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Tanval Indoril is a Dunmer and the grandmaster of House Indoril. Him and his son Garyn are heavily involved in the Stonefalls questline.


Tanval is the father of Garyn Indoril and Grandmaster of House Indoril during the Second Era. He is also a war veteran, surviving the Akaviri invasion alongside his shieldbrother, Holgunn, and was instrumental in the final defeat of the Akaviri in Stonefalls.

Known for his hard-line tactics and determination to win, Tanval believes the ends justifies the means. He is not a stranger to using unorthodox, if not otherworldly means to ensure victory for the Ebonheart Pact.


Legacy of the AncestorsEdit

Delaying the DaggersEdit

City Under SiegeEdit

Quiet the Ringing BellEdit

Climbing the SpireEdit

Opening the PortalEdit

Sadal's Final DefeatEdit

Evening the OddsEdit

The General's DemiseEdit



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