an invisible face.

I can't remember the exact names of the items, it's the helmet you get during one of the first stormcloak missions that's worth 5k, you're supposed to return it to Ulfuuric. The mask I obtained off of an npc called Nahkriin that's outside the portal to the place where Alduin is. 21:39, November 19, 2011 (UTC) D

Glowing Blue eyes bug fix - Aurora whisper Shout

I read in the bug list that " Players eyes can sometimes glow blue, although the cause is not determined"

The cause is in MOST, but not all cases connected to using the Aurora Whisper shout ( Detect Life) .

The players eyes will glow large and blue and persist through absolutely everything, wether it be reloading the same save, dying, reinstalling, or race changing.

one thing you can do the moment is backtrack to an earlier save before using the shout.

(Typing sexchange in twice into the console will revert your eyes back to normal, but ONLY if you don't switch between third person and first person, or else it will come back. I think this is hardly worth a mention since people switch back and forth between the modes ALOT, rendering this pretty much useless.)

EDIT: A permanent fix for this bug is discovered. Potential spoiler below:

===I can personally confirm that doing Alduins Bane, the last quest of ACT 2 ( of 3) Of the main quest fixes this issue permanently. To fix this, you have to read an elder scroll at the time wound ( Throat of the world). Doing so will get rid of the glowing eyes forever.===


Wearing of dragon masks can also cause this. And it can not be removed once it's started.Jandraelune (talk) 03:21, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Delvin won't accept rare stolen items (PC)

I finished the main quest line for the Thieves Guild, so I've decided to go after those rare items Delvin gives you a special prize for if you offer them to him. During the quest line I've given him the Dwemer Puzzle Cube, the Left Eye of the Falmer and the Buste of the Grey Fox, and those worked perfectly fine. But when I finished the quest line, even though I have the items in my inventory, and the objective pops up on screen to give them to Delvin, there is no dialogue option available when I talk to him.

Also the fact that you can "resteal" the items given to him when they're on the shelves behind where Mercer Frey stands doesn't seem right to me. I could take back the Dwemer Puzzle and the Buste but a Jewelled Chandelier of some sorts I couldn't take. 00:19, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Help PLS by Under Saarthal - Saarthal

I can't move to the next area where the Puzzle part is starting!

I bought and upgraded my house in Whiterun, I have two different profiles with the same upgrades of the house (Completely upgraded) and for some reason I am unable to put any weapons on the weapon rack and unable to put any weapons or shields on the wall posts of the house either, my friends Skyrim allows him to, but mine doesn't please help =( xbox 360 by the way

after completeing good intentions, savos aren does not give me the revealing the unseen quest. i re did good intentions, tried talking to mirabella, everything. this glitch is on my xbox 360 also and i know this has happened to other players because they said in the comments on youtube. please help.

No Marriage Dialogue for Taarie in Solitude (PC)

So, I've done Taarie's favor for her (her request to wear her outfit for Jarl Elisif), and even became Jarl of Haafingar, and she has no dialogue options for marriage while the Amulet of Mara. She's listed in the game guides as being a marriable NPC, and adding her to the "marriage" faction via the console does nothing. Is this a general issue, or am I just missing something? 04:21, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

No One Escapes Cidhna Mine

Hi, i'm playing skyrim on the PC, and when i finished the escape from No One Escapes Cidhna Min; the piece of the amulet from Geirmund's Hall Gauldur Fragment was no in my inventory after getting all my stuff back.

Dragon Shout Inability

For some reason, even though I have many dragon souls, it won't let me spend them on shouts I have found on the word walls. Someone please help.

Inability to Complete "Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head"

If I try to talk to Delvin Mallory for the quest, I am given the line "I think you better listen to Mercer and Brynjolf first. We can talk later". If I try to talk to Brynjolf, I am given "Hmm?". And if I try to talk to Mercer I hear "This better be important, I'm busy" or "Don't you have better things to do than disturb me?".

How do I/Can I move forward in this quest?

Hulda's Death

I accidently killed Hulda and am therefore unable to receive the quest to receive the Ebony Blade. Is there a way to circumvent this or am I shit out of luck?

Invisibility Makes You Fragile

So I thought it would be fun to run around with my full set of Legendary Daedric gear, executing guards left and right with the help of the invisibility spell. I decided to be adventurous and target Riften guards. Normally, these guys do pretty nil damage to me, I can handle 15-20 at a time without healing. So, I sneak up behind a guard with invisibility, execute him, all goes well. I run around for a bit, trying to dodge guards until my invisibility spell kicks in again. All of a sudden, this guard with a two-handed STEEL axe chops the fuck out of me. I died to an execution with more than 250 hp left. This occured while I was visible.

I tried to test if I can actually be normally executed without invisibility, as in I just charged in and swung wildly. I downed the entire group of Riften guards without losing more than 100 hp. Several two-handed guards did power attack me and I did get hit, but I was taking barely 10 dmg per hit.

After that, I ran around a bit and decided to test invisibility again at the Fort west of Riften (the one with the Silver Hands). I was once again executed by a Silver Steel Greatsword, WHILE I WAS INVISIBLE (with full hp). Tried the Fort again without invisibility, and again, no hassle, walked out with the Fragment of Wuuthrad and ~80 missing hp.

Has this happened to anyone else? I enjoy being a ninja too much to give up going on invisibility sprees.

This is on Xbox 360, can other platforms confirm? 06:45, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Were you decapitated? Because that may be intended. I got decapitated by deadra at Mehrune's Shrine. :S Branden Lee McLouth (talk) 13:25, November 30, 2011 (UTC)


I'm playing this on PS3 and the problem is that when i need to take an item for a quest from a wall or ground I get a notification i get it, but it does not appear in my inventory. Another problem is:If I killed someone and then need to take for example a ring of the body the ring does not appear in the persons inventory. (or if i need to get a amulet from a chest it isn't in there) This pisses me off because now I cant do a lot of quests including the mainquest (I cant read the elder scroll because its not in my inventory). Does anyone here have the same problem? Hopefully this will be fixed when bethesda patches it again. But perhaps you've found a solution and want to share it with me =)

Did you try deleting and reinstalling the game data? 15:30, November 20, 2011 (UTC)uub07

Jarl Korir of Winterhold ask to find Helm of Winterhold over and over again

When I spoke to the jarl of Winterhold for the first time, he asked me to find the helm of Winterhold. I said ok and bring him the helm. But when I came back later to talk to him, he ask me again the same thing, to find the helm of Winterhold, but this time in another cave. Again i brought it back to him and he paid me again. Later, I came back one more time, and same thing append, he ask me to find the helm again. This appened on PS3 version. This link "" is a topic of people having the same problem.

Amulet of Mara(PC)

I bought the amulet, but don't have any extra dialogue options, I do have it equiped.

Check on this wiki, there is a list of people you are able to marry. It only prompts for those characters, and there is no doubt about it when you find them. NightShade25 (talk) 04:15, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

(PC) item interaction

I have been having a problem "examining" items in the menu. I tried using a 360 controller for PC and it works with that, but the controls are so clunky, I prefer a Keyboard/Mouse, but then I cannot examine the items. I can zoom in with "C" but I cannot left click items to move, middle click does not work, and Right click consumes or equips the item in question. some people have reported that unchecking the "gamepad" option in the settings menu is a fix, but it does not work. is this a bug worthy of going in the "bugs" section of the wiki? can anyone else recreate this on another PC? 14:09, November 20, 2011 (UTC)


So I finished the quest Escape From Cidnha Mine. *Spoilers* At the end of the quest I killed Madanac and a guard arrested me so I paid the fine and all of my quest items were gone from my inventory and also the game. I can't get them anymore but even the quest arrow still tries to lead me there. I emptied a chest with a quest item in it but did not get the item and the chest never showed empty. The quest arrow never left the chest either. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix that other than restarting?

Dead Thrall Disappearing

Dead thrall are randomingly disappearing. This renders the skill useless because the whole point of dead thrall is to find a good NPC to turn and keep him maybe even gear him. Dead thrall disappears while running on foot or if you run away with your horse. Also, when you fast travel to a certain location either the thrall is already gone on arrival or he stands still for 3-4sec then vanishes. Dead thrall was the only thing that could have been better than a Dremora but considering you can not keep a pimped out thrall there is no point ot using one.

This needs to be confirmed. If anyone else is experiencing the same problem write confirmed in here ---> (confirmed)(confirmed again)

After doing some testing with a flame thrall and PRID and moveto command it is safe to assume the dead thrall is simply deleted from the game. His reference id does not exist anymore

Confirmed bug. Any type of thrall has a chance of disappearing at any time outside of combat. Dead Thralls are the most susceptible. Fast travel is the most likely catalyst, followed by horse and on-foot travel. Because of this, the Necromancy line (especially the Dead Thrall spell) is rendered much less useful. Jaga Telesin (talk) 20:10, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Update: I found one method of pseudo-fast-travel that will ensure you keep your Thrall(s): using the cart and horse travel NPC near major towns. Get your Thrall(s) close, speak to the NPC, then hop on the back as usual. I just verified it worked with a Dead Thrall in tow. Until this bug is fixed, this may be the only way to preserve your thrall and travel at faster-than-foot speed. Jaga Telesin (talk) 04:39, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

Joining the Companions bug

I play Skyrim on the PC. I were done doing the main quest, thiefs guild quests and the dark brotherhood quests. I did not know of the Companions at that time. So i checked it out but when i first came there. A guy named Vilkas or something came up to me and started talking sh*t. Then i ignored it and kept going on, but he keeps following me and starting the same dialog over and over. He even follows me out of the city and sometimes in to battles.

Its so annoying that i smashed 2 of my buttons, on the keyboard. I kind of regret that, but it was good to let it out.

But does someone have a solution or fix to this thing? I were reading another report of the same bug, but the solution was kind of weird, it said that i had to pay my bounties.. and i have like 30K bounty, maybe more.

This is to do with your bounty. If you have a bounty of over 1000 in any hold, he and farkas will never stop talking to you or following you. Paying off your bounties fixes this.

The Fallen/ trapping Odahviing

Cant complete the main quest line during The Fallen. i have completed the first objectiveby setting the trap, but when i use the shout to call odahviing the game does not progress. he never shows but it says i completed the call. PLZ HELP!!! someone must have this issue. i been looking for an answer for 4 days now. 17:03, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Finding books for Urag

Ive got Skyrim for Playstation 3 in german. So maybe i dont know the english names of the Dungeons and quests. The Quest is to find a book named "Der Krieg des Ersten Rates" in english maybe it is "the first war of Directors". The book is in dungeon called "Schlangenfintenschanze" in english maybe it is "Snake trick jump". It is a dungeon near Rorikstead.

There is a locked door which can not be opened! Unable to find the book.

Looping 'wind & torch' sound

I started a special quest for the Theives Guild (cant remember the name), but you have to recover a 'silver candle mold' for someone in Markarth, so there i was in this little grotto with my torch, just stabbed a guy to death, you know the usuall for a Friday night in Skyrim, & i hear the wind seeping through the back of a wardrobe, i push the button next to it & 'voila' it opens & i get a constant loop of the wind & my torch crackling, over & over & over & over, the only time it stops is when another character is talking, the only other option, is turning down the effects bar in the menu's. No matter where i go or what i do, its always looping in sound, imagine having that whistling & crackling sound in your ears for hr's & hr's & hr's.

This is by far the worst & most annoying bug i have come across, i know it's only been a week & Bethesda are workin there 'behinds' off to sort many bugs & glitches, i just hope they know what im talkin about 'an' get it fixed.

Naughty Bethesda, very naughty.


Quest bug: Evil in waiting - first vessel knocked out of range

While fighting the first draugr deathlord in the room with the first vessel, I finished him with a lightning bolt which knocked him into the vessel and knocked the vessel back behind his sarcophagus. It's unreachable; I know it's there because the quest arrow is still on it. It's not a failure in game mechanics, but rather a failure to wall off the space behind the sarcophagus so that silly things like essential quest items can't get knocked into an unreachable spot. (360) 23:20, November 20, 2011 (UTC)Aceofwhat

PS3 Skyrim Whiterun Breezehome lost items under dresser after house upgrade

PS3 Skyrim Whiterun Breezehome lost items under dresser after house upgrade.

I placed items on the box to the left of the upstairs bedroom, the one beside the chest, (swords, potions, a centurion core, various other items) before i upgraded my house in Whiterun. Now that i have upgraded, all the items that were on top of that box are inside the dresser, (not in the dresser inventory but physically INSIDE the dresser it'self. (I can see the red aura of the centurion core through the dresser and through the ceiling from downstairs) i have tried hitting the box with other dropped weapons in hope of knocking the items from under the dresser, i tried the unrelenting force shout from different angles, i even tried going downstairs and trying to jump up directly under the dresser and grab the items but no matter what i try the items give no (take) option so i am unable to retrieve these items. anyone else have this happen? ( PS3 , normal edition Skyrim ) Anthony Cowan (talk) 00:43, November 21, 2011 (UTC) Just replicated this by loading an earlier save game file and moving all the stuuf on top of the box around but leaving it on the box then immediatly going and buying the house updates and it happened again.

Conjuration Ritual Spell Quest

When completing the Conjuration Ritual Spell Quest, should you attack the unbound daedra before speaking to it, you will be unable to summon it again after you've killed it, making the quest impossible to complete. This happens most often when you have a companion with you at the time of summoning and the companion attacks the daedra. (PC, PS3 confirmed)

Winterhold College: Freeze in Artifacts Quest

While doing the first part of the artifacts quest in the Winterhold College, where you're supposed to wear the amulet, cast a spell at the door, the game freezes either when putting on the amulet (rarely) or when casting a spell at the door - this one happens every time without exception. New saves, starting over, playing at low settings, updated drivers, nothing helps, the game is broken right in the beginning for a mage like my character.

Solution: It seems like once you use a spell that travels slower than destruction spells and the like, for example Fear works okay, and turn away from the door before the spell reaches it so that it's no longer in your sight when it breaks, that seems to solve the problem.

The glitch happend to me once, I think I solved it by picking up all the "enchanted rings" first as it didnt happen when I had them all, other then that restarting the computer when it clitches and reloading save outside the ruins should help, also try destructon spell in one hand, it may not bug out as it could be an overload sound and visual effects problem.

A Cornered Rat Quest Missing

hi i have found a glitch or bug that has really pissed me off... i have completed diplomatic immunity and was going to start a cornered rat. i didnt start to do this quest imediatly but i had already found the guy before i had started the quest by accident. anyways when i finally wanted to do this quest i tried to go straight to him and continue this quest without a marker on my map. nothing happened... so i asked my buddys and they told me i was right so i went to my active quests and the quest is gone... i have tried to go and talk to her but she wont give me another quest... now im a lvl 33 with 56 hours of gameplay and its all been wasted. this is for the xbox 360 if you can help me through xbox live my gamertag is SSG THUNDER 7 02:33, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Atronach Forge and Daedric Boots

When using the Atronach Forge to summon Daedric Boots, the boots will appear, but upon picking them up, they will be invisible in the inventory and take up capacity (therefore cannot be worn or dropped). Upon some investigation with the console, it appears that the boots spawned are the ones worn by the Dremora summons, which are unusable by the player - they must have gotten the item code mixed up. I deleted the glitched boots via console and added the correct ones without too much hassle once I realised what was going on, but I guess a console user couldn't do any of these things, so it's a pretty harsh glitch.

Walking around headless

For some reason I'm walking around without a head, it doesn't seem to be a textures issue, but my neck is a bloody stump as if the head's been simplu lopped off.

I have no idea what's done this but I'm feeling it's possibly either due to the Dragon Priest masks (I've had two), or my use of the TIM console command (an enemy chopped my head off but I didn't die)? It is incredibly disturbing. When I 'replace' my head using SetPlayerRace command there is still a bloody ring on my neck, and often the head would get 'caught' and be stretched if I move, or just 'fall off my neck' (with mining animations in particular), while being attached by spasming textures. Often if I reload a save the head dissapears.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, does anyone have any idea how it can be fixed? It's so disturbing to have this as my character... ~~Ingu~~

The Quest: Find the Copy of the Wild Elves, given by the Librarian in the mage college. I had the book in my inventory all ready since I had previously cleared the dungeon, Lost Knife Hideout, but the NPC isn't giving me the option to give it to him, and when I highlight the quest arrow it says I need to go to the dungeon and remove the book from the chest, so I went back and checked the chest, but there is not a book inside. It won't let me drop the book since it is a quest item. Also, I went back and talked to Urag Gro-Shub, but there still is not an option about my having the book for him.


I too have a headless character (PC version), I took off a helmet and my head came off too! It's not a graphics driver problem as when I load up the saved game blood spurts out of the top of my neck!



Vampire/Hood glitch

When you become a vampire the thieves guild hood makes your character bald.

