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Why is this page such a mess? I feel like someone was half way through this quest, and decided to shat all over the page while they were making their way through, and then just forgot it existed afterwards. - The Capulet (talk) 11:50, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

I found a bug where after karliah states to don the nightingale armor, brynjoff turns around and walks out of the nightingale hall, any suggestions?

Hello heroes of the TES wiki.

I just hit this quest and it's massive buginess but I think I've worked out a more consistant solution for the part where Karliah pulls the ring twice instead of once.

Line up an arrow and shoot her after she pulls the ring the first time. It's much easier to time than shoving her out of the way.

They do not aggro you for putting an arrow in her.

Tested it twice to make sure.

Solving the Karliah spawn issue...a small story Edit

Hey, when I have to meet Karliah at the stone, she is not there...and if I summon "a" Karliah, she's not moving anywhere (but she brings the quest one step ahead by opening the door). If I prid <her ID> and moveto player, Karliah (the one who was already present in the world) just walks away (back to the cellar in the winterhold tavern, where she stands around), same behaviour with Brynjolf.

I can port the real Karliah into the cave, but I cant get her to behave like she should...she just walks to the end of the cave passage, talks her stuff and turns around, no matter where I am standing (quest continues). And no matter how I continue (forcing them to the stone, equipping armor, freezing them...), I can't get over "Equip the Nightingale Armor" step.

The only thing I can do further: summon a stupid Karliah next to the chain. She will keep pulling it, with no effect (therefore stupid).

Clearification: player.placeatme <id> = stupid Karliah, prid <id> && moveto player = original, stuck Karliah without quest responses.

Gubbelgubbel (talk) 22:30, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

For goodness sakes people, there is a Talk for each page FOR A REASON. Don't do so on the actual wiki page.

Archiving the bug fix Edit

(This is where the bug occurs. Instead of opening the gate, Karliah will walk back to Riften. She is considered 'Busy', and so is 'Brynjolf' when spoken to. No current way to get past this issue. Console commands will only progress your journal, rather than actually complete the quest.) [I could be wrong, but on PS3 this quest went perfectly with no interuptions or bugs by Karliah or Brynjolf. This could only be for the PS3 though.] I was playing on the ps3 and "brynjolf" is bugged. Brynjolf is walking away. I pushed him to the room where the three runes r at and stood where i was suppose to. He unbugged and stood where he needed to be.

Possible Fix ----------

I did not have the exact same bug mentioned below. Karliah walked back to Riften originally - standing behind her during the talking in the room after the armory works - but she did not get stuck at the door. When I reloaded and walked back to the cavern, I was able to use 'resetAI' console command to get Karliah to walk properly to the grate.

This needs confirmation on someone else's bug, but it worked for me - Rhodance

Second Possible Fix------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On the PC with access to Console Commands, when Karliah started walking away after asking you to enter the chamber to take the oath with Nocturnal, open up the Command console and type in "setstage TG08A 57" minus the quotes, which will advance to the stage in the quest immediately afterwards. So far there are no negative effects to this fix, except for missing the Nocturnal cutscene, and not actually opening up the chamber for later (I have no idea whether you need to go in there later or not.)

Third Possible Fix------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Harti 2013-03-12 - This is how I fixed it: I had to remove the UFO Mod (now Karliah answered Brynjolf after entering the Temple) and than I had to remove the ATF Mod (so Karliah does not wander off after spoken). Small detail: I removed UFO before I spoke with her ourside the temple and ATF before she asked Brynjof if he is ready.

Karliah bug fix----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Okay...I've succesfully passed the bug stage...this is what i did: When she stops to have the final chat, in the chamber with the 8 fires, you MUST be standing with your back to the barred ritual chamber, and your face pointing to the stones where you get your armor..(to trigger her chat, stay for 1 sec in front of her, then quickly position yourself behind her, as described above)....

She will start walking in the good direction, towards the barred MUST save the game at this point..

NEXT, when she will reach the barred door, she will use the chain one time to many. The bars will drop, and then raise again....WHEN that happened, i simply bumped into her, just so that she oppened the door but didn't close it again....if all is well, she will resume her walk across the ritual room and all will be ok...

CONFIRMED NOV18/2011 patch 1.1 Note:This requires a bit of percise timing and remember to block her path to the chain until she is pathed towards her destination.


As stated in the previous fix, you must have your back to the barred door in the flame room. However keep getting Karliah to ask you if you are ready to take the oath. Instead of answering, Tab out of the conversation and take a few steps backwards. Karliah will again take a few steps towards you and ask you again if you are ready. Repeat this until she is just on the bottom of the stairs in the hallway leading to the barred door. Bring her further in if you wish. Once you do this answer the question and she will continue to walk to the chain and open the gate. I did not have an issue with her pulling it more than once though.

Good luck and may the shadows hide you.

Good luck, Klaude------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Brynjolf Bug Fix-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Similar to the Karliah bug but instead of Karliah walking back to Riften Brynjolf does. The only solution(PC only sorry) to push the quest forward I found is to enable god mode("TGM" in console) and repeatedly use unrelenting force to push brynjolf into the fire chamber. A dialog scene between Brynjolf and Karliah will activate, tell her you are ready, and when she opens to door continue to shout Brynjolf into the ceremony chamber as he tries to walk back to Riften. Keep him in the ceremony chamber with shouts while Karliah stands in her spot(you may need to keep him off to the side as Karliah won't move if you are in the way). Then before Brynjolf leaves the ceremony chamber quickly run to your ceremony "glyph" on the left and the scene should start with Brynjolf running to his glyph and now the quest will progress. Afterwards Brynjolf acted as he was supposed to and no longer wanted to go back to Riften immediately.

Brynjolf bug on 360. Brynjolf appears in cave, but turns around and heads back to Riften as soon as Karliah asks me pick up armor. I pickup and put on armor. Then followed Karliah. She has a conversation with Brynjolf even though he's not in the Fire Chamber. Brynjolf appears briefly to accept oath (he turned himself around at some point), but starts walking back to Riften again and not towards Cermonial Chamber. I managed to force Brynjolf into Cermonial Chamber by repeatedly charing into him while running or unsheathin weapon. I forced him up to the center platform next to Karliah. Used unrelenting force to knock Karliah into water. I kept Brynjolf in the room by blocking him until Karliah returned to her spot. Once Karliah walked back to her spot the cerimony started, and Brynkolf walked to his platform.

This Works------

Had same issue as ALL stated bugs with Karliah, I just reloaded game from a save I took after getting armor. I did have to reload 3 times due to first she walked out of dungeon, second load she decided to open and close the gate and then walk into a corner like she was retarded, but on the third try i just walked passed the gate when it opened and both NPC's turned and followed inside.

Undead H3r3tic (talk) 17:15, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Trinity Restored Bug (X360) Edit

Xbox 360 - I can't complete the quest. Must people have a problem with karliah because she either dissapear or leave the place. But in my case, when I arrive at the 8 fires, she chat with Brynjolf. Ok, everything is fine, but when they finish their conversation, Karliah is suppose to ask me if I am ready. Instead, she tells me : You appear ready for the oath. Each time i approach here she tells me , once again, You appear ready for the oath. I am wearing the nightingale armor and all the nightingale stuff. I just dont know what to do :( .

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