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Tanval Indoril is a Dunmer mage residing in Davon's Watch in Stonefalls.


Tanval is the father of Garyn Indoril and Grandmaster of House Indoril during the Second Era. He is also a war veteran, surviving the Akaviri invasion alongside his shieldbrother, Holgunn, and was instrumental in the final defeat of the Akaviri in Stonefalls.

Known for his hard-line tactics and determination to win, Tanval believes the ends justifies the means. He is not a stranger to using unorthodox, if not otherworldly means to ensure victory for the Ebonheart Pact.


City Under SiegeEdit

The Vestige first meets Tanval in Davon's Watch at their family's manor. He comes up with a plan to summon the ancient beast Balreth, one of the Brothers of Strife, to destroy the Daggerfall Covenant's invasion force. He is one of the main characters of the main Stonefalls questline.

After the destruction of the Daggerfall fleet north of Davon's Watch, he sends his son, Garyn, to seal Balreth at Ash Mountain once more, fearing Balreth will cause even more damage. The Vestige helps Tanval with the task of banishing Balreth.

Tanval later leads the Pact Vanguard in Stonefalls to reclaim Fort Virak, which was captured by the Covenant. This prevented reinforcements from the Rift from bolstering Stonefall's forces.



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