[PC] Dunno if it started when i become a vampire, but the Guild Master Hood makes me bald as well. In addition, i can equip it simultaneously with other helm/hat. 05:31, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Missing Menus

I dont know what happenend but no response menus are showing up now. So I cant complete any requests because of it. For instance I will attempt to sell something or train in something but the menus wont show or I will go to turn a quest in to a person and nothing happens afterward anyone else have this problem?(PS3) Soooo now i cant play

Stuck in Skuldafn's last door (bug)

I'm on the main quest in Skuldafn at the last puzzle-door. At first it simply wouldn't allow me to activate the rings on the door and align the animals up to the Silver Claw key, but now the Claw won't turn the whole way to open the door under the correct alignment. It's very frustrating as I can't go forward and if I go backwards, I can't fast travel out of the location. I've tried going out a door and even out to the outside and "waited" a few hours and tried the door but that useful trick isn't working this time. This character might be doomed... :(

Cannot collect new shouts

I collected a Frost breath shout from a dragon's nest but the word never appeared in my list of shouts, I figured it would just be a minor annoyance and that I would just continue on. However ever since every single Dragon Word Wall I find I can't learn the shout, I hear the staticy sound and the chanting but there is no glowing print amongst the words and no matter how long I stand there I don't learn any new shouts. Thus far it happened to me in Silverdrift Lair with the Disarm shout, and in Folgunthur Crypt with the Frost Breath shout.

I'm having the same problem with the wall in Valthume, loud static noise and chanting but no glowing print.

Followers Equipping

All Followers refuse to use magic bows, prefering instead the default hunters bow, no matter how high of damage the modified one is. Mjoll the Lioness refuses to wear magic rings given to her. BryanWPeterson, View my work (PC, Version: Steam 1.1.21) 09:38, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

The Fallen Won't Progress

I have trapped Odahviing, and I made him agree to take me to Alduin's lair after I set him free. The second I do this, he starts attacking everyone, and no option to talk to him currently exists. This is making the main quest utterly imposibble. Please tell me Bethesda plans on fixing the gamebreaking glitches on the main quest? The Milkman (talk) 10:03, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Bug Forbidden Legend

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I found a bug where the quest Forbidden Legend is uncompletable.

Its possible to bug this quest many different ways, but the way it happened to me was:

- I enter Geirmund's Hall before getting the quest

- Reached the end of the dungeon, and fought the boss NPC

- Later on, I recieved the quest, did all the required steps until having to come back to Geirmund's Hall.

- Following the quest marker, it eventually brought me to where I had killed the Boss NPC but no corpse was found. Simply an arrow pointing to the ground with no way of aquiring the amulet I needed.

I got Faendal (the elven archer) as my first companion, after halping him against Sven by delievering his letter. He comes with me at first, but when I slept in a bed for the first time, he simply vanished. Not in his home, not anywhere. After that, any other companion I find will refuse to follow me saying that I already have someone with me. So, I won't be able to use companions for the rest of the game.

Main Quest: Season Unending

I have already convinced Ulfric in the main quest Season Unending, but I can't get Tullius because I have the quest "Joining the Legion" proceeded to "Take the oath" part, which makes his dialog only "I need to think about it" and "take the oath" to choose.The previous one results in a cease of the dialog, so, I can't go on since I don't want to side either Legion or Stormcloak actually(I still have a choice to join the Stormcloak to interrupt Joining the Legion). Thus, the problem is that I have to choose a side or I get my main quest chain stuck here.

Weapons float on back

Weapons floating on back.

Any equipped weapons on my back (quivers, bows, two-handed swords) float a good six inches away from my back, as if I was wearing heavy, wide armor. Can be fixed for a very short time by unequipping everything (including armor) and then putting it all back on, but problem recurs almost immediately once you enter 1st person or draw a weapon.

Used to love 3rd person, but now it completely ruins the experience. Anyone found a way to fix this?

Pickpocketing buffs are reversed with Thieves Guild quests (on PC)?

I noticed while grinding the minor quests for Thieves Guild, that the Thieves Guild Boots gave me negative pickpocketing buff instead of increasing the skill! Same happened with the +20% pickpocketing potion.

Without any effects on my characted I had 9% change to succeed in pickpocketing an item during the quest, where I was supposed to pickpocket a specific item for the guild. If I put on the Thieves Guild boots (with +15% enhancement to the pickpocketing) the reported success rate dropped to 5%. And if I consumed the +20% pickpocketing potion on top of that the successs rate dropped to 0%. I had to take few tries before I noticed that...

This behavioud was observed on PC version of Skyrim.

resolving my glitches.

liberating markarth

i managed to get the quest from Ulfric's leiutanant (the bloke in the bear hat) and he told sent me to blackmail Raeric. however when i went into his room i stole the inscribed amulet of talos, I talked to Raeric, and nothing happened. In the end i managed to steal about 4 of these amulets since i noticed they kept on reappearing in his dresser. So i went back to Raeric and there was still no dialogue in order to blackmail him. I then proceeded to free the forsworn king and then got a glitch where the guards wouldnt take you to jail so my bounty became huge (and therefore i killed every guard in markarth). i managed to resolve this by swapping the Reach for the Rift in the negotiacion bit in the mainquest.

liberating solitude

I went on to defeat Alduin with no problems. and then went to free the rift from the imperials. when that was done i got some officer's armor from ullfric. i travelled to the camp near solitude but the guy in the bear hat wouldnt give me the dialogue to start the mission. so i went back to ulfric *sigh* talked to him and i could carry on.

I guess the way of resolving these glitches is to load up a previous game and make sure the game has loaded the quest icon. (if there is no quest marker then there's probably a glitch). And for the irritating flashing blue glitch, switch your console off and on and reload from an autosave. 19:17, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Cleanse Green Glow Glade

Cannot clean Green Glow Glade (German Säubere Grünquellichtung) when told by the Followers Aela. So Questline cannot proceed when asked for more work. This was in my case when i already killed the Saber tooth tiger before i got this quest (so the location was already marked as solved). 19:17, November 21, 2011 (UTC)Frank

Cannot purchase Hjerim/Cannot trigger Blood on the Ice

I'm experiencing two bugs regarding Hjerim (the player house in Windhelm). The first is that I cannot purchase the home from Ulfric's steward. Upon selecting the option to purchase the home for 12,000 septims, he simply replies "we do have on empty house, but there's been some unpleasantness recently, and it's not quite available" or something to that effect. No amount of time spent waiting or no amount of return trips seems to fix this.

I thought the solution would be to complete the Blood on the Ice quest (the one with the murderer in Windhelm), but I cannot trigger this either. I have been back and forth from Windhelm many times. Sometimes I just go in and out of the gate, other times I am just visiting on quest business, but the body in the graveyard is not showing up. I know from reading around the internet that others are experiencing this problem. I'm looking to 1) find a possible solution and 2) give this bug some attention so that maybe Bethesda can fix it in the next patch.

This is my first time using this forum, so I'm not sure if this is allowed, bt if anyone has any insight you can contact me at kennedyinator<at>


Reply: I too have the same exact problem. But thousands of others have as well. Turns out the whole quest line is buggy. Even if you complete quest, there is still blood and bones in it and you unable to get it romoved. Some people have reported corrupted file saves after beating quest. Blood On Ice quest somehow is linked to Dark Brotherhood quest line, causing it to also be bugged.

Re: I have the PS3 version and I am experiencing the same thing. I also cannot buy the house in Riften for the same reason. I completed both side quests in order to obtain both houses and still nothing. November, 20th 2011 15:27 (GMT)

QUEST: Reyda's Remains/Necklace, Xbox 360, quest item stuck in inventory

The first time I played through, her remains did not show up; saving, quiting, and returning fixed that and I completed the quest.

However, during my second play through, her remains showed up before the quest was initiated (which may be normal), so I took the necklace before talking to Narfi (her brother?) or Wilhelm, the inn keeper.

After initiating the quest, I am not able to give the necklace to the brother. I spoke with both the inn keeper and the brother, after going through the nearby dungeon, and the quest does not update. So I'm stuck with Reyda's necklace which cannot be removed from my inventory.

Several Minor Bugs

Quest: Farengal doesn't give me the Frost Salts to take to Arcadia, so I lost out on several very nice potions.

Turns out I hadn't given the correct verbal prompt. Thought I had already said and asked everything.

Gameplay: My assault count is incremented every time I kill an animal such as a deer or a fox. Fortunately, it has not assigned a bounty to me for these bogus assault charges, but I have stopped hunting just in case. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Gameplay: When I activate a blacksmith's workbench to improve armor, studded armors do not show up in the list. Are studded armors included in the advanced armors category?

Quest: Red Eagle's Sword - Have both versions of the sword at same time - Xbox 360

I initially completed the quest, having the original sword (Red Eagle's Fury) into Red Eagle's Bane. I placed Bane on my weapon's stand in the purchasable house at Whiterun. I quit the game and came back to it later. The quest to "find Red Eagle's sword" was there again and the Bane sword was now the original Fury sword on the qeapon's stand. Wow!

So I returned to Red Eagle Redoubt and looted the still present corpse that originally held Red Eagle's Fury. A another Red Eagle's Fury was there. I went through the whole quest again and grabbed the new Red Eagle's Bane at the end.

I returned to the house and placed the Bane sword right next to the Fury sword on the weapon's stand. Very cool, but obviously not what is supposed to happen.

This I did as well on the PC. You read the book again to give you the quest again and you can get both versions of the sword. And you are given the quest again again with each time you read the book spawning more of the same sword on the same body. Jandraelune (talk) 04:58, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

Skyrim crashes during fast travel-

Every time I try to fast travel, the game dies during the loading screen. If I'm playing in full screen, the loading screen simply never ends, and the text at the bottom will change frequently, much moreso than it normally should. If I play in windowed mode, the game "stops responding," though in both cases, the music keeps playing. Note: it is normal for your computer to say the game is "not responding" during loading screens in windowed mode, at least if you're playing on Windows 7. The game resumes after a moment. In this case, however, the game never resumes. It's not crashing for any other loading screens. I can enter and exit buildings just fine. I can even use the coc command to go to other locations, and it won't crash during those loading screens. It is only when I open the map, click on a location, and attempt to fast travel to it that it freezes. This is unfortunate, because not all coc codes for locations are known yet. "coc whiterun" takes you to whiterun, for example. But it's not that straightforward, because typing "coc solitude" does nothing. Mind you, I could just go everywhere on foot. But that can be really inconvenient. I would like to mention that this has only started happening recently, yesterday in fact. It was fine before. But now no amount of finagleing will get it to work when it freezes. I've tried opening the task manager, tabbing away, etc. Note, tabbing out of Skyrim in full screen mode will always cause the game to stop working. Tabbing out of full screen mode when it's stuck on a loading screen because of this bug wreaks havoc. The cursor disappears no matter what program I tab into, clicking anywhere does nothing, and the only way to fix it is by opening the task manager and using the keyboard to navigate down to skyrim and hit (delete) to force it to quit.

So yeah. Pretty serious bug.

PS3 Bug with the Dark Brotherhood mission, "To Kill An Empire". After escaping from the castle in Solitude and returning to the Sanctuary, the door will not open when selected. I have tried doing the the quest line from the start of that mission several times but once I have to return to the Sanctuary the door will not open at all. This is a bummer cause I really like the story for this faction.

Imperial Camps are impossible to "clear".

At all times, when raiding remaining Imperial Camps. One can go and kill all the Imperial Soldier's in that location, although these camps come with an "Imperial Legate" with a custom name that happen to be essential character's meaning that you can't kill them in any manner possible...

This means in terms that one CAN'T clear any Imperial Camps across the landscape of Skyrim and renders the locations "unclearable".

Same with stormcloaks camps I tried clearing a camp but the captin just wouldn't die, nothing I did could kill him infact he was so anoying that he chased me right to an imperial camp. I couldn't get rid of him at all he just wouldn't die and wouldn't let me fast travel.

Unable to loot Dragonstone in Bleak Fall Barrows

If you happen to be a stealth character, a bug I ran into is as follows:

After you read the word of power from the Dragonwall in Bleak Fall Barrows a Draugr Lord rises from the near by casket. If you are stealthed during this and he doesn't spot you at some point during the fight you cannot loot him when he dies. Obvious way to get around this is to just let him see you and kill him after.

When wearing masks (my character is an argonian) my characters face sometimes disappears. Also, I cannot drop the elder scroll from the main quest line, even though i completed the main quest line, and it as well as other quest items are heavy and take up alot of inventory space. Also, some quest items stay in my inventory after the quest is completed. 01:15, November 22, 2011 (UTC)Munstergamer98.209.94.61 01:15, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

College of Winterhold quest stuck after Mzuleft Dungeon

I was doing the College of Winterhold quest for Mzuleft dungeon, where you find the location of certain element concerning to Mage's Guild questline.

I returned to the college to find a (random) dragon. I dealt with him, got into the Elements Hall.

Now the quest goes as follows: Ancano is casting a ward around the Orb, the Archmage gets near and everything is blown away. I "wake up" and my mission is to find where he's been blown to. He's on the yard, dead, but I cannot e-interact with him and Mirabelle won't respond to his pressence.

I've tried reloading several times, after and before the dragon and even completing the dungeon again, but nothing seems to work and the dragon is already "randomed" in the college. It's my 3rd dragon there.

Main Quest : No New Quest After Diplomatic Immunity

After completing Diplomatic Immunity, I went to talk to Delphine. When I was done speaking to her, it said " Diplomatic Immunity Complete," but didn't give me the quest to find Esbern. I later found that this was because I had joined the Theives Guild before completing this quest. I'd really like this patched soon so I can continue as I truly do not wish to restart.

Quest: darkness returns bug

At the end of Darkness falls I return the skeleton key, I listen to Nocturnal, then when I try to talk to Karliah she wont speak to me just keeps saying " Yes fellow Nightegale" and Im stuck in a hole with her. I've loaded up repeatedly even ran all the way out of the twilight sepulcher and same thing.

Thieves Guild Quest: Darkness Returns bug

At or towards the very end of the quest you put the skeleton key in the slot on the ground and Nocturnal pops out of some well in the ground and you are forced to listen to her. I get stuck here because after Nocturnal is done speaking she goes back in the ground and stays there with the quest marker pointing downward into the well-thingy. I know right around this point I am suppose to speak to Karliah but she doesn't appear and I'm stuck in this room with nowhere to escape. and even when I reload a save the same result occurs over and over again. Some one, for the love of God, help me. 04:22, November 22, 2011 (UTC)ronoc

I'm having the same issue on this quest. I'm going to reload a save and talk to karliah before I go in. See what happens then. Ok, found a fix to get her to spawn. When you go through the pit, the problem is she spawns in the room and leaves instantly. Wait for 1 hour (in game) and she will run back in the room. 16:00, November 28, 2011 (UTC) SinisterJoint - XBOX360

Thieves Guild Quest: Taking Care of Business

When reverse pick poketting the man in the square of Riften, before everyone "gathers round" the quest giver, as a distraction, the quest giver will not go down to the Rat Way to continue the quest. Unble to continue Thieves guild quest line.

Suggested Feature Install: Probably never going to happen, but a Hard reset for a quest, to just restart that quest, in order to bypass uniquley glitched/frozen quests.

THis happens to me as well on XBOX360. Please fix I have no way around this! 06:07, November 22, 2011 (UTC)xCALSTUDx

I'm having this same problem, and there is no way around it. Huge problem since no thieves guild missions can be played. Please correct the problem. 20:39, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Rebinding keys ruins menu actions.

I have had an issue with key binding. I reassigned "f" to sheith weapon and "r" to map.

I then could not drop items nor could i favourite anything.

i changed back the bindings to unused keys but now still I cannot us f in the menus to favourite weapons.

its pretty annoying as i have to go into the full menu everytime I want to use a bow.

anyone know a temporary workaround for this?

update: It seems that when you rebind a used key skyrim does the old switcheroo, replacing the menu key with the old key for the action you rebound.

put simply, if you rebind "m" for map as "f" for map then "f" for favourite is moved to "m" for favourite.

a bit of a pain but at least you can use the features again. damn console port!

Bound Bow: No Soul Trap Animation

With a bound bow and the soul stealer perk, I am not getting any soul trap animation.

(Xbox 360) Thieves Guild Quest Transition: Loud And Clear -> Dampened Spirits.

After going back and speaking to Brynjolf, I did not receive and award and he did not give me the follow up request. Speaking with everyone does nothing, and Brynjolf only says that he can't talk right now.

November 29, 2011 (UTC)This problem is happening on the PC version as well.

Totems of Hircine (2nd part)

in the dungeon (the name escapes me) for the 2nd Totems of Hircine quest, the place with the enchanted frostbite spiders. When i first went in the lever puzzle was glitched for me, no matter how many levers i switched the 3 spikes were retracted with one stuck halfway. however i left it for a while (unkillable aela follower with me for ages) and returned to the place and the spikes had been reset and the levers started working again. this happened on a PS3 and was encountered on my first saved character, haven't reached the place with another character and haven't entered said dungeon before the quest. 12:00, November 22, 2011 (UTC)


I am currently doing the quest "Revealing The Unseen" i am at the part where you need to focus the oculory but none of my spells seem to work on the lenses atall ever. Does anyone have any information on how to resolve this or do i have to start a new game? Although i wouldn't like to because it has taken long enough to get where i am now.

