Regarding Jorunn The Skald-KingEdit

Why he is the leader astounds me; I won't rant here, really, but I have a whole epic-worth of an account that would render him less adequate for the job. From the Beta, it had listed Almalexia as the leader. I may be getting things mixed up here, but I'm pretty sure that Allandro Sul, the dunmer shield-warden of Indoril Nerevar (whose companions were The Tribunal: Vivec, Sotha Sil...and Almalexia.), killed Shor during the battle of Red Mountain. Who led the Nord forces against the Chimer? None other than the Skald-King himself. Since there is absolutely no particle nor notion of the Dwemer in The Elder Scrolls Online, the events of the game would therefore take place after Nerevar's associates offered him up as tribute to ritual, and rose to godhood, and after Azura cursed them all. Again, Almalexia is shown in the cinematic prior to the ESO Beta's demo content as the superior in charge. Unless I am mistaken, don't consider this some simple complaint. It's just that the page here clearly Jorunn is the leader.

Oh, and I also remember the Chimer having a long dispute against the Nord tribals along the westernmost borders during the reign of both (or either) the Resdayn and/or the Dwemereth [names of Morrowind during specific modes of rule.] 

Another thing, I might add, the Great Moot and the very capitol of the Pact is Mournhold, of Morrowind. Although the article specifically states he was the governing force despite the godlike powers of the Tribunal, but- I could list the numerous feats of the Dunmer in only so few centuries, but I won't- seeing as Vivec submerged the province and taught his people to breathe water, Sotha Sil built that Clockwork City, And three consecutive attempts of Akaviri invasion were stopped by none other than the Dunmer (maybe with aid?), you'd think they would have soe right to rule. Yes, the Nords did help create the Empire alongside Alessia and such, with the rule of High King Harald, i think, around 1E 106...but that means nothing: The Empire is not as prominent now, especially with Molag Bal conspiring to destroy Nirn, and that Cyrodiil is the epicentre, and formal grounds, of all conflicts. The races wage war, and they transgress the many areas of grey that only time will permit to color. 

I apologize if I soak up your time with my nonsense, but I just need some clarity. If you deem my ignorant or whatever, as the article may tell me the answers, so be it. 

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