While looking for the child's coffin I was attacked by a Frost Dragon. I ran to town so as to enlist the guard's help (magic resistence is broken at this time so help is welcome when frost breath is involved) and the dragon began attacking something near the area I was looking for the coffin. When I got there I only found two mudcrabs. During the dragon fight I discovered the coffin. When the dragon died as I was absorbing the soul, I activated the coffin. It was hard to hear the diologue over the music. But I never saw sign of Laelette and I'm not sure what the results are. It's possible she's still alive and I will encounter her later (possibly by the coffin) or the dragon got her and I have not found the corpse. This is my first time doing the quest so I have followed the on screen prompts, proceeded to Alva's house where I killed the father and Alva was not there. I took the journal to the Jarl and am currently on route to the master vampire's lair. So it's quite obviously possible to do the quest without encountering Laelette. I don't know if this should be listed as a bug or note or what. I will add details to the talk page if I encounter her again. 17:39, December 11, 2011 (UTC)

I've run into her before finding the kid's ghost, while finishing off a dragon. She's invisible, but I keep magelighting her (detects aren't working) then hitting her with everything. I can't damage her at all, though she hollers and bleeds, and she does so little damage (though Stenvar keeps hitting me while trying to shoot her) that I've been in a stalemate for about a half an hour! I was just looking to see if there were any bugs listed here. 04:14, September 15, 2012 (UTC)

Me again, conjured a Dremora Lord, who killed her (I could see her health bar), but no body. She was at the cemetary, visible and killable that night. 04:41, September 15, 2012 (UTC)