Probably not a glitch, use Flames (flamethrower hands) until the lens doesn't move anymore, then use the buttons to align it.

Use flames / ice (there are 2 spell tomes on the table at the top) on the oculary until each of the beams is in the middle of a ring. The all need to be in the middle of each ring and must have their own ring. After that, turn the rings so they line up to the beams.

Additionally, Where are you standing? you have to stand pretty close to it to make the effect work. If you're standing up the top by the buttons, thats too far!

Vendor bug

"Vendor Inventory Glitch" was the same as "Speech Leveling and Gold Exploit", so I removed "Vendor Inventory Glitch". I also added a similar bug with pickpocketing. Acerola (talk) 16:03, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

Hard Answers (Quest) bug

I dont know if this is a glitch exclusive to me or the X-BOX 360 version of the game but last night while I was playing through the Thieves Guild qestline after I completed the quest Speaking With Silence. I started the quest Hard Answers and there were no markers to guide me to where the objective is. It was only after I completed the side quest to kill the spidier Minie and gain the key to the museum, that the marker popped up for me when I brought up the quest and selected "Show on map," which previously didn't work.

There is also a glitch/bug that won't allow you to start "the pursuit" quest following the hard answers quest.(xbox 360) Is there any other option than starting a new character to advance to "the pursuit" to obtain the nightingale armour? 03:07, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Can't confirm that for PC. Probably forgotten to select the quest!?
Request confirmation for another bug: (PC) Game will crash at the stage Obtain Calcelmo's Falmer Translating Guide of the Hard Anwsers quest, somewhere around the Wizard's Guards "camp" inside Calcelmo's Laboratory. 14:43, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Moving Objects Is Harder Than It Should

When you move objects around the world by holding A, the object slowly rotates in a random direction, making it nearly impossible to set objects down how i would like them. For example i knocked over a pot in Proudspire Manor, so i picked it up to try to put it back, however the pot keeps flipping upside down when i have it in the air, which leads to me pushing it against the wall to straighten it again only to have it rotate once more. Oblivions wasnt perfect by far but this seems just stupid to decorate your house with, I wish you picked up a item then pressed a trigger or something to enable a rotate mode where you could freely rotate items as you see fit.

Imperial Soldiers Attacking City Guards Bug

I finished the quest where the peace negotiations happen, i wont go into more detail because of spoilers. Anyway i ended the negotiations with Stormcloaks taking Markarth and the Legion taking Riften. Every now and then in Riften Imperial Guards will attack Riften City Guards. Of course since i had already sided with the Legion for the Civil War Quests i attack the Riften guard to help my allies only to get a bounty in the Rift. Since the Imperials own Riften attacking their enemies in the city should NOT be a crime.

College of Winterhold quest-line Bugs

After completing the quest "Good intentions" for the mages at the College of Winterhold, and following the details of the quest to the letter, the arch mage gives me my rewards, but no questline continuation is possible. I can't talk to Maribelle and get the Staff of Magnus from the ruins of Muzlft. I can't get the quest "Revealing the unseen", and can't progress at all. Help? (P.S. - Before you ask, yes I have tried reloading multiple times. Yes I have tried going back and redoing the entire quest. Yes I have gone to Muzlft myself and tried to manually bypass talking to Maribelle, and finally yes I have tried pickpocketing the key to Muzlft off of Maribelle.)

Furniture Occasionally Does Not Load In Saves

(360) Every once in a while when i load a new game the furniture does not load along with the rest of a house. For example i save my game inside Proudspire Manor's basement, when i load the game again everything is one the floor, i suspect the game is not loading the fact i purchased the furniture from the steward. Reloading the save again until it loads the furniture works, usually only one time for me.

What comes after the Battle for Solitude?

Ok so this isnt a bug... i dont think so anyways.... I have completed the Quest a Battle for Solitude, bug free, killed Tulius, Ulfric Stormcloak took control of the city... blah, blah, blah. After that i spoke to both Ulfric and galmar and they told me i was done. One problem, according to my stats menu i have NOT finished the civil war questline. So i have a question. What comes AFTER the battle of solitude? is there eventually another quest? does someone come and find me? do they hold the moot and select Ulfric as high king? do i have to do something to initiate another quest? Do i have to finish the main quest first? or is that it. is that the last quest and its just a bug saying i havnt beaten that questline? please help haha, its BUGGING me Outlawmcgraw (talk) 12:21, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

Arrows not firing correctly

There is a bug where bows stop firing arrows correctly. See this example. Some people have reported that changing weapons and arrows fixes this, but since that didn't work for me, I tried giving my bows to my companion, then trading them back, which seemed to do the job. Visionholder (talk) 01:05, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Marriage Glitch Involving Follower

Decided to marry Brelyna Maryon while she was my follower. Retrieved the amulet, requested the marriage, waited 24 hours, and my follower disappeared to attend the wedding. Went to attend the wedding myself, was prompted a final time to make sure I wanted to marry Brelyna, I stated yes, and then the wedding ended and all the guests disappeared.

Searched all possible locations for her, but she did not show up anywhere.

Fix: Typed player.moveto (ref ID of Brelyna) and the final part of the marriage quest showed up, with her asking me where we should live. All of the items she had were kept, although to get her to wear the armor I had to remove an item from her inventory.

Can anyone else confirm this bug with other followers/duplicate it with this particular follower? SnapDragin (talk) 07:38, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Weapon Damage Display Bug

(PC) I've noticed that when viewing a weapons damage in the inventory screen, the increase in damage displayed in green text, is sometimes incorrect (the +?? part at the bottom of the inventory screen).

For example, while viewing a given sword, at the bottom of the inventory screen:

If I am currently equipped with a lesser weapon, it may display "Damage: 4 (+15)".

However, after equipping the sword, it may display "Damage: 15 (+15)".

Does anybody else have this problem? If so, is it just a superficial problem, or does the damage displayed actually reflect damage dealt? -- Masterchip27 (talk) 22:51, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Brother Verulus wont follow you after you bribe him.

I bribed Brother Verulus to follow me (even with 100 speach, intimidate and persuade didnt work), but he wont. It's the quest "The Taste of Death." my last daedric artifact quest. Erm... he wont even talk to me so i can continue the quest. HE JACKED THE MONEY!

Is it possible he's stuck somewhere? I bribed him with ~ 80 speech and he's following me without a problem (PC)

The Companions, Aela's Shield.

So I've done this quest on a different character, beat the companions questline with him. But with my new character the moment Eourlund Gray Mane stops talking after I exit the conversation, and I'm suppose to receive Aela's shield the game instantly crashes to the desktop, without any warning or errors. I've tried reloading plenty of times.. and other things, nothing works.

I've also encountered other pretty gamebreaking bugs, I hope bethesda releases a patch real soon.

The patch is coming next week, and the way i pickpocketed Aela's shield by accident. Its not a special shield.

Soul trap & Followers filling entire stack of Soul gems

A follower wielding a Soul trap weapon and a stack of soul gems will fill the entire stack of gems in a single kill. Tested on PC and X360. May require you to get the final hit once soul trap is active. Cyhawkx (talk) 15:19, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

Unable to Attack

Has this ever happened to you? Where you shout or attack with weapon or magic, then you get staggered back. But you can't attack, cast a spell, or shout without switching from attacking stance (having your spell and weapon out) to un armed stance.

Yep I've had this problem too. I didn't know if it was due to staggering (I'll have to check it out). I've noticed it mainly with using shouts - sometimes, no matter how many times I press z, I can't use my shout.Sablestone (talk) 19:41, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

Dead Men's Respite Ruby Dragon Claw Door Glitch on Xbox

The ring's on the door won't turn, and there's no way to get out of Dead Men's Respite without getting through the door.

House beds (owned)

When I buy a house and have a housecarl assigned to it, I notice that they apparently have their own bed which I am not allowed to sleep in (even though its my house!, and the housecarl never sleeps in it). Ok so fine, if I take that housecarl as a companion and they happen to die in a dungeon for example, that bed is still listed as owned and I can never use it.

Dual Wielding glitch

Has anyone else had this problem? When dual-wielding two of the exact same weapons (i.e. for me its been two Ebony war axes {Superior}) if the player switches at all between a two-handed weapon, bow or switch one hand to spellcasting the game constantly unfavorites one of the dual wield weapons chosen, and has been forcing me all too often during combat, to have to enter the dedicated items menu, re-select the axes etc. re-designate them as favorites then return to the game only to have to repeat the same process again, and again, and again... very frustrating! 19:24, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

Obtaining Annekke Crag-Jumper

Some people (myself included) appear to be having a problem with getting the quest from Annekke Crag-Jumper. Does anyone know if this is a bug or is there some sort of trigger?Sablestone (talk) 19:39, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

(xbox 360) Selling the strange amulet to calixo.

you can sell this an infinite amount of times and continue to pickpocket it back.

Quest markers not showing

When i have all quests marked as active, i seem to lose all the quest markers off my compass except the one leading into / out of the nearest city.

So far, i've only noticed this with about 20 side quests and 15 miscellaneous quests marked as active. When i uncheck a number of quests, the markers return, it looks like there's some kind of limit on how many you can have active. Has anybody else encountered this?

PS3 - I'm experiencing a similar issue, but a little worse. I can't get ANY of my quest markers to work on miscellaneous quests. It doesn't matter if I only have 1 quest selected, or multiple quests. This means every time I have a quest that says "Speak to ____", or "Deliver X to ____", I have to Google the location of this NPC to finish the quest. This is losing appeal very quickly.

Pass through wall glitch (Riften Jail) Physics

While in Riftens jail, if you go to the room adjacent to Therki the innocent (spelling of character may be wrong), and jump ontop of the chest - you can see a "chair" to sit on in the middle of the wall behind it. If you sit on it, you are moved to Therki's jail cell onto the chair in her cell. Her cell has no lock , and is impossible to get back out without using the "tcl" command in console. 22:38, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

Battle of Solitude Bug

I was travelling to Solitude to complete the quest "The Battle of Solitude" for the Stormcloaks, when a dragon flew overhead. I then got a message saying "Completed: Recieved Orders from Ulfric Stormcloak", which I had not yet completed. Now I can't see the objective on the map, and the Stormcloaks in Solitude are nowhere to be found. Also, I found Ulfric standing in his hall in Dragonreach with axe drawn, but he had no speech option about the Battle available.

Furniture disappearing in House

I've discovered a bug on the PS3 version of Skyrim. I just bought a house and filled the bookshelves and decorated it with objects. Then I quit and took a break. Upon reloading my game, I found that most of my furniture / decorations was missing and all my objects were scattered all over the ground. A wall was missing upstairs as well. What's the point of buying a house if the furniture disappears? I was better off homeless.

I've found this on PS3 and Xbox360. The master bedroom wall for Breezehome has occsionally dissapeared. I've also discovered that if you were to manually decorate and place objects in your home (e.g. drop them from your inventory) upon leaving and re-entering after a few days, those objects will have reset to where they were originally dropped. I found this out the hard way, as I had a kettle and decided to drop about thirty carrots in it so I dropped alllll the carrots from my inventory, manually used the grab tool to place them into the kettle (which about 10mins >:( ) only to come back an hour later to find them scattered about my one lovely home :( John Lukas (talk) 15:30, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Master Spell Costs

Not sure if this is a bug, but something doesn't quite feel right about it. I finished the Destruction Ritual quest and got the Master spells but the costs seemed a little off. Lightning Storm seemed fine at 30 Magicka per second. But Fire Storm and Blizzard costing 317 and 246 Magicka respectively despite the Master perk to halve costs it seems too high as without it no one could really cast them. And relating to that, the damage feels a little low for Fire Storm and Blizzard considering the massive costs in casting them and compared to the Damage/Cost ratio of Lightning storm. The costs were also while wearing the Archmage Robes and the Nightweaver Band whichs reduced the costs by 15% and 10% respectively.

Odahviing will not talk/fly

When i go to trap odahviing in dragonreach he will not talk. he seems like he is still a hostile target (with his health bar showing up and everything) and will not speak to me. the only way i can get him to talk is by using setstage in the console, which seems to work just fine until i go to the guard to release him (the guard receives the command to release him, and then promptly does nothing and i have to do it myself) and then once he is freed it never gives me the option to jump on him to go to skuldafn. i have loaded back to previous saves of this character and every time i get to this point, the same thing happens. this is becoming slightly infuriating, this is i think the fourth time i have played through this part and this is the only time ive run across this problem.

Merchant investing/ $1000 bonus issues

I noticed that when I picked up the speechcraft perk that gives 1000 extra gold to every merchant, there are still a lot of them that are not getting the bonus. it seems to be the jewelery sellers, the vegetable/meat sellers, and the inn keepers that I've noticed this pattern with. Also, a lot of these merchants I am unable to invest 500 gold with as well. They don't give me the option in the dialogue for many of them.

Stolen but not stolen

Stolen items duplication/laundering

Take items off the shelfs, leave the room and wait a day, come back and the items are back. Now if you drop that item and leave come back after a day there are now two of that item with the one you left now takable with out stealing.

When shops reset their gold and stock each day items on shelfs also reset.

How ever this can happen everywhere, but mostly in or near shops/stores.

There are even quests that have you steal items, you steal them come back and the item is still there.

This only works with placed fixed items. Random items do not do this. Jandraelune (talk) 05:10, November 26, 2011 (UTC)


On my PS3 the game will go through the starting cutscene but when the time for the carriage ride comes it shows my character in a blank screen in 3rd person then i instanlty die.

Companions 360

When i get near the companions in anyway Farkas will talk to me again and again. The only way to make him shut up is hitting him until he falls to his knees, and even thats only temperary. Its gotten me killed many times

Jarl house war map and Explorers Guide to Skyrim

These two items always flash the " Map updated " text in the upper left. But nothing new ont he map is ever added.

Each time you read the book it flash's the text up. Each time you click a flag on the map the text flashs. Jandraelune (talk) 05:25, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

Gerdur... In General.

I have finished the beginning quest, i have first gone to riverwood and been instructed to speak to gerdur. i didnt straight away i speak to her instead i spoke to the blacksmith, archery trainer, and gained a few levels with smithing. i then find Gerdur and her dialogue is as though i have already spoken to her. i know that i need to go to whiterun, but she hasnt told me, and so the quest log is still telling m to speak to Gerdur. this is very annoying as it is the VERY FIRST QUEST... pretty much.

After I helped bring her brother back to Riverwood and then went to the Whiterun Jarl on her behalf (which she stated that she would be grateful to me for), When I came back to her village, she talked to me as if I were someone she had never met before. I expected her to thank me for getting a soldier detachment from whiterun to there to help with dragons.

I have found a bug in the darkbrotherhood quest ( WITH FRIENS LIKE THESE ), I have found that if you find the DarkStar Sactuary and answer the blackdoor's questions before you get the quest you will be unable to proceed after you have been gaven proper entry from Astrid. Not even the pharse she gives you shows up for the response to the door. So far there looks to be no solution. 06:41, November 26, 2011 (UTC)AlexanderHarrison

Message to Whiterun quest won't go away (Xbox360)

I did the questline for the Imperials, I went through the entire questline and completed it but my log still says I need to warn the jarl of whiterun and report to Legate Quentin Cipius even though I have already completed this stage. I have tried returning to both npcs and there is no dialouge available. Hadvar now follows me whenever I enter a town(at least when I enter whiterun) with his sword out but I cannot talk to him. I didn't realize the bug until after I continued so i'm unable to reload.

Weird Louis Letrush behavior

PCversion: I completed the quest "Keeping Promises" in Riften where I stoled Maven's horse, Frost, for Louis Letrush. Instead of giving him the horse, I used the persuasion option to tell him that I would keep the horse for myself. He ran off leaving me with Frost. Now, whenever I go to visit Whiterun, Louis is standing outside the stables right next to Frost as if he might steal him, but he doesn't give any dialogue or move at all. He's just standing there permanently.

Quest bug - Rescue from Fort Neugrad

Quest won't update - Rescue from Fort Neugrad

In Rescue from Fort Neugrad, I did a frontal assault on the Fort instead of going through the caves. After killing the last Imperial troops and freeing all the prisoners, Ralof told me to report back to Galmar. So far, so good.

But when I speak to Galmar, he keeps telling me to take the fort. The quest log also doesn't update. I have triple checked the fort for any surviving Imperial troops, but there really aren't any. Ralof and the former prisoners (who are just standing in front of the gates to the keep) do not offer any conversation options.

