&nbsp Do not delete, please combine this info with the info on the transmutate page. might want to keep this page since it has the correct name of the spell, i dont believe the name of the spell is transmutate.Poppaberry (talk) 20:36, November 16, 2011 (UTC)

Matter of fact, this spell IS called Transmutate. The spell tome says "Transmutate Mineral Ore" as a description. Here is a picture of proof that it is in fact, called "Transmutate." Rather sad that my page was merged with this one, whenever my page had plenty of valuable information that didn't get merged into this one. I will just have to edit it all in I suppose.

QuintonChester (talk) 15:53, November 19, 2011 (UTC)QuintonChester

Just so it's clear. That says "Transmute" not "Transmutate". --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 16:11, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

You are absolutely correct. My bad! I have edited the page a bit. Thanks for clearing that up for me, for some reason I just kept pulling the word Transmutate out of it. My apologies.

No problem, but I will say that the information edited back in was mostly duplicate stuff. Plus, it doesn't really keep up with the format of other spell pages. It'll need some more work. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 16:29, November 19, 2011 (UTC)


I massivley editied this page because there was an (erronius) "copy-editing" note on it, in fact, all facts presented were unique, not copied from others. But the page was a mess. I do not wish to step on toes with my edit, and attempted to keep all content intact. I re-organized and abbreviated several posts, all unique information is intact and organized according to relevancy to various strategies and game mechanics. Important: the sub-topic headings (in parenthesis) should probably be kept as they indicate why the information is not copied (leveling speech via barter as opposed to barter for barter's sake under (leveling) and ($eptims) respectively) please excuse the joke on the end of the page...

2nd Apology

OK I re-editied... the Bulk transmute strategy should not be part of bug resolution, as it is a valid and powerful strategy for leveling (which this Dhovakhin uses). keeping silver ore around gives you more chances to make valuable gemmed Jewelry. enchanted or not you get more for your ore if you wait for gems before you score. I retained and shortened the reference at the bottom of the page, sorry if this makes a mess but I would ask that people respect the bulk method. I made sure the bug resolution remained similar, and also shortened it. Again, The Dragonborn needs to be flexible to survive 13:36, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

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