"If you want to give your house that true lived-in feel, you'll want to decorate it with plenty of the basics: crates, barrels, tools, tableware, bottles, and much more. Make it not just a house, but a home!"
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

The Tamrielic Household Necessities Pack is a homestead furnishing pack for The Elder Scrolls Online available on the Crown Store.


This bundle contains the following:

  • Book Row, Decorative
  • Bottle, Liquor
  • Bowl, Serving
  • Breton Cup, Empty (2x)
  • Common Barrel, Sealed
  • Common Plate, Simple (2x)
  • Hearty Bread
  • Potato, Wax
  • Rough Barrel, Sturdy
  • Rough Bowl, Common (2x)
  • Rough Carton, Sturdy
  • Rough Crate, Sturdy
  • Rough Pouch, Coarse Cloth
  • Rough Sack, Burlap
  • Scroll, Rolled