Gauldur Amulet fragment missing

I went into a dungeon a long time ago and killed this drougr deathlord who had a gauldur amulet fragment and left thinking it was worthless. well i later found out that u need them so when i went back to get it the dead drougr that were there, were gone and new ones had spawned. and now my arrow is pointing at the ground where the drougr dethlord use to be with the fragment and i have no clue how to get it now. help please. (I cant reload it was at about 20 hours in my file when i killed him and now in 130 hours into my file)

Game freeze/crash PS3

having quite a serious issue...everytime i go into the menu to select something the game freezes, cant change magic, look in inventory nothing! dont really understand what has happened becuase i used to be able to do all those things but since starting the quest given to me by the greybeards ive had this issue.

Winterhold College

While doing the questline for winterhold college, I go into the basement to find the floating ball of light. After finding him and talking to him the quest will not advance. What needs to be done?

Chickens reporting crimes

I don't know if it's just chickens, or all animals, but at least the former can report crimes.

I realize they mentioned this was something they fixed before release, but I kept on hearing on a certain imageboard that it was still in. Due to the particular nature of said imageboard, I thought it was just left in (humoursly) for non-legimate copies, but when I (legimately, as always) bought my copy, It was present in mine as well.

Stealing items when the only living thing was a chicken caused a bounty, and upon killing it, it said the last witness had died. 16:53, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

I experience the same thing with cows and horses... John Lukas (talk) 15:20, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

First thief guild mission fail.

The boss tell me to steal ring and put it to someone's pocket. I did it and quist isnt finished. I quit city after all and it says i failled :(

saves is here (fist after quest begin, second after i still ring, and here is no thris where i finish the quest. you can done it by self in 3 sec): Skyrimaxet (talk) 19:44, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

Eyes Glitch Black


Does anybody know permanent solution for this eyes glitch? May be related to saving/loading game while blinking. This glitch happens EVERYTIME I PLAY SKYRIM for 10-15 minutes and is permanent, restarting game or exiting to main menu and reloading takes care of it but just for a moment. Many thanks for any clues.


As found at , some players are experiencing the same problem:

"Player's eyes glitch black: When using any form of invisibility (potions / spells or in my case Shadow Warrior perk ) his eyes turn black. It happens every time the player goes invisible. That can only be fixed when using the console command sexchange."

Which cleared some of my previous (naive) ideas about how the glitch is triggered. Still no satisfying solution.

Here is some console info for people willing to redesign their characters to remove Perks or Skills (player.setav <skill> <amount>) causing this bug.

Siege of the Dragon Cult

On the XBOX 360 I am having some issues opening the Glass Claw door. None of the three rings will turn, but I can activate the the keyhole. I managed to reload out of a fluke and got past it, but now its not letting me past it at all.

Can't Get Into Breezehome House After Battle Of Whiterun

I purchased breezehome, the house in whiterun towards the begining of the game. I goot married and stored ALL my things in there as i got more items. After joining the stormcloaks and the seige on the city, i can't get back into my house. It says the house needs a key. What do i do? All my valuable things and wife are in there ha. 22:12, November 26, 2011 (UTC)Ryan

You most likely either sold your key, or left your key in your house. Unless you can pick the lock to your house you won't be able to get back in. That is unless you're able to rebuy the house. HidanSenpai13 (talk) 08:19, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

I had a similar situation (I was locked out and I had previously owned and was Thane) but was able to resolve it...once the new jarl is in place go to him and ask him if there is anything you can do. He acts like he does not know you but says you have done enough to purchase a home, and if you want to be Thane you can do acts for the people. Go out of conversation, immediately it shows the quest as complete (including buying the home) talk again and he gives you a blade and a housecarl. It is still Lydia. I was then able to get into the house. I do know but it was open. When I first bought the home originally before I stocked it I visited it and then upgraded, maybe something glitchy. If you do not have the key still then I do not know, try the steward to see if you can repurchase anyway or perhaps it is in his inventory if you pickpocket, did not try.

I had the key anyway, not on me but in a chest in one of my other homes, did not want to bother figuring out which one I left it in. I did not know I had to be "re-Thaned" after the attack on Whiterun but I guess it makes sense, however, you only have to talk to the jarl to re-establish all that. NightShade25 (talk) 15:57, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Speaking with Silence Quest

Ok I get to the claw door where Mercer is suppose to open the door and instead he attacks me and he is resistent to all damage. Help IDK what to do. Ive rerstarted the game, reloaded, waited and it still happens everytime!

Esburn has no audio at all on PC version and during the season unending quest at the council meeting esburn tries to speak and you get stuck waiting on him to speak.

Quest (Companions/Werewolf), Companion, Marriage -- Xbox 360

I found this after attempting to remove the werewofl curse.

My original companion was Lydia. Later switched to Mjoll. After completing the Companion quests, I loaded my extra witch heads and went to Vilkus. Accepted quest and my current companion was dismissed. Vilkus followed me outside but as soon as we got there he turned around and went back in. The quest reset and I asked him again with the results being same. I asked him to follow me and he said I already had a follower. I loaded a saved game, dismissed Mjoll manually then went to Vilkus. Results were the same--he would accept but not follow. Went back to Lydia and asked her to follow me, but she said I already had a follower (although I did not). Tried to get married...after the ceremony my new spouse would walk out the door and disappear. All possible companions I could find state that I already have someone as a companion.

Due to this bug I cannot dismiss my current companion (not able to invite a new one), I can't finish the Companion quest (remove werewolf) and can't marry (I can go through the ceremony but my spouse disappears. 02:36, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Nonfunctional House

I've purchased houses in Whiterun and Markath. I purchased all the upgrades for both of them. Upon returning the first time, each house was wrecked. As the main page suggests, once you "redecorate" (which shouldn't be necessary in the first place) everything seems to stay in place. However, this is definitely not the result of a spazzing housecarl as my house in Markath does not yet have a housecarl.

More frustrating is that many items in my Markath house are not working. None of the weapon racks or weapon plaques work. I can take weapons that came with the house down, but not place new ones. The mannequin activates, but if you but the suit of armor on it, the entire body except for the head (which still shows as just a head even if you put a helmet on it) becomes invisible. However, I can place any other items (gauntlets, helmet, boots, necklace) on it without problem, so long as I don't put the armor suit on it.

This is a bit annoying as I collect cool and unique weapons so that I can put them on display. 05:38, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

You running on a PS3 by chance? PS3 has a memory issue and either when you play for a long time in one sitting or the save fiel size gets over 5mb the save gets confused. Jandraelune (talk) 09:01, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Vlindrel Hall chest reset

So my game just ate basically everything unique I had accumulated, which I was storing in the chest at the foot of the bed in Vlindrel Hall in Markarth. None of the other containers got emptied (I was storing my books in a cupboard right next to the chest, and they're still there). On PC; I last opened the chest after about 90 hours of play, then went and played another ~10 hours (during the course of which I negotiated a transfer of ownership of Markarth to the Stormcloaks, and finished the Main Quest plus some minor side quests and cleared a bunch of random dungeons). I opened the game today, went to Markarth to unload the stuff I'd gathered, and found the chest empty. I can't find any reference of anyone else running into this issue, but it was a pretty horrifying discovery for me; I'm gonna have to use the console to get back the Dragon Priest masks I lost, for example. 05:42, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

This may be caused by the town ownership getting transfored resulting in a guard change and some other lay out change's. Thus creating a domino effect. Still something that needs fixed.Jandraelune (talk) 08:58, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Quest: Escaped Criminal Bug

There is a bug where I cant seem to find out where the criminal is. It says that I need to find him in the the "Reach" (a.k.a. Markarth Hold) but it wont give me a marker to show me where he is. I have seen videos on youtube and because of the cool yet totally annoying radiant story feature I dont have the same exact quest as the people on youtube. If anyone had some feedback on this problem i would appreciate it and i'm pretty sure others would too. thanks!

Bloodlet Throne

Location target of quest Destroy the vampire Vighor.

Ingrediants in this location come up as Steal when they should be free to loot whiel all other items even next to them on the same shelf don't have Steal in red over them.

In the area with Vighor in it, there is a raised spike wall preventing you from going up as well as spike walls keeping wolfs in...but it doesn't stop him and his lacky from jumping down and not even bothering to open the gates. Though with the gates to the wolfs closed the wolfs still come out. Jandraelune (talk) 06:02, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Major Bug - Audio (PS3) Fix

I had this exact same problem. My audio went missing after I returned to the "Throat of the World" and the Dragon's were flying off. I simply fixed it by saving and then quiting out to the main menu of Skyrim. Afterwords I ejected the disk "improperly" from my PS3 and then proceded to turn my PS3 off from the switch in the back. Turned my PS3 back on, as it was starting up I put back in my Skyrim disk, and once I started up the game the audio was completely fine. HidanSenpai13 (talk) 06:04, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Cure for Vampirism Infinite XP Glitch (PS3)

When you are doing the quest to cure Vampirism, if you are at stage four of vampirism people will become hostile and attack you on sight. If you have become a stage four Vampire after filling the black soul gem to cure yourself you will realize that you cannot get fallion to perform the ritual to cure you. If you are good enough at sneaking you can get get past all the Morthal guards and into fallion's house without any of them seeing or attacking you. Once you are inside Fallion's house he will attack you. You can attack him back and once he loses all of his health he will stand back up again and continue to fight you. You can use this glitch to level up your: One-Handed, Two-Handed, Archery, Destruction, Light Armour and Heavy Armour.

Galmar Stone Fist Main Quest Glitch

Galmar -Stone Fist Stormcloak glitch

I am doing the main quest and I spoke to the Jarl of Whiterun, and he said to talk to the Greybeards to negotiate a truce between the Imperials and Stormcloaks, so i talked to Greybeards and General Tullius of the Imperials, and then when i went to talk to Ulfric Stormcloak he only said one statement telling me to talk to Galmar Stone Fist because i have an errand to run with him. I Talk to Galmar he tells me to kill an Ice Wriath, I kill the ice wraite come back and he keeps repeating the same words, "I dont know how you convinced Ulfric to talk to the Empire, a waste of time you ask me", I cant advance in the main quest because of this please help.

List of Several Annoying Glitches

1.) When I am fighting and enemy and I use the fast healing power it doesnt work sometimes to heal and i have full magika. So i have to my restoration and re- equip it to work and its so annoying and ive died many times because of it.

2.) Farkas talking glitch, when i did the companions mission , Farkas would not stop talking to me and it would cause my character to do a full 360 while enemys are attacking me and it happened dozens of times and it is so annoying.

3.) Ill be walking around Giant camps and will see a mamoth floating 50 feet in the air Wtf???

4.) When i go to the city of Markarth , i fast travel and a guard talks to me and says you are under a arrest so I tell him im from the thieves guild, try to bribe him and pay off my bounty and he refuses, then I submit to going to jail and he says you are going to rot in jail for the rest of your days and then it cycles to an option " Whats the problem?" and i cant go to jail or pay off my bouty so I exit the convo and every guard attacks me in Markarth .

THis is so annoying because i have several missions i need to do there and i end up having to kill every guard in markarth everytime i want to do a mission. Please help!

5.) Galmar stone fist- I cant advance in the main quest because im at the part where i need to convince the Empire and Stormcloaks to peace with the greybeards, so i talk to the greybeards and the Empire General Tullius, i go to talk to Ulfric and he tells me to talk to Galmar and then Galmar tells me to kill an Ice wriath, I kill one come back and then Ulfric again tells me i have to run a errand with Galmar, and then I approach Galmar and he says only one sentence" I dont know how you convinced Ulfric to talk to the Empire" and he repeats this every time, and as a result i cant advance in the main quest.

6.) Mask of Morokei, i got a dragon mask from a dragon preist that i killed and i took his mask that gives me 100% Magika regeneration and for some reason when i equip it my face is blank , there is noting there. (PIC BELOW)

Skyrim no face glitch

No face when i wear mask or Morokei, 100% magika regen

Oh my god, some people are dim

I found a "glitch" somebody has put in the minor section named "Alchemist shack" saying that when using it as a home, anything they store in the containers dissppear after a certain amount of time after they have completed the dark brotherhood (I know its confusing, try to sort it out) I'm sorry, but what fucking moron doesn't that IF IT ISN'T LEGALLY OWNED BY YOU, THEN YOUR STUFF WILL DISSAPPEAR FROM CONTAINERS 15:12, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Skyrim Bug with flame textures

There are no textures of flame in the game. If I launch a fireball, for example, target has to "burn" and be surrounded by flames. But, instead of this, it is simply replaced by a black rectangle, which vanishes immediately after is burning effect completes.

Example can be found here:

The problem does not depend on resolution, video quality settings and environmental conditions in the game.

I recently purchased Skyrim (PS3). on attempting the goldon claw quest i have found that part of the world has disappeared and i cant get to the door! at the top of the stairs to the ruin, the world just ends and on attempting to go further than this, the character gets stuck!...from wondering around the lands aimlessly i have also found other glitches like this where the character gets stuck.

further into the game their is also no guard at the door to Whiterun, therefore i can never enter dialogue to allow me to enter..basically im stuck and cant progress any further!

unfortunately i no longer have the receipt to return the game....i could try deleting off the hardrive and reinstall? any ideas/suggestions? Stuart

The PS3 version has severe memory issues. After playing for a long time the game does weird things. Bethesda has passed this info on to Sony as well as a possible fix. This issue is not limited to what you stated but also contents in the saved game world....EVERYTHING. The file size excends 5mb and it just gets confused.Jandraelune (talk) 04:37, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Battle For Solitude Glitch (Xbox 360)

I have progressed in the Battle For Solitude Quest to the point where I am supposed to enter Castle Dour and force General Tullius to surrender. When I try to enter the castle (at any point, I've tried rushing straight there, waiting for the battle to progress to the courtyard in front of the door, and fighting so many guys that they stopped spawning) Ulfric and Galmar will not follow me in. I will be in the room with Tullius, unable to move or do anything. I've tried reloading saves; I even started the whole Stormcloak questline over again and same thing happened. Someone please tell me if there is something I can do to fix this.

Major Bug. Main quest chain

I was doing the quest Discerning the Mundane. I went up the great lift at Alftand in order to unlock it which has to be done from the inside. this glitch will ruin your game if you do not have a regular save file. all my autosaves screwed up with the same glitch. when i went up the lift my screen and sound started looping and there was no choice but for me to alt+tab out and close the game manually. the saves are still glitched and cannot be loaded. here is a vidoe of the glitch its not mine but its the same.

Game Breaking "Startup Glitch"

Urgent need help: After loading the menu nacground is just black, crashes as soon as I press Continue, Load, NEw game or credits. Anyone know a fix?

Infinite Restoration and Heavy/Light Armor Experience:

Infinite XP: You will need an Enchantment skill of 100 with all 5 Enchanter perks, some tape, and a hobby besides video games to pass the time while your character levels. First, enchant either a heavy or light helmet and armor, along with a ring and necklace with "Restoration spells cost 25% less to cast" so that they cost 0 magicka. Now go find 2 or 3 wolves, preferably inside a cave or somewhere NOT in the open so you don't come back to your game and find that a dragon devoured you. I used the upper Steepfall Burrow in the NW of Haafingar, west of Solitude; there were 3 Ice Wolves right at the entrance. Stand somewhere in the middle and dual cast the Novice spell "Healing". Get some tape and stick it over your controller's left and right triggers and then step out of Skyrim and back to Earth for a bit...maybe do some homework that you've forgotten existed since Skyrim's release, or call your ex-boss and ask for your job back that you were fired from because of evil dragons. Happy leveling. ShadowGotBroke (talk) 20:06, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Ebony Greatsword damage incorrect

PC: I have the ebony greatsword and a regular ebony sword in my inventory. When I mouse over ebony greatsword, it lists the base damage as 24. compared to the ebony sword which is listed as 40 for base damage. The 2 hander's damage should be higher than the 1 hander, i'm assuming.

What is your skill perks, what items you wearing, what spells you under the effect of that might be adjusting this?Jandraelune (talk) 08:52, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

NOTE: It is most likely not an incorrection at all, as Jandraelune has pretty much stated the obvious. If your one-handed skill is much higher than that of two-handed, then of course an ebony sword will do more damage than the two-handed equivalent. Same goes with the allocation of points in the one-handed skill tree as opposed to the two-handed one, potions fortifying one-handed, or enchantments increasing one-handed damage.

Some enchanted items selling for less than non-enchanted version.

PC: specific example of this is: I have an Ebony Bow of Malediction in my inventory as well as a normal Ebony bow. When i mouse over them, the enchanted bow has a higher monetary value showing as expected, but when I take the 2 bows to any merchant. the merchants will offer me about 170 gold less for the enchanted bow.

