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Arena Tavern

Outside of a tavern (or inn) in Arena.

Taverns (or inns) are buildings found in cities and towns in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Inns can be found by asking citizens where the nearest (or specific) inn is. Once inside an inn, the Eternal Champion can find work, buy drinks or rent a room.


The outside of some inns have small dark crescent moon symbols all around the building, and all inns have a sign above the door showing what looks to be a mug of beer.


Arena Tavern Inside

Inside of a tavern (or inn) in Arena. Note the bartender on the left.

Inside of inns are various people and a single bartender. Those inside the tavern (besides the Innkeeper) may be spoken to, but they will not engage in dialogue. Rather, they will ignore the player or tell them to go away. When approaching the bartender the player may be asked to complete a side quest by some random person.

Talking to the bartender will bring up a list of menu options:

  • Buy Drinks: Brings up a list of various drinks that can be bought, which will be consumed instantly. If the player drinks too much then they will become drunk for an in-game hour. While drunk, the player's attributes will be increased or decreased based on the type and quantity of drinks consumed. More drinks can be consumed while drunk, but the player can die on the spot if they continue drinking.
  • Get a Room: Brings up a list of different rooms available to rent. There are 5 different types of rooms, with their prices varying from 10–75 gold per day (24 hours) rented. In general, the more expensive the room, the faster you recover health when you rest in it. Rooms can be rented for up to 99 days at a time.
  • Sneak into a Room: Brings up a confirmation box asking if you are trying to sneak into a room. If you do attempt to sneak into a room then you will be instantly notified if you are successful or not. If successful, a room of a random type will be stolen and can be used for up to 24 hours. If unsuccessful, the bartender may disappear and a guard may try to kill you.


The different types of rooms available are:

  • Single: Costs 10 gold per day rented.
  • Double: Costs 20 gold per day rented.
  • Suite: Costs 35 gold per day rented.
  • King's Suite: Costs 50 gold per day rented.
  • Emperor's Suite: Costs 75 gold per day rented.


  • Sulphurwater
  • Stout
  • Lager
  • Red wine
  • Bitters
  • Djinn 'n Tonic
  • Pilsner
  • Beer
  • Bock
  • Grog