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Tattered Note is a message sent to a group of mercenaries hired by Carnius Magius to attack Raven Rock, massacre the miners, and frame the Skaal.


Under SiegeEdit

After bring sent on a errand by Falco Galenus to fetch silver weapons, the Nerevarine returns to Raven Rock and finds it under attack. While slaughtering the assailants this note is found on the remains of Toralf. After conferring with Falco, the Nerevarine confronts Carnius with this piece of evidence. He admits to being the author, and in a fit of rage, attacks the Nerevarine.


Land somewhere NE of the colony. Wait until %PCName has left the site (the %PCRace can be identified based on descriptions previously provided.)

Kill every living thing in the colony. Be sure to leave behind some Skaal armor and weapons; there needs to be evidence readily available, should the Empire choose to investigate.

Payment will be delivered at the designated meeting point once proof of the task's completion is presented.