Hall of Elements Out of Map Chest

So I've just finished the Mage's College quest on the Xbox 360 Skyrim and become the Arch-Mage. During my quest there were no real issues. I have the dragon fight during the beginning of the quest where Ancano makes the barrier. No one died and the quest moved on. So I check the arch-mage room and take all the garden ingredients, make some potions then walk back out to the Hall of Elements. I walk forward and see there is a section of the map missing, not even just invisible. There were no physical barriers, so I fell down and noticed a regular wooden chest. I reappeared back at the front door and then walked over and fell again, this time checking the chest. Inside were four Power of the Elements books and one to teach you the fire storm spell. And a few other items. I don't remember what else I took out but everything looked like the items you need to complete any of the sidequests for the other mages in the college.

Any ideas or thoughts? I have no clue how I did it.

This is true....the chest under the floor but not the falling through. On the PC with the consule use TCL and walk under the floor and there is the chest with the contents you say. How ever these are quest items and items gainable in other places in the game world so the player shouldn't beable to gain them that easy like that. And yes these are quest items and should NOT be taken out of the chest directly or become stuck in the inventory or make quests uncompletable. Jandraelune (talk) 04:08, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Ancient Nord helmet not displaying on mannequin

PC: I put the ancient nord helmet on the mannequins in my riften house and found that it doen't display on them, even when it shows as equipped. it displays on my head just fine.

Saw this with the Markarth house mannequin. Didn't post the bug...didn't come to me over the weight of the other bugs I've been seeing.Jandraelune (talk) 03:59, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Unstack Soulgem To/From Container Empties It

In my Breezehome I discovered (might happen everywhere) that if I have a stack of Soulgems (common, lesser and petty only), and I unstack only a subset of them when storing/retrieving from a container, then the soulgem ends up empty.

To give an example. I have a stack of "Petty Soul Gem (7)". I try and place it in the container, and select to pass over only 2 of them. Those 2 end up as empty soul gems when inside the container. Same for both directions.

If I take the whole stack, they end up fine. This same counts when dropping soul gems, but NOT when trading with Lydia.

This is a big problem for stacks of 5 or less, since you only take them 1 by 1 without having a choice of taking the whole stack, and all stacks don't always increase, so what happens if you have a stack of 5 that never becomes a stack of 6? You loose these souls for good.

Can someone please confirm this. If it only happens with me, I can upload a save somewhere. I've tried a ton of things to see if I can get around this, and the only workaround/rules I've found is this:

1. If you're lucky enough to have a single item stack, you can take it safely.

2. If you have a stack of 2, 3, 4 or 5, you're screwed. Try and top it up first, or if it's in a container, take everything from the container, and return what you don't need (see point 4 for splitting stacks).

3. If you have a stack of 6 or higher, take the whole stack.

4. If you want to split the stack, take the whole stack, give Lydia (or assistant) whatever you wish to keep in your inventory, return the rest to the container, and retrieve yours from the assistant.

PC Random Crashes

First, someone put their specs on the main page instead of the talk page. Second, I also have Win7 64bit. Any correlation? (Prob not, but just curious...)

Creature: Magic Anomily

When in the presents of these creatures you can not use Dragon Shouts, you go to use a shout then ALL the shouts grey out unuseable for the deration it would be for the cool down.Jandraelune (talk) 04:46, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Quest Bug: Reunification of Skyrim

I've completed three objectives in the quest. 1. Report to General Tullius, 2. Regain the Pale, 3. Regain the Rift. Under the objectives display, it says i have all of them completed, but does not show an additional objective. Any help? Have I just not completed "Regain the Rift" yet? Xiphos16 (talk) 04:34, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Talk to the legate they will give you more quests including regain Winterhold hold.

Frence posted bug in another listed...reposted as own.


J'ai battu Alduin après le parchemin. N'ayant pas choisit mon camp (j'avais accepté la quete du spectre pour les sombrages), j'apprend que je dois organiser une trêve. Je vais a solitude, aucun problème. Le général accepte, l'autre perso bloque je ne peux pas faire les quetes impérial (mais la n'est pas le soucis) , mais quand je vais voir ulric, il bug. Il me dit va voir (le donneur de quete) du spectre. Bon, ça veut pas marcher, donc je vais tuer le spectre. Je reviens, la quete je ne peux pas la rendre, ni parler de la trêve. Par contre, j'entend parler de la couronne. Je ne peux pas interragir avec eux, ulric me dit va voir x pour la fameuse quete couronne, et x, me dit ça sert a rien de rencontrer les impériaux.

Bref j'ai tout tester, je peux pas interragir avec eux. Donc, je suis bloqué pour ALDUIN et POUR le camp.

Bref, je joue sur xbox360.



I beat Alduin after the parchment. Did not choose my camp (I accepted the quest of the spectrum for sombrages), I learn that I have to arrange a truce. I'm going to a solitude, no problem. General agrees, the other personal blocks I can not make the imperial quests (but not worry), but when I go ulric it bug. He said going to see (the quest giver) of the spectrum. Well, it does not work, so I'll kill the spectrum. I return, the quest I can not make it, or speak of the truce. For cons, I hear of the crown. I can not interacts with them, says Ulrich goes to x quest for the famous crown, and x, said it is pointless to meet with Imperial.

In short I test everything, I can not interacts with them. So I'm stuck for ALDUIN and for the camp.

In short, I play on xbox360. <<< Translation of frence posted.Jandraelune (talk) 04:45, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Horse riding

When riding a horse you are effectively riding a mountain goat. On the horse you can climb surfaces that you could never climb on your feet. Jandraelune (talk) 05:04, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Misc Quest "Find the word of power in the high gates ruins" PS3

I had previously been inside the high gate ruins to look around, found the guy in the tomb and killed him. After along time i got the quest telling me where the power word was, so i went back and tried to get it. When i go back into the throne room, mist appears but the doors stay shut. There is no lever to open them that i can see, i even tried to get up the back way into the throne room, i was successful getting onto the lead but the door which leads into it is still shut with a chain in sight but i cannot pull it. So i cannot get this power word anymore it seems. Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried reloading the game prior to me entering the throne room to see if that would help, and it did not. So i am stuck. Razorgoat (talk) 05:34, November 28, 2011 (UTC)Razorgoat

Followers don't use arrows?

Arrows anyone?

Not sure if anyone else gets this little glitch, but here goes.

I gave Lydia some arrows to carry because I am a mage. So, it turns out she shoots these arrows without using any of the actual arrows and I can gather them from the corpses. Tested this later game by giving her 2 daedric arrows and sure enough she shoots them and I can collect them for selling. PC

NOTE: This isn't actually a glitch at all, but a mechanic of companions. In your case, Lydia by default uses iron arrows when attacking with her bow, but since you gave her daedric arrows (having a higher damage) she will use them. Because she is an NPC, she has infinite arrows, just like she has infinited charges on enchanted weapons, and the daedric arrows you gave her will last forever or until you remove them from her inventory. This happens with all companions, and is pretty much a common theme in other games (Fallout 3, Halo, Gears of War 3, etc. - you can trade NPC allies weapons and in turn they have infinite ammo with traded weapon).

Skull Of Corruption dream glitch

Woot, another glitch so soon.

So, I had the Skull Of Corruption and used it on everyone in the College Of Winterhold. After levelling for a while it became quite useless, so I left it in my house. Come to find out later after casting magelight everywhere to build up my Alteration skill, If I cast Magelight on those I hit with the Skull's power I actually get more dreams from them. PC

Escaped Criminal (companion quest)

The quest "Escaped Criminal" is something i picked up right after we left ysgramors tomb in the quest "Glory of the Dead". I picked up the quest to hunt down a escaped criminal, his location led me south of Riverwood, right before i got to riverwood the quest arrow vanished from my compass, but i continued onwards and eventually i found this criminal standing by the riverside at the exact location before the compass went blank. I tried talking to the criminal which resulted in the criminal drawing weapons, i felt the need to defend myself and killed the criminal as the quest also said i had to do. No quest update was given for killing the criminal so i was stuck with the quest in my questlog and unable to progress any further with the companions because of that. I was able to load an earlier save and tried again, but the same happens no matter what. The quest is given by Vilkas. I reloaded again and started questing for the others, which gave me other quests that worked just fine. Also asked Vilkas for another quest later on and he gave me an entirely different quest then.

So the workaround so far is quicksaving before you pick up any of the quests and keep working on other quests until that specific quest is not offered by vilkas. Also the console command for progressing a quest works of course. 08:19, November 28, 2011 (UTC)Biorn Kaareson46.9.125.10 08:19, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

More house cleaning...Fugitives under another topic

Fugitives: While swimming, a fugitive will show up underwater and speak to you, occasionally resulting in your death by drowning.

I was exploring a shipwreck, and he came up behind me. I was laughing for a moment, but he overburdened me, and I drowned, mostly due to the length of our conversation. 22:03, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Jandraelune (talk) 08:54, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Please post in " Edit Summory -Subject/Headline " to crate a new post

I was training in the back of the building that the companions are in and some guy walked inbetween me and vilkas, (i was trying to complete the side quest take up arms) and i accidentally swung my sword and killed him. Now i have this bounty on my head for like 4000 and it wont let me talk to anyone, ride my horse, and i cant get the guards to talk to me by yeilding to them. is there a way to be able to pay off my bounty or go to jail?

^^^^ House cleaning again. Jandraelune (talk) 09:04, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Quest: Containment

Quest: College of Winterhold-> Containment(ps3) During this mission, after the death of the archmage, I exited the college to talk to Tolfdir. This caused the front doors to become stuck, so I could not activate the doors to re-enter. Luckily there is another way into the college, as those doors were not stuck. 00:00, November 27, 2011 (UTC)Patrick</p>

Shop:Whiterun:The Drunken Huntsmen

The Drunken Huntsmen is a 24hr shop, never close's. ALL other shops I've been too have hours their open and will be closed at night, :p unless the shop keeper has a bed near their store location and happen to be in a already open 24hr PC freindly area. Jandraelune (talk) 09:25, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Stealth attacks and animals

All animals seem to know exactly where you are with out being spotted and no forms of hiding farther away or distractions faulter them...this is even with maxed out sneaking skill. Hitting arrows on terrian/objects, dragon shout: throw voice, hidding behind a corner over two corners farther back from where you first shot them....all doesn't work, they run full speed directly to you even after the Hidden note pops up. Jandraelune (talk) 09:42, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

Dragon shout: Aura Whisper

Same effect as the spell Detect Life. But shows EVERYONE as red = enemy. Jandraelune (talk) 09:45, November 28, 2011 (UTC)


Greetings! I'm having a MAJOR bug which appeard only after the latest patch... This bug (hard to explain) forces me to quit the game and load my save in every 5 min and it ruins most of my quests.

Example 1: I try to train my restoration in Whiterun in the Temple of "Kirineth"(?) and I talk to the priestess and choose the dialogue option "Can you teach me restoration". When I choose it, nothing happens.

Example 2: I try to activate the blessing in Whiterun, nothing happens

Example 3: I try to talk to someone, but I can't get any dialogue options. I can only listen what the person whom I'm talking to is saying.

And trust me, there are TONS of similiar examples.

And now where to whole thing gets strange... When I RELOAD: EVERY dialogue, every attempt to train skill, every attempt to activate a blessing, every attempt to get a quest from someone NOW APPEARS ON MY SCREEN in that same order, where I tried to do all those actions...

May I have my money back?

AUDIO: overall sound level is WAY LOW compared to most games even with in-game sound maxed. PC

GUI: not seeing any health bar etc except when change is occurring. PC

CONTROL: dual equipping spells reverses mouse button action - spell appearing in left hand is fired by RIGHT mouse button and vice versa. PC 15:35, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

The control of duel equip isn't a bug. Your char is fixed as being right handed and the mouse 0 which controls the right hand just happens to be on the left fo the mouse. Get use to it. It's gonna require a major over haul of the interface system for the PC to fix this. Basicly making a new control interface entirerly just for the PC which would take over a month in itself.Jandraelune (talk) 03:56, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Hjerim in Windhelm and Honeyside in Riften

(PS3 Version) After completing side quests to obtain both these houses, It doesn't give me the option to buy either one of them. Even becoming Thane of both Windhelm and Riften doesn't help.

Windhelm murder quest


Trying to trigger the Windhelm murder quest but it wont seem to start, whatever I do. Also I cant buy the house due to the killer running loose... Is this a common glitch? (PC) /Martin

Japhet's Folly island will trap you

Severe bug

After finishing the quest where you go to Japhet's Folly and the ship starts bombarding the island, you leave. If you decide to return to the island by fast travel, you will get stuck there. Fast traveling to any location won't just work. It is possible to enter the castle through the cave, but you will find out that there is no door out as parts of the cave have collapsed (this doesn't even matter because fast traveling out of the island won't work anyway. 02:24, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Oghma Infinium multiple use bug post ps3 2.01 update

I managed to get multiple uses of the Oghma Infinium using the following steps

Read book inventory As soon as I pressed circle to close the book I pressed square to drop Pick the book back up Place the book in a bookcase Remove book

Then repeat as needed

HOWEVER A side effect I've noticed is the shelf you used on bookcase then becomes unusable and you need to use another shelf to repeat and then an other bookcase. You need to put it back onto the bookcase so you can read it and get the skill choice menu again 03:42, November 29, 2011 (UTC) Kearo

Disappearing Horses

Ok, so I have had to buy a new horse every time I fast travel now. Unless I fast travel on a horse, that horse will disappear forever. I have to buy a new one every time now unless I am on it when I fast travel. I have not even been attacked at all the last few times so I know it is not just running off and getting killed. Please let me know if this has happened to anyone else. I am on the PS3 version. I don't want to go get shadowmere if he is just going to disappear. Money doesn't really matter to me anymore, but this is seriously annoying.

Some locations the horse will teleport to one end of town and you on the other end of town. =.= Annoying and should not be. One place like this is Dragonbridge.Jandraelune (talk) 06:45, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks. That may have been the case for some of the locations, but I know that many of them were caves and even stables. The horses are just gone.

I found horses to be an extreme pain until Shadowmere. Every time I traveled to something other than a town it runs off to fight whatever it thinks it sees. Dragons, a fort full of bandits, etc. More often than not ends up a dead horse. Shadowmere is invincible. That can lead to some entertainment if you are interested - let him loose and watch him clear out an entire fort, I usually go into hide, get a drink, watch the show, then collect loot if I am feeling like I need a break. NightShade25 (talk) 04:32, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Trouble joining dark brotherhood (xbox 360)

Hi so Ive looked up how to join dark brotherhood and I have talking to the elf lady (who looks after the cruel-sea kid) and she told me that a boy has been trying to contact the dark brotherhood etc. So I go to the house where he is ( arentino residence or whatever) and he is supposed to be in there doing a ritual but the house is empty of any life. Not even his mothers skeleton is there. If you can help in anyway please do. Oh and by the way I have got the recent patch to see if it would fix this but it doesn't.

Talk to some other NPC's. Several mention the boy Arentino. You should get a Misc quest to visit him, make sure it is active. If you do not have the quest I am not sure you can start it NightShade25 (talk) 04:35, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Frigid Wife

Ok I have seen this alluded to randomly on the web, but I can't tell if it is happening to others much. Ever since I have been married my wife has NEVER gone to bed. Thus, it is impossible for me to get the lover's comfort bonus. I was married for a long time before becoming a werewolf and she never went to bed at any point in the day at any of the three houses I lived in (Riften, Solitude, Whiterun). I married Ysolda btw. She never went to bed when I subsequently became a werewolf and she still doesn't now that I am cured either. It is pretty aggravating. I am on PS3

I married Mjoll the Lioness & even after killing Aerin she still never sleeps. Hadnt noticed before i read this but still 100% positive. I didnt know about the lovers bonus & just thought its how it was - she always ready for action, but only the fighting kind.......Ja50nX (talk) 04:24, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

semi-decent source of good arrows

Ok, haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but if you give your companion 2 of any good arrow they will have an infinite supply of those arrows. I pick daedra arrows off most enemy carcasses now because my companion shoots them. I am not sure if 2 makes any difference than one, but that is what I have been doing and it works.

Morokei + Archmage's Robes

Not sure if this is just for me, but on my male khajiit character, when I equip both the Morokei mask and Archmage's Robes it turns my head transparent. Not the worst glitch mind you, I mean my heads like halloman now.(xbox) Branden Lee McLouth (talk) 06:18, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

This occurs with any hooded robe & all Priest Mask's.

Dragon Priest Mask & Jagged Crown do the same & will randomly swap between crown with no head or the mask after loading screen. If looking into a chest its possible to equip both the Masque of Clavicus Vile & Jagged Crown with both visable. I have a pic on my phone of it but quality not exactly good enough for here.

The price of the missing head or changing graphics are easy to put up with considering the abilites of both items are present. i.e. extra armour!!! Ja50nX (talk) 04:32, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

1.2 BUG Talking with npc

I experienced this bug after the 1.2 Patch on ps3 (also confirmed pre-1.2 Patch). When ever i talk to some one i cannot get past the first selection of responses, e.g. If i talk with a trader and ask what are you selling he will respond as if all is good and he is showing me the buy/sell options on the left but it doesn't apear and i had to back out of the converstion and tired again with different people only with the same result. I believe it started when i tried to join the companion guild, started to 'train with Valik' or what ever his name is i used magic on him once and now i can get his health down to zero he goes down then gets back up with full health again it doesn't matter what method i use to defeat him it is an endless loop. I dont know how to fix this and it has esentially made the game unplayable.

