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Bandits vs Falmer?Edit

Firstly in starting a new talk page I have no idea what I'm doing so apologies if it goes wrong, in which case feel free to delete/edit e.t.c. Upon entering this location for the first time I used the wiki as a guide for the loot in the location which it covers excellently. However the description/walkthrough section didn't reflect what I found while exploring the dungeon. In the first passage of the location I overheard two bandits talking about eyeless "creatures" (Falmer) who had invaded their hideout, one mentioning that they had "stolen his helmet" (I later found a levelled(?) helmet at the end of the location, so am assuming it was the bandits and will be a helmet for everyone), and also saying that their boss would defeat them. After killing these two I progressed to the section with the locked gate and ledge, where I saw the two Falmer killing a bandit, progressing further through the location showed more evidence of battles and fights between the Falmer and Bandits, with the Falmer inevitably winning, with it either being dead or losing bandits I found (all combatants were hostile). I'm going to edit the wiki to reflect my findings, and though I can't quote the bandits word for word, I'll cover their conversation in a trivia section. Hopefully this is the same for everyone and not just me. 01:07, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

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