Tarshea is a skeleton found near Artisan's Oasis in the Alik'r Desert. He is the owner of Musi.


Undying LoyaltyEdit



"I cannot believe it! My sweet Musi led you to my bones, didn't she? That is true loyalty! Musi and I walked these deserts together in life, and even death can't change that!"

How did this happen? "I pauid the enchanter to ensure I could come back and be with her even in death. Unfortunately, it was the jackals that got me. They scattered my bones all over and I couldn't come back, but my Musi came through ... with your help. Thank you!"

After the quest:

"This is even better than I hoped! Think of all the fringe benefits! I don't need to worry about food, water, or even heat anymore! But most important, I still get to be with my sweet Musi!"

Why didn't Musi protect you from the jackals? "Musi? Aw, I couldn't ask her to do that. She is a lover, not a fighter. When the jackals were chasing us, I realized they were going to catch us, so I did what any loyal friend would do: I commanded her to run on, and I sacrificed myself."
What happens when she dies? "The same thing that happened to me. I had her enchanted as well, of course. She will come back and we will continue on our way. We both love the desert, Musi and I, and this way, we can wander these sands together ... forever."