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Talwinque is an Ayleid Ruin located west of Fallen Rock Cave. It is a large and imposing set of ruins dominated by a large, winged statue. A small campsite is situated in front of the door.

There is no significant flora present here.


  • Talwinque
  • Talwinque, Ceysel / Hall of Shadows
  • Talwinque, Aransel / King's Hall

There are about 10 Welkynd Stones and 1 Varla Stone located inside this ruin. There is also a 25% chance that an Orcish Adventurer will spawn inside the Ayleid Ruin.


  • Bandits (Bandits, Bandit Bowmen, Bandit Hedge Wizards, Bandit Ringleader)
  • It is possible to encounter Audens Avidius here when you are not sleeping.


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