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"Taron Dreth, the world's foremost expert in Dwemer metallurgy. Not that you would know anything about that."
―Taron Dreth when first met.[src]

Taron Dreth is a Dunmer mage and alleged author of The Aetherium Wars.

During "Lost to the Ages," Katria asserts that Taron Dreth took the credit for her research into the Aetherium Forge in his book.


After completing "Lost to the Ages," Taron Dreth may appear as a random encounter along the roads of Skyrim, along with three mercenaries.

If the Dragonborn has one of the Aetherium items (Aetherium Crown, Shield or Staff) in their inventory, Taron will ask how this item was obtained. He will attack no matter which option is chosen in the dialogue.

If the Dragonborn has no Aetherium items, Taron does not ask about them, but if dialogue is engaged with him he may be asked who he is and told that Katria had mentioned him. He will respond with "You know too much," and attack the Dragonborn with his three mercenaries.

He may also appear with his three mercenaries in the Silver-Blood Inn. The same conversation as above is automatically initiated when the inn is entered. This fight can be quite easy as there are many people who the Dragonborn can befriend inside the inn, including Cosnach.

Notable itemsEdit

He wears a unique set of Master Robes called Taron Dreth's Robes.


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