"Akatosh guided me here, protecting me from the dangers of the long road. I will serve him the rest of my days."

Tama is a Dunmer living at the Weynon Priory in Cyrodiil, east of Chorrol.


Tama spent her youth growing up in Deshaan, and was taught the faith of the Tribunal - the gods Almalexia, Vivec, and Sotha Sil. One day, she had an encounter with a priest of Akatosh. The priest, at great personal risk, came to the city to spread the word of Akatosh. While most the people around her jeered and threw rotten Kwama eggs at him, Tama felt a "divine presence" fill her heart.

Unfortunately, the priest was tortured and killed by a mob. That night, Tama ran away to Weynon Priory, remembering the priest saying that this was where he came from. After arriving at the priory, Tama praised Akatosh for protecting her during her travel and dedicated her life to serving him.


  • "Ah, a visitor! Do you have a moment to talk about Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time?"