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For other uses, see Tavern.

A Tavern, or an Inn, is a commonly-found place of business and sociality in Morrowind and elsewhere across Tamriel. It is a type of place where people come for social activities and business, as well for people who come just for drinks who are parched and/or food for the famished. Taverns are frequented by travelers and a house for some regulars, and across the inhospitable ash wastes of Vvardenfell you can find these locations in both cities and small settlements.

Taverns and Inns by city or townEdit




Dagon FelEdit


Maar GanEdit

Molag MarEdit


Sadrith MoraEdit

Seyda NeenEdit


Tel AruhnEdit

Tel BranoraEdit

Tel MoraEdit



Taverns and Inns in The Elder Scrolls III: TribunalEdit

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