The same bug effects quests, and the use of shrines etc. It is impossible to complete quest objectives. I also seem to have this bug after recently joining the companions guild. A fix would be greatly appreciated - I don't have a pre-bug save file.

(pc) hired muscle, the companions

if you start the quest hired muscle while seigeing witerhold with the stormcloaks the person youre supposed to beat up dissapears and the quest line is unable to continue

NPCs following into buildings

If you run past an NPC and they start talking and you enter a building before they finish they will follow you into the building and finish a dialog then walk out. Jandraelune (talk) 08:25, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Location/Quest: Halldir's Caine

The summoned copys of him self he teleports in are actuly kept in a small room just feet away...close enough they can hear the dragon shout Throw Voice and be seen with the dragon shout Aura Whisper. So those that scout for upcoming enemies will see them. More frustraing is those that want to clear out adds before fighting the lead boss.

The there is the issue of Halldir's Staff. When looted from his body it remains on the ground to be looted again giving you two of his staff. Jandraelune (talk) 09:20, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

o.O Dragon bones map fast travel with you..

I just exited a cave I fast traveled to just after killing a dragon. The bones of the dragon I killed and was standing next when I fast traveled I saw crawling up out of the ground in front of the cave I exited.Jandraelune (talk) 09:24, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Destruction magic skill tree

The damage increasing you get from the tree also effect the damage done with echantments. This may not be a bug as staff's tend to be a spell only use's back up weapon when out of mana. Jandraelune (talk) 10:12, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

XBOX 360: Dark Brotherhood- The Cure for Madness

After completeing the quest and deciding to kill or let circero live the dawnstar sanctuary door is a stone wall and will not let you exit back into skyrim. In certain areas the stone wall says "open skyrim" but if you press A to exit nothing happens. I can not finish the darkbrother story line without completeing this mission. Suggestions?

Book case glitch

Got a bug tonight on PS3 version where my book cases in my first house no longer open for me to change out. Also the last books I put in are not showing up, so it's empty and I cannot add or remove books.

I have the same exact issue (PS3). I placed 4 books on the shelf, and when the first books were placed, three of them fell sideways on the shelf. I later went and selected to add 2 more books. When I closed the menu, the 2 additional books didn't show up, they aren't in my inventory, and I can no longer 'activate' my book case or read the books on the shelf. Possibly worth noting, the first 4 books went on before patch 1.2, and the second ones came after. -11/29/11

- I allso encountered this glitch tonight (ps3 version) , bought a house in solitude, and moved all my books over in the shelves. suddenly they were all gone, and the shelves cant be activated anymore. Many hours of looting and collecting gone to waste. -11/29/11

-I have experienced this with all my bookcases so far. The problem occurs for me when going back & forth from books to bookcase & back to books again whilst on the inventory screen. Some times books appear & other times no books shown but always makes the bookcase un-interactable.

So if i select all the books i want to shelve (only up to max limit) then exit inventory screen its ok. I also make sure i save before interacting now after reverting to a previous save to get my books back.Ja50nX (talk) 03:27, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Dragon spawning

Dragon's can spawn inside closed towns like: Solitude, Whiterun, Markarth. extremely rarely.Jandraelune (talk) 14:34, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

(PC) charatcers with a minimal constitution's outfit glitches

There're minor glitches with certain outfits and weapons used by characters with minimal constitution, at least female ones (weight parameter is set to lowest possible position in the character creation menu) - for once, hide and iron boots extrude through some dresses while running, standing and in the stealth mode (at least through mourer's clothes).

Also, any greatsword partly falls through character's butt (or the bag or some other part of the character's back in case of the different outfits - novice robes and different types of fine clothes) no matter what outfit or greatsword you use.


Ignore, this is a plauge of ANY game that doesn't not have an engine with animation that allows for objects to move with the model skeleton. Beth has yet in any title to address this...though the modders try. But very few games have this. So YES clipping is something you must live with.Jandraelune (talk) 02:01, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Dampened Spirits bug

Dampened Spirits (Thieves guild, 4th quest)

On the PC version, Brynjolf said that I should go and talk to Maven Black-Briar. As I was busy with other quests, I decided to not do it until later.

Now that I try to talk with Brynjolf, he says he is busy

When I talk to Maven Black-Briar, she only gives the regular, prompted answers, nothing related to quests

Is there any way to fix this glitch? Dampened Spirits is not working for me

I've been hearing that if one goes to Honningbrew Meadery BEFORE the quest starts, the quest will glitch, and won't activate. Hoping Bethesda releases a patch soon...

Dragon Behavior

I was walking towards Eldergleam for the quest to obtain sap from it, with the NPC follower. There was a Blood Dragon flying around just north of it that I saved and attacked. He instantly landed and ate my quest NPC follower, so I decided to reload and go for the dragon after the quest. Now whenever I approach that dragon, it gets stuck in the sky when it is far away (staying in place as if frozen in time), and when I try to get close enough to shoot with an arrow, it starts flying BACKWARDS in jerking motions. Occasionally it will fly backwards over my head, and try to use an ice breath attack on me, but is too high up for the breath to reach me. I tried reloading several times with no change in behavior. I will test the shout that forces dragons to land and try that out once I get to that part if the problem doesn't resolve itself by then. - (PS3) 11/29/11

Major Bug: Diplomatic Immunity

After completing Diplomatic Immunity, A Cornered Rat doesn't appear in my journal, because I joined the Theives Guild before completing Diplomatic Immunity. 23:24, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Master Vampire: Shriekwind

The Master Vampire at Shriekwind is a pretty tough opponent for a mage because in light armor you get two-shotted if he comes within reach and he has a ton of health vs the spells available in the early game (I was level 6 when I met him). This was in obvious contrast to the rest of the pests in the instance, who went down easily. Hysteria didn't seem to take, although The Emperor's Voice will get you past him easily enough, and you don't have to go back past him if you don't want him dead. I found that by running him around the stairwell a bit I got him trapped up against the wall so he couldn't get to me. It took more than two full Magicka bars to burn him down with fire and frost. So I question putting such a high level creep in that bottleneck and I was able to kill him with an exploit. Apparently the sword and board guys don't mind him so much. 16:24, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

I dont know if its the same guy or not but ive heard of 1 undead guy who can hit like a truck but will ignore you if you leave the room, u can snipe him from outside and he wont care. Also tips on any undead use duel fire if you suck with 1 handed weapons, if not use flames and the dawnbringer, the undead slaying blade.

Non-intractable bodies/mining nods

Some mining nods and some bodies are not interactable, but some times the visual body is one place and the interactable body is some where else (usealy where they died is interactable and their body flew too is just a visual non-interactable). Mine nods...I haven't figured this one out yet.Jandraelune (talk) 02:09, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

After-Patch 1.2 Dragon Bugs PS3

After the 1.2 patch is installed and running on a PS3 system occasional issues occur with the flight/landing mechanics for dragons. This will not occur for every dragon but could occur with any dragon. When this issue occurs Dragons will move wildly and unpredictably across the sky. They will be unable to land and it will be almost impossible to get close enough to use any kind of ranged attack on them. The dragon will still attempt to pursue the player despite its bugged flight mechanics. If the player cannot escape or kill the bugged dragon then the player could be left in a state of permenant combat (cannot wait/fast travel etc). In extreme cases (usually after a few minutes of the dragon attempting to land/close in on the player) the dragon will end up under the map making it completely un-reachable to the player. Note: The fact that the dragon has teleported under the map will not stop combat mode and the dragon will still attempt to pursue the player.

Fixes: 1 Killing the buggy dragon quickly fixes this, although this only works for the current dragon and will not prevent future occurances. Also the player will find it near impossible to get close enough to the dragon to kill it.

2: Loading a previous save in which the bugged dragon has not yet been loaded may fix the issue but again the issue may occur with another dragon. 02:57, November 30, 2011 (UTC)x2kpb

Horse POV Glitch PS3

I was playing skyrim when I ran inot this glitch. I got my horse, parked next to a tree, got off the horse, and to my disbelief the camera was centered on the horse, not FPS. When I fast traveled to a city, the camera was still centered on the horse. Then I tried stealing a horse so that maybe I can change the camera view, to my dismay, nope.

When I was arrested because of that, I went to a mine but the camera was under the map. I have to restart my 28 hour long game. I really don't want to do that but if I have to. I am playing on the PS3. I do NOT know whether or not someone else has this problem, but Bethesda. Fix it please. This is my first Bethesda game and I do not want it to be my last.

Forbidden Legend - Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur's Crypt. The marker is located inside a wall. There is no way I can pick it up to add to my inventory. I believe I killed the boss and it's corpse in inside the wall :(

Horse glitch (PC)

Sometimes, when getting onto my horse (shadowmere), my character instead stands next to the horse, "floats", flaps his arms, then stands still, and i can move the horse, camera is centered on the horse, and my character moves when i press the keys, through things, and enemies target my character instead of my horse. Canot get off, but fast-traveling fixes it. (PC)

Dual wield enchanted daggers (PC)

I have 2 elven daggers that before I enchanted them was able to map both daggers to a key (in my case 7) and was able to equip both hands by pressing 7 twice. After enchanting the daggers (both fire damage) they both can be mapped to the same key but pressing the key (7) will equip one hand but pressing 7 again will unequip the dagger and de-map the hotkey link to both daggers (pressing 7 again brings out fist). I am still able to equip the 2 daggers in each hand by going into my inventory and equiping each hand individually 04:11, November 30, 2011 (UTC)Alagoss

Werewolf With Weapons

Playing on the 360. It appears that if you transform into a werewolf with a weapon drawn while being attacked, you turn into a werewolf, but keep your weapon and attack with the weapon. Still doing some testing to confirm this, but it has happened twice, once with a bow and once with a battleaxe.

Some more testing, it appears to happen while mashing the attack button while transforming and simultaneously being attacked, as holding the attack button (as you would while casting flames) doesn't produce the glitch, but mashing the trigger while transforming and getting attacked seems to cause it. Also, it appears the werewolf mesh loads on top of your player, because when you die, you can see your character clip through parts of the werewolf.

The bug is fixable by casting Beast Form again, and the message will appear telling you its only castable once per day, but you will undergo the rest of the transformation and become a werewolf proper. Maybe the transformation is cut short by a stagger or something, causing you not to transform?

Im not sure what causes it but this happens on PC sometimes as well, try unequiping weapons before transformation.

Spectral weapons unchargable

Drainblood, Drainheart, Drainspell can not be recharged, the option to charge them simply does not show up.Jandraelune (talk) 06:32, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Proudspire Mansion Glitch

I purchased the house in Solitude as well as all the upgrades. Then I went to my house for the first time and I'm not able to activate anything. Mannequins, chests, bookshelves etc etc.. I've reloaded the save many times, even rebooted my PS3. Nothing works :/

On top of this, some doors remain locked to me: "you need the proudspire mansion key to unlock this door". Also, I made my wife move from Breezehome in Whiterun to this house. She has completely disappeared.

+3 bugs (Xbox 360)

1. When having 2 torches in your bag, eventuelly they wil multiply without you picking up more torches. I now have 8 in my bag, started with 2.

2. When you win the brawl against the stable owner of Riften Stables, you can use his horses for free. But when you use a horse and teleport to somewhere, (the horse appears like normal when you bought one), he starts walking away. Even if you're on the other side of the world, he will start walking to Riften Stables. Only if you mount him once, and then get of the horse, he will stay in that place. so he only stops walking if you mount him once after teleporting somewhere thats not a capital city. Kennyannydenny (talk) 12:39, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

3. It is possible to become thane of winterhold, more than one time, obtaining the sword of winterhold also several times. Kennyannydenny (talk) 12:11, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Lady Pantea Ateia missing

Can't find Lady Pantea Ateia in either college, tavern or Solitude. Tried waiting, zoning in and out of the college, restarting - nothing works. Searched Solitude at different hours, but still no luck. Completed "Tending the flames" and got both drum and lute from the other bard quests (now both items are still in my inventory) . But the biggest problem is that I can't complete Pantea's flute because I can't find her anywhere. ~~Cinn~~

PS3 bloods honor

OK, so I collected the heads of all the witches, I go back to Jorrvaskr, and the two companions out front just repeat the same dialogue. I go inside talk to Vilkas and then he goes through his dialogue, but the next mission doesn't trigger. He just goes about regular daily business, and if I talk to him there's no option to bring up the next mission. The companions inside just sit over the victims, and Alea also follows me around, repeating her one line of dialogue, meanwhile I can't fast travel because it says a guard is chasing me.

I'm having the same problem with the quest not starting. so far i haven't seen anything helpful other than if you have the quest concerning a helmet for the Jarl of winterhold active. I continued to sneak all the way through the cave and retrieve the helmet without even damaging the silverhands, and the quest still won't start. I really hope we don't have to just wait for the patch, and now i'm afraid to enter clear out any caves or towers in fear of glitching another quest.
(360) Upon returning to Jorrvaskr after completing the Companions' questline, I am also having trouble with both Aela The Huntress and Skjor both following me everywhere I go. I can't fast travel; "Guards pursuing you" message pops up. I found that if I stay away from these two while I am in Whiterun, the bug does not occur. Once they notice/acknowledge my presence, They follow me and continue to open up unwanted dialogue. (Ran from Whiterun to Riverwood and waited. Sure enough, the bug continued.)

Dragonbane cannot be taken without 'stealing' it.

After progressing past a certain point in the main questline (I am unsure where exactly but it is after the Alduin's Wall quest), Sky Haven Temple becomes 'inhabited', there is food on the tables etc., and no items can be taken without stealing them. Unfortunately this also applies to the unique weapon Dragonbane making it impossible to take without stealing it once a certain point in the main questline has been reached.

Trapped in the skybox

After the 1.2 patch, characters who were in the Labyrinthian maze may now be floating in the skybox and unable to fast travel or reach the ground. This makes any saves in this location broken, as no escape has yet been found. 16:59, November 30, 2011 (UTC) LintLicker

Battle for Whiterun bug

On Battle for Whiterun I have got to the point where I need to open the drawbridge. I have done so and it has fallen down and yet the objective still remains as if I have not done it. Without the drawbridge objective being complete the Jarl won't surrender and therefor I can't progress in that questline. That was until I got arrested and paid my bounty in Whiterun. Now Jarl Vignar Grey-Mane is effectively in charge and sits on the throne, but Jarl Balgruuf and Irileth are still there, don't die, and attack me everytime I enter Dragonsreach. Rolof and Galmar Stone-Fist follow me everywhere in Whiterun. This also has effects on the rest of the game - battle music is constantly playing in the background no matter where I am, numerous quests are affected by this as everyone has locked themselves in their houses in Whiterun and have no dialog options as whenever you enter their houses you are trespassing and they are hostile. Liberation of Skyrim has been asses to my quests but as I previously said, Galmar is still running around in Whiterun and not at the Falkreath camp and so is unable to give commands. 17:38, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Horse Dismount Bug (PC)

This has happenened several times to me, where I have dismounted from the horse and it has just shot off in a direction whilst not moving and then disappears. I managed to find it once walking back to a stables or something a little further back down the road but it would usually go off in some random direction and I'd have to walk the rest of the way. At one point, the horse then came back from where it had shot off to to help me kill a troll I was fighting. The last time this bug occured it disappeared for good (probably dying from shooting of a ledge or something) and required me to buy a new one. 18:15, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Whiterun House Bookcase Glitch

When you activate the bookcase in Whiterun Breezehome ( your Whiterun house ) and place books on it they will neither appear or be retrieveable and the bookcase can no longer be activated ( pressing the activate button does not bring up the book deposit screen ). If you put notes on the bookshelf like that relate to a quest or something that needs to be done this can impede progress. ( Xbox 360 with latest patch on 30th November 2011 ). Need confirmation that this Whiterun bookcase glitch is widespread.

Had the same issue, but in the Riften house for PC. 07:11, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
Had the same issue in the Riften house on Xbox 360. I had all bookshelves full of books, removed some from one shelf and replaced them with others. The game removed the books I placed from my inventory; however they don't appear on the shelf. The books I removed still show as being on the shelf as well as being in my inventory but I can no longer activate the shelf nor read or take any of the books on them. 21:50, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
I aswell had the issue with the bookcase inside the alchemy room, PC.( 16:41, December 3, 2011 (UTC))

Wine Stuck in Inventory

Not a bug

This problem started with me when I went to the Thalmore Party. I collected 23 Alto wine bottles. I am already finished with the quest but I have the wine in my inventory and I cannot remove it or I get a message that says cannot eat or remove quest items. This has happened at a later stage in my game with 3 Giant's Toes as well. (PC Win7 64x) 21:39, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

This is a quest item for a different quest, A Night to Remember. ▫ JohnnyMrNinjatalk 10:32, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Important bug fix == Hjaalmarch portion of Liberation of Skyrim

I spent a lot of time figuring out how to fix this quest chain when the Haafingar portion of it did not complete when completing the concurrent quest.

