Imperial City Talos Plaza District is located in the west section of the Imperial City. The Talos Plaza District is the home to Ulen Athram and Lord Umbacano. Generally, the most wealthy residents of the Imperial City reside in the Talos Plaza District.



Using reference numbers from the map:

  1. Northwest Watch Tower
  2. Imperial City, Elven Gardens District
  3. Green Emperor Way
  4. Imperial City, Temple District
  5. Southwest Watch Tower
  6. Ontus Vanin's House (hard lock)
  7. Claudius Arcadia's House (hard lock)
  8. City Isle
  9. S'rathad's House (average lock)
  10. Usheeja's House (average lock)
  11. The Foaming Flask
  12. Ra'jiradh's House (average lock)
  13. Soris Arenim's House (average lock)
  14. Astinia Atius' House (average lock)
  15. Thamriel's House (very easy lock)
  16. Dynari Amnis' House (hard lock)
  17. Ulen Athram's House (average lock)
  18. Umbacano Manor (hard lock)
  19. The Tiber Septim Hotel
  20. Jakben Imbel's House (average lock)
  21. Agarmir's House (average lock)
  22. Matthias Draconis' House (hard lock)
  23. Samuel Bantien's House (hard lock)
  24. Angelie's House
  25. Helvo Atius' House (average lock)
  26. Talos Plaza Sewers
  27. Severius Atius' House (average lock)
  28. Dorian's House
  29. Areldil's House (very easy lock)

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