Tarer Braryn is a Dunmer Crusader and member of Tribunal Temple, who resides in the Vivec, Temple Canton within the Office of the Watch.


A Rash of InsultsEdit

Tarer asks the Nerevarine to deliver the book Aedra and Daedra to the Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius, because he was drunk and called Trebonius "flat-head" and now he has a rash that won't go away, he thinks that Trebonius placed a curse on him.


Greeting "Greetings, [PC Name]. I need someone to deliver my apologies for me, and you look like you have a way with words."

Apologies "I'm afraid I was rather drunk last night when I ran into Trebonius Artorius, that arrogant fool. It seems that the drink took over my tongue, and I called him a Flat-Head. Now I have a horrid rash. No matter what I do, now matter how many potions I use or spells I cast, it won't go away. I've tried everything! If you give him my most sincere apologies, maybe he'll make it go away. I'd do it myself but I'm feeling a little under the weather. I'll pay you 50 gold for your trouble."
Sure, why not? "Good. Take this book to him, and tell him I'm truly sorry. You'll find him in the Mage's Guild here in Vivec. He's a rather powerful wizard, as I've learned."
When handing Trebonius' Potion of Curing to him "I see all is forgiven. He gave you something for me? Excellent. I'm feeling better already. Since you did such a good job, here's an extra 50 gold."
I've got troubles enough of my own, thanks "Hmmm... well, suit yourself. I'm sure it will go away on its own."