After completing "The Battle for Fort Hraggstad" and handing it in, type

setstage CWsiegeobj 1

This starts the next quest in the series - The assault on solitute. This way you miss out on no content, as this is the next quest in the series (which i was otherwise unable to obtain) and completion of this quest will complete the "Liberation of Skyrim" chain aswell.

Someone who knows the editing procedures for wikis please put this in :) Thanks.

On a side note - the only two stages for "Liberation of Skyrim" are 0 and 255 for some reason, so you cannot just manually complete the second last objective if this bug occurs. 22:27, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

thief quest stuck

the quest: "speak to tonilia about exchange piece of armor" unable to complete if you already sold all thief armor she gives to u. the problem is - i unable to speak / trade to her again unless i complete this quest. Skyrimaxet (talk) 22:43, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Can't Invest In Ghorza gra-Bagol (Markarth, Smithy)

I have the "Invest 500 gold in merchants" perk, but even though I am initially given the spoken option to invest in Ghorza gra-Bagol (smithy in Marcarth), when it goes to the next dialogue where you can invest the gold or change your mind, the only option I get is to choose not to invest/invest later. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Thanks! 23:24, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Usually this means you do not have the funds. Come back later with money. ▫ JohnnyMrNinjatalk 10:34, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
I also have that exact same issue and I have nearly 200,000 septims.Taltamir (talk) 08:59, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

No Sound After Patch PS3

After Two Days of playing with the patch i had sound and everything was going fine but today when i got on to play i noticed i had no sound. I tried unistalling and reinstalling the update, Didnt help, I tried unistalling update and playing without it, still no sound, i tried Deleting my save data fo Skyrim and reinstalling the entire game, still no sound, and i tried making a new save but theres still no sound. Is this my PS3 or is anyone else having this problem. The game still fully functions and i can play its just really awkward playing without sounds.

Hagraven can't be looted for Nettlebane

Just killed the Hagraven carrying Nettlebane and couldn't loot the body to get the blade. She was close to a rock and I thought maybe she was clipping into the rock and tried to move her body with a shout, fireball, and good ole hack and slash but she didnt budge (gotta love those rag doll physics lol). The blade didnt fall in the open looks like its stuck in the rock. I hope I am not the only one with this issue. 23:45, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

   For PC users press ( ` ) and enter "player.additem 0001c492 1" without quotes

Folgunthur dungeon door glitch

In the folgunthur dungeon near Morthal I seem to have pulled a chain which closed a door directly behind me. I have finished the dungeon and have reached the gate again, but when i pull the chain that should open the door, I just seems to do nothing and I am stuck in the dungeon, with no recent save to get out. I've found a youtube video that shows the gate at 8:59. Any help would be apreciated!

Controls Glitch:

Originally when I got the game I could only drop or favorite an item when opening a container/ checking a corpse. Which means I couldn't favorite a magic spell at all. Also, if I got over-encoumbered while no container of any kind was around, I'd be stuck. Several hours ago a little pop-up appeared on the bottom right-hand side of my desktop saying steam had successfully installed Skyrim (which it obviously had already been) so I'm assuming it was an update. But now I can't drop or favorite in any situation. I will try to return all controls to their default settings to see if that will work, but am unsure. (PC)

Update: The same key that you use to sheath your weapon also drops items. Also, the same button you use to change your view (i.e. 1st to 3rd) is how you favorite something. The menu still shows R and F though. And for anyone who can't take a book (E is default key), it's the same as the button you use to open/ interact.

/*lightning cloak cancels summons*/

whenever summoning a dremora lord and then subsequently using lightning cloak the dremora lord disappears. however using lightning cloak and then summoning works just fine. i've heard that lightning cloak also cancels other summons as well.

confirmed that using any cloak spell (flame, frost, lightning) after casting any summoning spell will cancel the summons.

Lost all dialogue options from mages in the college of winterhold.

Lost all dialogue options from mages in the college of winterhold.

  • spoiler alert*

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature of the mages college questline but after the archmage is killed and while on the quest to find the magus staff I cannot initiate any dialogue options with any of the mage trainers in the college of winterhold. I cannot train with them and I cannot get any of the mastery spells because of this. Can anyone confirm if this is a bug or if I just need to complete the quest line to remedy this. If i try and speak to them they just mutter something vocally on the lines of "what is going on?"

NOTE: It's not a bug. Considering the pandamonium at the College of Winterhold, do you really think the mages there could take time out to train you? All jokes aside, you have to complete 'The Staff of Magnus' quest in order to interact normally with the mages of the College of Winterhold. It's basically an event that doesn't subside until you 'fix' the problem with Ancano. This also applies to the quest to recover 10 dwarven cogs, which cannot be completed until the previously mentioned quest is over, as the waypoint for the questgiver appears at some unusual locations on the map (for me it was Honeyside in Riften).

Flying Ice Form

Sorry if this is already here but I couldn;t read through all of the things here. So I used ice form on a bear (2 words) and it began to spin out of control and then flew off into the air. Being on a mountainside I got to enjoy a nice view of it going in various random directions until interrupted to a dragon. After finishing with the dragon I preceded down the hill and was attacked by the same bear. (Ok most of that was irrelevant but a bug is in there) Frantruck (talk) 01:50, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

player unable to view all weapons, quests, potions, etc., by scrolling down. By selecting my weapons, I only see 7 weapon items. When I press the down arrow on the keyboard, it will not let me scroll.

Player unable to view all inventory items (PC)

Player unable to view all weapons, quests, potions, etc., by scrolling down. By selecting my weapons, I only see 7 weapon items. When I press the down arrow on the keyboard, it will not let me scroll.

Labyrinthian Bug

Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but I have found a pretty big graphical glitch during 'The Staff of Magnus' quest in Labyrinthia. The glitch occurs in the room right before entering Labyrinthia, Tribune, where the trap door drops you with the waterfall flowing through. Immediately to the left after entering the room, the curved wall basically disappears and reappears depending on your location in the room, allowing you to see through the dungeon and outside into a grey area. Not a gamed ending bug, but just thought it was worth mentioning (seen on the Xbox 360).

NPC Dialogue problems

(360) Problems with NPC dialogue...

Ever since downloading the new patch (v1.2) everytime I speak to an NPC it "fast-forwards" through the conversation. I tried turning the dialogue subtitles on & off, even reset defaults, but nothing works. I can only see/hear the first & last line anyone says to me, the rest goes by really quickly (on the subtitles) and there will be no sound from the NPC. It's like a fast-forwarded version of each conversation, and while that can sometimes be good in long-winded dialogues, it is mostly just annoying! Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it??

Also, I'm having problems with getting the final word for the "Unrelenting Force" shout from Wulfgar at the end of the "Horn of Jurgun Windcaller" quest. He just waves his arms around but the word never shows up, so I can't finish that quest or recieve my word! Help!!! 06:51, December 1, 2011 (UTC)Cyndie

Inventory items not stacking (PC)

Minor issue with some inventory items of same type not stacking. For me, soul gems will sometimes not stack correctly (happens with both filled and unfilled - and they aren't stolen). Thus carrying a lot of soul gems leads to excessive scrolling to find a particular item. Recently noticed it was happening with the Stones of Barenziah (quest item) also. Not a game-breaking issue but still worth a mention. Sedrine (talk) 06:59, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Major bug (PC): humanoids quit attacking.

This works consistently on my game, and on other characters that I have made.

If you use the fully powered unrelenting force shout to knock an enemy over, then stun them AS they are getting up, they stop moving and attacking... they just sit there until you kill them or knock them over again. It doesn't work on floating creatures or enemies that are simply stunned by the shout (dragons, mammoths, etc.) they HAVE to be knocked over, I don't know if it has to be with unrelenting force though.

I notice this mostly on Draugr, but it has happened with vampires and necromancers also. I don't know if it works on animals.

Faster Moving While Sneaking

Tested on the PS3 version of Skyrim with the current patch, while you're sneaking draw your weapon while moving and you should notice that you are moving faster, great for covering a distance while trying to remain undetected Thanatosx8 (talk) 15:12, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

Werewolves Are Pack Mules

Tested on the PS3 version of Skyrim with the current patch, encumbrance has no effect on Werewolves as such you can take that thousand pounds of loot or so and sprint to where you need to go, however as Werewolves can't fast travel or use the map it's best to place a custom marker for where you want to go or you could find yourself being turned around and heading the wrong way, and an extremely good item to have for this is the Ring of Hircine so that you may transform as many times as you need Thanatosx8 (talk) 15:21, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

Removable Quest Weapons and Shields

Equip the unwanted quest weapon or shield and activate one of the particular displaying platforms (weapon/shield rack) in Breezehome. This will remove the item from players inventory and places it for displaying. You may order your companion to pick up the item from the displaying platform and repeat the process (mind that obviously this will most probably cause a quest bug)

Crouched Sprint Bug (Silent Rolling without Perk) (PC)

I have only been able to reproduce this effect by mining an ore vein while crouched. If I crouch and interact with an ore vein the mining completes as usual in 3rd person. Once I'm returned to 1st person mode my character is still in crouched mode but the cross-hair looks like it would if I were not crouched. If I try to sprint like this my character performs the Silent Rolling maneuver instead of sprinting regardless of whether I've unlocked the Silent Rolling perk. To remedy the situation I tap the crouch button until I recognize the cross-hair is appropriately matched to my character's stance. Pepsibot (talk) 11:55, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

NOTE: I have encountered this as well on the Xbox 360. The Silent Rolling maneuver doesn't always occur when I try to sprint while sneaking (I don't have the perk by the way), but when it does it only occurs in first-person mode. I haven't checked, but I think the same thing happens to me when using alchemy and enchanting labs as well. 06:46, December 2, 2011 (UTC)Helljumper501

I have had this happen aswell on P.C. only once cannot reproduce results (

Even more bugs than before update?

Im using PC(Win 7 - 64Bit) - i bougth my game at a shop, but i had to download it from Steam.

Atm. I passed the milestone of 420 houers of this game..

After the new patch is downloaded, I experience strange things like: Wild animals (bears, saber-toothed cats, ect) that spawn on the spot where I stand. I know this is new, since my style of play is to kill at a distance (archer) and therefore I very carefully scout the areas I go into. Before I could see the animals at a distance and could thus choose whether I would attack or bypass / avoid them. This is not possible anymore - although I only see a secured / empty area, then the area explode in new spawns, same second I walk in there!

One of the most visible evidence that something is wrong, I've just experienced. I came from the top (best view of an area) and looked thoroughly an area for tracks or sounds of the wildlife. There was absolutely NOTHING to see or hear, and after a while I sneak down there. Suddenly, out of the blue, 2 furious bears spawns - one of which literally spawned on top of my head?!?

I also have "random outcome" on my compass - many destinations I reach, I now discover by accident .. not because they are shown on the compass (as they previously did - White color for known sites and Black color for unknown locations ) I have also found places where I do not get "new place found" (on-screen text that names the spot) - I do not know if it's a mistake .. but if they can name the places that are even smaller .. and then not name larger sites with enemies?

I also experience more than 5 times as many problems with Lydia - before she could periodically get stuck ... now it's so bad that I often do not bother to go into caves with her ​​as the biggest problems I have in there is about her - that she is getting stuck again and how I get her free. -.-

This has now become so bad/annoying that I almost lost my desire to play anymore ... as if I did not think it was bad enough that the game eventually becomes even heavier to run while occurring more and more errors / bugs. It also awakens bad memories from the time with Oblivian, which I actually finally left due to the same problem ...that it became heavier and heavier ..and more and more defective ..and that was on a different PC! .. but still the same problem!

Unable to recruit Farkas

I completed the companions' storyline and had Farkas as a follower for a while. After a fight in some dungeon where he kept dying, I fired him and now I am unable to hire him again. Anyone know of a cause or a solution? He has a lot of my valuable items on him that I can't get back without killing him. 12:41, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Whiterun house Bookshelf

PS3 My house breezehome in white run the bookshelf is not letting me activate it. I can't take my books or store books on it anymore.

XBOX - This also happened to me. It occurred after selecting "Take All" to remove my books. The books are now in my inventory as they should be, but the bookshelf is not inactive and still appears to show all my books.

Saving and reloading does not seem to fix the problem, neither does fast travelling to another location.

Same issue on P.C. can "grab" books and manuver, but cannot pull them from shelf, appears as though books are stuck in an invisable box, possibly cast by some sort of evil mime.

cannot recharge enchanted items

New bug found after patch 1.2 on Nov 30th (except more frequent crash): cannot recharge encahnted items. For sure I have lots of filled soul gems and I am trying to recharge an enchanted item. Also, in the inventory mouse cannot be used to click the recharge link.(PC)

Seems like Bethesda is not capable to release a game with minor bugs or even repair bugs, they just make it worse.

NOTE: I may have encountered this bug in Labyrinthia on the Xbox 360, specifically with the ethereal items dropped by the ghost draugr. I brought the items back to Whiterun to sell and keep the others, but I decided to recharge them first. When I attempted to recharge them, the light blue bar shows how much the highlighted soul gem will increase the uses, but I cannot USE the soul gems. So far it isn't that annoying since it only occurred with items I'm not using, but hopefully it doesn't get worse.

P.S. Considering how expansive the game is, we're talking order's of magnitude more involved than Fallout and Oblivion, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find every bug in the game, especially when players have the immense freedom that Skyrim allows. It's naive to think that this game will be close to perfect coming right off the shelf. Plus, sometimes patching causes other new bugs to surface, which makes the process a whole lot harder. Think about that before you start complaining about Bethesda and if you are that dissatisfied, it's pretty easy to stop playing.

Esbern dissapearance

I cannot complete the main story because during the mission "Alduin's wall" Esbern disappeared and any time I talk to Delphine she tells me to go get him. This happened when while escorting him I told him to wait and then unmarked the quest as active because I was told not to bother with the main quests. The next time I was in riften he had just vanished. Help! 15:32, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Darkness Returns Quest

For some reason in the Darkness returns quest, after Namira vanishes into the floor, I'm stuck standing with Karliah, who is busy, and my quest objective still to listen to Namira, who is in the floor. This happened several times and the one time it said I fulfilled the objective, I was unable to talk to Karliah as she had left. ( 15:55, December 1, 2011 (UTC))

Xbox i can't absorb the shout of slow time

Xbox, i can't take the dragon's shout.

i see the wall, i can listen the music when you are near to the shout. i go near to the wall but i can't see the word. the light doesn't became darker and i don't absorb nothing...spoiler: the shout is the slow time in deepwood.

Power Attacks not using stamina

So i have been building a beserker, and i picked up Volendrung from Malacath, a few minutes later i got the new patch and when i started back up i noticed that whenever i use power attacks with ANY weapon my stamina doesn't reduce - meaning i now can perfrom infinite power attacks! Volendrung is out of charge, so it can't be anything to do with that, also as i said its with ANY weapon, from daggers to warhammers. It still goes down if i sprint though. Has anyone heard about anything like this? I play on the 360 and cant find anything anywhere online about this happening! Killashley (talk) 20:38, December 1, 2011 (UTC)Killashley

Battle For Windhelm glitch/bug.

I've noticed during the mission, "Battle For Windhelm" there is a glitch/bug, that is preventing me from completing the mission. I cannot go back to an old save point, as there isn't one far enough back, I also cannot leave Windhelm due to the battle. But I cannot continue through the city, I've reached a set of barracks which look to still be intact, yet I can walk straight through them, I cannot destroy them any more. However none of the Imperials can get past, they also cannot destroy it. So when I go ahead I get countless waves of the opposing army, who easily kill me when I am heavily out numbered. Theres nothing more I can do, until this is patched up.

Any thoughts or advice??

Crash in Ragged Flagon

(PC) Whenever I leave the ragged flagon (the actual bar part) and enter the ragged flagon -cistern, the game always crashes to my desktop. Anyone else? 01:03, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

I have X360 but similar type issues. One is right where you mentioned, but it is a hiccup and does not freeze. If I enter from the graveyard no hiccup. I also have what I have termed is the "Whiterun bump" where if you walk up from your house in Breezewood towards the general store and alchemist the game ALWAYS makes all the characters jump in the air and freeze for a few seconds, then it returns to normal. Taking an alternate path avoids this.

