Tanek is a Redguard assassin residing in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.


Welcome HomeEdit

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Show: Welcome Home

"So you're the new recruit, huh? No, don't tell me your name. I'll just call you New-blade. It's easier to remember and it's not like I'm going to know you for very long. Yes, New-blade. That's so much better."

Why don't you think I'll be around for long? "Oh, I don't mean to offend you. I just believe in full disclosure. We've lost an initiate and a fully trained assassin recently. Mirabelle's in denial, but I know what's happening. Someone's hunting the Brotherhood, and you make a tempting target."

I can take care of myself.
[Remain silent.] "Trying to pull off the spooky thing? Not bad, but your technique needs a little work. I'm sure you just need some more practice. Anyway, stay sharp out there, New-blade. We're not the only scary things lurking in the shadows any more."
So what's your story, Tanek? "Oh, it's a long and sordid tale, full of romance and derring-do. Or if you prefer the short version, I was apprenticed to a smith in Sentinel. Loved the trade, hater my master. He liked to hammer more than just metal. When I had enough, I killed him."
And that's how you came to the Brotherhood? "Oh no, that was just the beginning of my story. I was young and stupid back then. I ran, but apparently not far or fast enough. Got to spend some quality time in Hammerfell dungeon for my actions. Eight years, if I recall correctly."
That sounds terrible. "Well, it wasn't sunshine and camel milk, but I survived. Met some people. Learned some lessons. When one of the guards got sloppy, I was ready to act. Simple as that. Of course, my old life was over, but at least I was free."
So how'd you wind up in the Brotherhood? "Hey, I had to make a living. I was branded as a killer, so killing was what I did. Worked for the crime boss Bashshi-ra for awhile. Then I had a visit one night. The Speaker scared the piss our of me, but I couldn't refuse his generous offer."
Anything else I should know about the Brotherhood? "The Dark Brotherhood has been good to me. They taught me to focus my anger, to let the Dread Father work though me. I have a home, an income, and a set of rules to live by. Life makes sense to me here in the Sanctuary."
There are rules? "Oh, New-blade, there are always rules. The trick is to learn what they are before you get your hand caught in the sweetroll box. For us, it's all about the Five Tenets. I'm sure there's a book about them somewhere in the Sanctuary."
Tell me more about these murders. "Durisa and Van? One was an experienced assassin who knew her business. The other was a raw recruit with hardly and blood on his blade. Kind of like you, New-blade. I could have been coincidence, but I think they were targeted by the same killer."
What makes you think the murders are connected? "Just a feeling, I guess. And the way they were left for all the world to see. Someone was proud of their work and wanted everyone to know it. And it had to be a professional. Durisa was too good to be taken down by an amateur."
Have you shared your suspicions with the Matron? "Matron Astara tells us what to think, not the other way around. But yes, we've talked about this. all we can do is stay alert and try to figure out who's behind the murders. Until then, we're just jumping at shadows. Very dangerous shadows."