I know coming around to the back entrance of the guild is a pain but that is the best I can offer. NightShade25 (talk) 00:45, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Can't Learn New Shouts (Xbox 360)

I'll cut right to the chase, I can no longer learn new shouts. I have learned nine previously but as soon as I learned the first words for Storm Call, I stopped being able to use dragon souls to unlock new shouts. I thought maybe this was a shout that isn't supposed to be learned until later in the game, but I can't learn Dismay either. I am level 36 and about half way through the main quest, maybe that has something to do with it... Hopefully someone can provide some insight. Thanks 03:43, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Book opens the scene if you open the elderscroll.

When i had the elderscroll in my inventory. it was perfectly fine. i could open other books and such. but when i soled it to the orc in the college. at first it wasnt there. but when i went into my inventory to open up a book I somehow opened up the elder scroll. now the book that im supposed to read for a quest has been replaced with an elderscroll, and i dont have the option to sell it again. because i dont actually have the elderscroll. one of my books just acts as the elderscroll.

Vilkas Companion Leader Quest

Accepting and turning in the quest Escaped Criminal for Vilkas in Jorrvaskr will result in the game freezing upon trying to leave Jorrvaskr.

Picking up quests from any other leader after turning in Escaped Criminal will not affect the freezing whatsoever, neither will sleeping in a bed for any amount of time inside Jorrvaskr.

Saving and reloading also does not work.

Clearing the Cache does not work.

Have only encountered this on the 360 thus far, tried it on the PS3 and the PC as well and it works fine for those. 07:49, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Dark Brotherhood Forever

This quest worked fine 11 times for me, I decided to just not do the next quest and explore for a few days.

The quest has now disappeared from my quest log, and now the Nightmother will not offer anymore quests.

Encountered on the 360 07:54, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Black Star takes white souls

I have the black star and managed to put a petty sould in it.

The bug is about when you wear Marokei mask and the Archmage's robes at the same time your head disappear. But before the last patch it was working for me. 14:20, December 2, 2011 (UTC)Vincent

NOTE: The Black Star being able to absorb white souls isn't a bug at all. It's basically a super soul gem, able to capture any soul, whether they be black or white.

Stuck on darkness returns

Stuck inside the final chamber of the twilight sepulcher after taking to nocturnal

all three doors are covered in some sort of blue mist and i can not get out of the room i have tryed waiting and reloading but nothing is working

Stand on the circles with the moon representations to choose one of the three powers you get for completing the quest. You should see something happen (don't remember what it was) but you get your power and then you can pass through the blue thing in front of the circle you chose to fastpath back to the start of the pilgrim trial. You can come back every 24 hours and change your power. NightShade25 (talk) 00:35, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

(Cosmetic) Sign misleading

North of Rorikstead, on a crossroad, there are some signs. There are three possible ways:

  • South to Whiterun
  • East to Markarth and Karthwasten
  • North to Solitude and Markarth. It should say Morthal as Markarth is east of there. If you try to go to Markarth by the north path, the next sign on the road points Markarth the other way. Lord Evil (talk) 16:54, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Drunk Ghosts?

Drunken Ghosts?

Upon summoning a nordic hero with the ability and entering the companions home, he sat down and started drinking, the only time he got up was to move to another chair and keep drinking. To get rid of him I had to kill him which sometimes leaves a lootable body full of Nord armor, the companions dont care about his murder other then to come running and stand around but infinate cash from a ghosts corpse? PC

Lost my wife!

This may be a combination of things so here I go...

I became Thane of Solitude and married the housecarl. She has been around a very long time. While I wanted to stay out of it I joined the stormclocks to pick up the house in Windhelm. I went through a couple of those quests and got sidetracked into the Dark Brotherhood. Trying not to give spoilers, I went past that point where you do a little special cooking in the Dark Brotherhood questline. Afterwards, I got in a battle at the bridge and got a bounty, but talked my way out of it with the guard.

I came back to Solitude later but apparently my sweet talking did not release my bounty, and I went ahead and just paid it off. I went to the house and she is gone. Went in and out again, looked around the castle and the jarl's place, just nowhere.

Since I had a lot going on I did not know which one might have done this or if this is entirely random. I know Solitude is Imperial friendly so I thought being a Stormcloak might have pissed her off, or the fact that I poisoned the stew you know who, or because I was murdering guards in the town I was Thane in. Thoughts? I want her back, nice stream of cash! Besides the home cooked meal. NightShade25 (talk) 22:23, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Update: She reappeared suddenly after what I estimate was nearly a full season in game time. I was shocked to see her but she is acting as if she never left. I have absolutely no idea since I did a boatload of things between the time she left and she reappeared. Totally random and bizarre. NightShade25 (talk) 03:04, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Diamond Dragon Claw Door Bug; Skuldafn (Xbox 360)

I'm in Skuldafn, and at the door that requires the Diamond Dragon Claw. At first the rings around the door wouldn't move. I left the area and came back. Instead of being on dragon dragon dragon this time, however, they were on moth moth fox, and would move. I moved them to the correct combination(fox, moth, dragon) and tried the door. It wouldn't open, so I tried reloading it, installing skryim to my xbox, uninstalling and trying an earlier save, a different game disc entiriely, tried leaving skuldafn can't fast travel while there, can't climb out of there, tried a save outside of skuldafn and went back door still doesn't work, tried every combination of the fox, moth, dragon possible, and nothing.... 00:00, December 3, 2011 (UTC)Gore

Xbox 360 Patch- As soon as I downloaded the new patch, I lost the majority of my health. I battled the vampire Vighar and he literally killed me in one strike of his sword, decapitating my head from my body. I am a level 35 so I definitely should not be having this problem. This is true of my other quests as well. No matter what I do, including shouting and using 10 health potions with followers, he still kills me in a matter of seconds, if not less. I simply can not play the game like this and it was a direct result of the new patch. Eric

glith: I can't find karliah in the quest Trinity restored

im supposed to meet her at the standing stone, but she isnt there? im using a ps3. how can i fix this problem?

Permanent quest item bug

There is a glitch that is similar to the first bug (currently) mentioned on the main page, but more pervasive and detrimental. I've found (on the xbox 360) that several quest items have remained in my inventory after turning in the associated quest. This seems to be unrelated to the bug with previously explored areas, as only one of the five or so quest items in question was retrieved from a place I had previous visited. The quest items I have become the unwilling permenant ower of include; the Elder Scroll from Discerning the Transmundane, and the three instruments from the Bard's College quest. It may be a coincidence but these were also the four most recent quests I've done that featured quest items and as a result I'm hesitant to keep playing this save for fear that it may be a chronic problem that results in a permenantly full inventory. 00:55, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

NOTE: I have also encountered this bug as well, most notably with the flute, lute, and drum from the Bard's College quests on the Xbox 360. First of all, it has nothing to do with when you did the quests, in your case it's just a coincidence (I did all 3 with about several hours between me doing other things). I haven't really gotten far in the main quest to know if the Elder Scroll will remain in my inventory, but I do know that the Miscellaneous quest to give Greta in Solitude her husband's Amulet of Talos results in her not taking it and recieving no reward (if there is one), yet the quest is marked complete. You shouldn't have to worry about a permanently full inventory, as it is only specific items from particular quests. 02:17, December 4, 2011 (UTC)Helljumper501

Followers stuck in buildings

If you speak to your follower who has been told to wait in a building while you are trespassing, you will completely lose the ability to talk to the follower and cannot get them to follow you again

To recreate:

1) enter a building during daytime

2) tell your follower 'i need you to do something' and 'stand there'

3) leave the building

4) come back at night while the building is locked

5) talk to your follower, they'll say 'You're not supposed to be here'

6) It now becomes impossible to talk to your follower again, even if you come back during the daytime when the building is not locked

A workaround that i think should work is to sleep for a few days. it normally says 'your follower leaves your service'. Hopefully they'll be back at their normal location after that. Nevertheless, it's still a bug, just like not being able to talk to your follower while trespassing 02:22, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Escape Cidna Mine Bug, Quest Items Not Returned

I found a bug in the quest no one escapes cidna mine.near the end of the quest when you are about to leave the dwemer ruins you escaped through, the king of the forsworn gives you all your items back. I get all my items back...except every single one of the items that are normally not removable (quest items). I don't know if this happened to anyone else but I was lucky enough to have a save left that brought back to before I even entered cidna mine.

(PC) I seem to have found a bug on this website while attempting to post a bug on skyrim because I can't get out of Italic type. Anyways, the reason I started this topic is because I cannot drop items in containers. 04:05, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Lydia Stuck in Brawl mode Xbox 360

Okay, so when I went to the stables owner in Whiterun to do a quest for the Companions (the first quest you get from them after joining) I had Lydia with me. The first option that I had for the quest was to brawl with the stables owner. For some reason, even though I took up the challenge, he ended up not brawling, then I talked to him again and it gave me the option to intimidate him instead, so I did and it completed the quest, but now Lydia won't stop running away from me and egging me on for the brawl. I can't talk to her or anything and she has some of my important things on her. It's really annoying. Going to try to redo the quest to see if it can be fixed or if it's something unavoidable.

NPC's not loading glitch in Imperial/Stormcloak storyline

In the Imperial Storyline where you have to go and re-claim all of the forts and then eventually Windhelm itself I've run into an issue that the enemy is invisible. All the Imperial Soldiers around me are attack what's seemingly thin air but I'm being dealt damage at the same time. At the moment I'm in Windhelm and I can see many NPC's on my compass but can't see any in front of me and the Imperial Soldiers are attacking the air and I'm being dealt damage. (PC) 09:10, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Huge bug: Revealing The Unseen

Quest speak with Mirabelle Ervine

After i had a battle with a blood-dragon on the Winterhold College platform, in wich are many shouts are used form both sides. (*when i won the dragon never disintegrated and never got his soul. so he still have his skin...-_- )

after that Mirabelle Ervine just disapeard like that. the problem only was that i notised IT 10 game hours later, when i wanned to to the quest of the Revealing the Unseen Mirabelle was no where to be found in all of winterhold College (checked it out like a freak 10 times, and even got helped from a friend where i could find here, but that never happend)

so i waited to here for respam, i let the time go faster by waiting. i came 6 day's later back to winterhold College, and yet she was nowhere to be seen.

i also had twice a problem that solved itself, I could walk through rock's and walls, and only the ground was sollid enough to carry myself. but after restarting the PS3 it fixed itself.. ----> is it a connection to my current bug? <---

Please help me! i wane become the arch-mage! x_x

I had something closely related happen and it might be your problem. I think some characters are supposed to be invincible that are quest related but in some fights with Dragons - in towns especially - I have seen characters that carry quests end up dead, either making my quest not able to be finished or not able to start the quest. She may be dead and you might not be able to find her body because they are mages and are not afraid to raise their dead comrades up as zombies during a fight. You can try to look around in ash piles but since the battle spans the entire town you may never uncover it. I waited until too late with my issue and do not want to go back all those levels but the only way I can think of is to reload the save before the battle and try to keep her alive. Otherwise, until Bethesda figures out a fix for dead npc's with quests (or maybe it is intentional who knows, but I would think it would not be) you are out of luck. NightShade25 (talk) 03:19, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Karlia/Staff of Magnus bug

Having met with Karlia and told to go speak to Enthir in Winterhold, i first went to go say hi to the guys at the college before going to labyrinthian to regain the staff of magnus, thus initiating a fight with magic anomalies, and now they've told me to go and find the staff (again) the battle in winterhold means i cant speak with Enthir about Karlia, which is what i actually want to do. May reload from before going to winterhold, just annoying because all he says is 'this is going to be a mess for my business' and no convo chat is initiated. *le sigh*

xbox doors not working

im was playing skrim and at first nothing was wrong with it but now since i got around lvl 25 i cant open any trick doors ( the ones that you have to move pillars or circles to a certain image to open a door) and now i cant get anything or finish some quest because i cant get past any of thoses doors. i tried loading and saving multiple times but it still dosent work. 14:03, December 3, 2011 (UTC)alex castillo

Cant buy from NPC's (PS3)

Can't Buy anything from NPC's, for instance clicking, "What have you got for sale"? Will result in a system malfunction and have to restart, this started only after 1.2 patch released. Please fix (System PS3)

found bug in windhelm I own a house and in this house there are wooden statues,when you put clothing on them thay disappear.Zorell Zex (talk) 14:36, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Guard lose health near me in Whiterun. (PC)

Dragonbone quest! Travel to Whiterun.

Every time I walk in Whiterun, guard loses some life (alone), show a message of 40 bounty and everyone comes to kill me.

I have no bounty, but near the front gate, this bug occurs whenever someone loses life all around me.

I'm playing with High Elven.

Mjoll The Lioness Personal Quest Problem:

When trying to talk to Mjoll the Lioness, who I want to get as a follower, about why she is in Riften (The dialouge where she discusses her sword), the option to ask about the sword never arises, making the mini-quest impossible to begin and, consequently, impossible to finish. I've waited for hours at some times, was beyond level 14 when I first met her, and never had any contact with her or Aerin (Her savior) before originally talking to her about why she was in Riften. I've also gone into the ruins without initiating the quest to try to find the sword and just hand it to her, but the sword hadn't spawned.

I believe it may have something to do with the dragon that attacked Riften when I first went there and killed 2 Guards, a thief, and Aerin (Just my luck, huh?), and that has somehow made her believe I was to blame and made her refuse to discuss the sword. She still has the same, kindly, attitude towards me, always greeting me in a very friendly manner, but still doesn't allow me to ask about the sword as if it were me who killed Aerin. 19:33, December 3, 2011 (UTC) Ghost

Option to purchase Markarth house disappears.

Ok, so I found a somewhat complex bug that permanently prevents a player from being able to buy a house in Markarth. I'm playing on PC and my character is a level 45 Dark Elf.

step1: Accept the quest from Jarl Igmund to return Hrolfdir's shield. Also accept the bounty quest from the steward Raerek to kill the leader of Dragon Bridge Overlook (this may well work with any random bounty quest) or have 1 or both quests completed already but not turned in yet.

I completed both quests concurrently before returning to the Underkeep. When I returned, I found that I had the option to either return the bounty quest to the Jarl or to his steward (even though the quest states that I'm to return to Raerek for the bounty). When talking to either the Jarl or Raerek, if I turn in the bounty quest first, before turning in the shield to the Jarl, there are no further issues.

BUT, if I turn in the shield to the Jarl first, I'll then have the following 2 dialogue options with him:

a) "My Jarl, is there anything else you need?"

b.) The leader of Dragon Bridge Outlook is dead, I'm here for the bounty."

If I choose option a) first, he'll grant me the ability to buy a house from his steward, and then I can safely turn in the bounty quest with him safely after that and have the ability to buy the house from the steward. However, if I choose option b.) first, he will give me the 100 gold for the bounty, and option a) will disappear from the dialogue and I will not be able to become a Thane or even purchase a house.

Alternatively, if I only choose option a) from the Jarl, and then turn to his steward Raerek, I'll have the following dialogue options:

a) "The Leader of the Dragon Bridge Overlook is dead, I'm here for the bounty."

b.) "I'd like to purchase a house in the city. (8000 gold)"

If I choose option a) first and collect the bounty, the option for the house disappears, and I cannot get him to offer me that option again! If I choose to buy the house first, and then choose a) to turn in the bounty, everything is ok.

PS3 Camera View changes during The Silver Hand quest at Gallows Rock

During the quest after becoming a werewolf the 3rd person camera view changes after raiding gallows rock it is more zoomed in after completing the quest.

Quest: The Fallen

I have completed the Civil War story line so I had no need to call a peace treaty. When I call Odahviing to fight him, he does not take any damage.

(This may be irrelevent, but I tried to use the 'kill' command to see if that would work instead, however it appears he was 'invisible' and whenever I tried to click on him to issue the command the game would register it as clicking on whatever scenery was behind him.)

I am playing the PC version on Windows 7. No cheats were enabled. Tried re-loading the game several times, all led to the same scenerio.

† Kynmarcher17† 04:25, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Bug in Quest: The Wolf Queen Awakened

When i came into the next chamber after dealing with a bunch of draugrs, there was only a bottomless pit waiting for me instead of the stair and floor. Does anyone have a solution for it?

Bug in Quest: Summerset Shadows

The quest Summerset Shadows takes place in Uttering Hills bandit camp. It deletes the bandits and replaces them with summerset shadows. Those will then forever after respawn there and the bandits never come back.

If you had a quest to kill the bandit leader of Uttering Hills Camp you cannot complete it, it will point at an empty spot where no bandit leader can be found.Taltamir (talk) 09:05, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Treasure Chests with Treasure Maps

Treasure chests do not appear even if you have the map.

haha, try fast travel on your horse collage of winterhold!:) on mye xbox i get to fly with my horse. just for a few seconds though

Farkas keeps talking to me!!

Farkas keeps talking to me over and over.. if you decline the talking dialog it just opens again 3 seconds later. at first i didn't care and just ran away from him.. but now they've sended Farkas with me as my companion in a dungeon (for the quest: take up arms) now it is really annoying because he keeps talking to me even when I am in the middle of a fight!! like WTH?! does anyone know how i can make him stop talking to me? X